Bullant Banter Round 3 2017

Presidents Message

Well, just like that the last of 4 grading rounds is almost complete and a big bag of mixed results across the club will certainly keep the decision makers at league headquarters very busy next week which is fast approaching. Just as a FYI, as soon as the club has been made aware of the final division your child’s team will be allocated to for season 2017, we will ensure everyone is made aware through all the regular channels of communication. So, please spare a thought for your child’s coaches and team managers for they won’t be any wiser than the next person you ask for an answer.

Smooth sailing and so far so good for the first 3 rounds with not a great deal to report off the field. I'll take this opportunity to share some news about the updated umpire reporting policy for Season 2017. The league has introduced a very fair system where if a player is red-carded during a match, then depending on the severity of the incident, the umpire (at his/her discretion) will be able to offer the player, post-match, a period of suspension or otherwise that fits with what the umpire deems they witnessed and that of the league policy, to ensure a consistent outcome and to save as much time as possible on a Monday night at the tribunal.

The best way to avoid any such incident is to simply listen to and respect the umpire's call. Umpires' call what they see to the best of their ability. None of us are perfect, so please accept an umpire's decision and get on with the game. If we all do the right thing by ourselves and our Club, then we will not have to worry a great deal about the new policy. A win-win all round really.

Again feedback is always welcome. Whether you have a positive or negative experience to share about a game and you would like your feedback voiced with the Yarra Junior Football League, the best and only way to do so is to call or email myself directly, or via our club secretary Suki. Our contact details are on the club website.

Good luck to everyone in Round 4 action, go the Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

A beautiful morning for footy at our home ground of Preston City Oval. Bullants Whites took on Brunswick.

Lead by our birthday boy Captain for the day Noah, our Whites provided one player each quarter to the other team as their numbers were down. Thank you to all those boys for the great sportsmanship shown by offering to help out the other team once again.

We were off to a flying start. Goals were flowing for the Whites. Some solid ball use shown by all and very clean skills meant that we were well ahead at the half time siren.

Things changed however in the 2nd half when our players took their foot off the pedal and dropped their game a bit. Brunswick responded strongly and kept us goalless in the last half; Brunswick kicking 5 unanswered goals.

At the end of the day our boys only just held on and finished on top!

Looking forward to training Wednesday, a bye this Mother's Day Sunday for our Whites.

Wishing all our Tackers White Mums a very Happy Mother's Day!

Coach Paul

Under 9's RED Match Report

A cold and overcast day saw the mighty Bullants taking on Brunswick at home. We lost Eddy to a broken arm before the first bounce, courtesy of his brother the day before. As my mother always said, ‘boisterous games end in tears’. The Brunswick side looked a lot bigger than ours, though this didn’t worry the boys as we believe strongly in each other and our structures. This was the first week that I rotated the entire side around, so the boys played in different positions than those they were used to in the first few rounds. Our mids led by Captain Barnaby had their hands full with the Brunswick mids. The first quarter was extremely competitive and tight.

The second quarter was again an even contest, goal for goal. Louie and Lachlan were crumbing and tackling well. Alex, playing deep forward, took several strong marks and booted a goal. He shared the ball well with Sidney and Leon to help the Bullants surge ahead. The second quarter was also a tight and fierce contest.

In the third quarter we changed things around a little. I moved ‘The Stoj’ (Josh) into the middle to combat Brunswick’s man-child who we nicknamed ‘The Fridge.’ Not only was The Stoj competitive in the ruck duals, but he destroyed The Fridge on the ground and in the air. His tackling and attack on the football was inspirational. Jacko had a game to remember and was switched deep in defence. His first official game for the mighty Bullants was a fantastic one. Well done Jacko. Roman and Dylan fought well and tackled and spoiled like professionals. Archie and Lucas mopped up any loose ball in the backline and often found Daniel and Sam down the ground. There was nothing in it at three quarter time.

The final quarter produced some of the best team football I have seen from the boys thus far. The Stoj went up a gear and reduced The Fridge to a mere ice block. The Fridge was taken from the ground after a heavy collision with The Stoj (hope The Fridge bounces back ok). From here on in our boys gained ascendancy and with Ruben handballing to his fellow forwards, namely Darcy, we managed to pull away from Brunswick. I was proud to be a Bullant and the club song was sung with passion in the rooms. Great work boys.

See you all at training on Friday, and get better soon Eddy.

George Cotsonis

Under 10's Match Report

Two wins on the trot and the Bullant U10’s were excited about the upcoming game. In the rooms Xavier was appointed Captain for the day to help celebrate his 10th Birthday and he asked his team mates for a win to make it a great day. We talked about working hard for each other and doing what was best for the team rather than chasing our own possessions. Some key position changes saw Joe get the big job at Full Back, supported by Kes at CHB while Tamer was given first quarter ruck duties with instructions to punch long & forward. All were urged to work hard, run and support each other. Word around the ground was that Whitehorse were also undefeated…we could be in for a tough one.

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The quarter time scoreboard told the story of a Bullant team largely being second to the ball, not holding to structures and not working to get into best position. High work rates from Ned (who tackled well) and Joe and Kes who ran hard to cover the relentless attacks by Whitehorse were not enough to compensate for some inaccurate kicking and costly turnovers…..In the huddle all was calm, we’d been here before. Up the work rate, stick to our positions, protect the ball carrier and above all, make Whitehorse earn every possession!

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At half time we had put the brakes on Whitehorse. In what was already a very physical game, the Bullants had lifted their intensity, attacking the ball and their opponent head on. Pablo and Jerry who are normally quiet achievers took their games up several levels fighting for every contested ball and playing their positions well. Thomas G was back at Full Back (a position he has made his own) and was inspirational at the last line of defence! All around the ground Bullants followed suit. Blistering runs by Tom drove us forward with the crumbing Azza unlucky not to goal, hitting the post half way up for our only score. Still, the quarter was ours and Whitehorse had been given a taste of what we could do. Chat in the huddle was positive….continue to fight for it, get some more forward entries and lets score!

When this team is on, it’s beautiful to watch! Intensity around the ground went up again with every Bullant player making significant contributions. Hamish gave us first use of the ball and Tom used this to his advantage, driving forward and hitting targets….following up with hard running, he soon posted our first major….the response from his team mates was to again go up another gear. Constant forward pressure and ferocious defence saw Hamish, Tamer and Sam all convert their opportunities. To their credit Whitehorse continued to fight and despite more inspiration from Thomas G and the hard hitting Joe, took advantage of a late opportunity to goal just before the siren. Again, the quarter was ours and the “Ants” were up and about!

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The final quarter showed a confident and hardworking team continue their best effort so far. Callum continued his run through the midfield, marking strongly and taking the game on, a beautiful “Don’t Argue” as he danced around opponents one of the highlights! Joe and Thomas G continued to be an inspiration in defence, 3rd and 4th efforts continually denying Whitehorse the ball & scoring opportunities, limiting them to just 2 behinds for the quarter. Around the ground our running, marking and ball delivery improved and again, every player stood up to play their role and make a contribution. The icing on Xavier’s Birthday wish was two great passages of play into our open forward line with a great pass from Dom “over the top” (of a Whitehorse defence who had been dragged up the ground) to the ever running Kes and into an open goal. A repeat play from Tom to Kes to Cameron saw Cam slot through a goal to finish off his great second half. With a roar from the home ground supporters the hard fought victory was ours!

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In good spirit we shook hands with a stunned Whitehorse and received high praise from their coach before heading into the rooms and belting out Happy Birthday to a beaming Xavier followed by an even louder Team song!

I couldn’t be prouder of the way our boys “never say die” attitude and constant willingness to improve raises the bar each week. Most pleasing was the even contribution by all players this week….I can’t list every player blow by blow in these reports….(they are already the longest of any team) but this was a true team win and all the sweeter because of it!

Thanks to everyone who helped out on the day and for the many kind words of support after the game…. As I replied to some of you, “I didn’t get a touch! Nor was I tackled and bumped only to get up time after time and keep going…” I am a motivational speaker at best. The kids are the real inspiration and I'm so proud of them all.

Go Bullants!

Coach Scott.

Under 11's Match Report
Fitzroy 2 Bullants
9.5.59 2.0.12
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

The Under 11 Bullants arrived at Ramsden Street Reserve faced with our first chilly and drizzly day for the season to date. Several of the team had experienced head colds throughout the week, brought on by the change in weather and unfortunately Lucas had to turn around on his way to the ground, too unwell to play.

The game was a scrappy one with both teams struggling with the breeze. The Bullants adapted well to the conditions in the first quarter however it was a low scoring quarter with TJ kicking the only goal. Will and Samuel were impressive, working hard on the half back line to keep Fitzroy scoreless. Ayden and Jude provided us with options down forward and Anthony worked tirelessly in the mid-filed rotating with Will to the half backline throughout the quarter.

The second quarter was a low scoring quarter for the Bullants on the scoreboard. Samuel continued to work hard, Jude moved to the backline and played a smart, defensive game, Keelan gave us some height in defence and Dean played a solid quarter moving the ball with pace out of the backline and into the forward line. Grady worked hard on the wing trying to win the contested ball and tackling bravely.

In the third quarter, Ayden kicked an exciting goal coming off the wing and TJ had a solid third quarter on the half backline. Jude and Dean continued their strong efforts in the backline.

In the huddle at three quarter time, Pat reminded the Bullants of the need to keep positive, work hard to win the contested ball and achieve one tackle per person for the quarter. Samuel responded on several occasions, excelling in the ruck with tapping the ball out, receiving his own tap out and running the ball into the forward line. Great effort Samuel! Jude continued his excellence in defence and Dean was moved onto the ball.

Dean played a stand out game, the best for the season - well done Dean!

It was a hard loss for the Bullants on Sunday. The coaching team is looking forward to hitting the training track on Wednesday night to recover some confidence, reinforce the positives of our game and work through our deficiencies.

Under 12's Match Report
Nixon Finance Banner 1120x150
Park Orchards Preston Bullants
9.5.59 0.0.00
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

First wet weather game for the girls! They loved it! Can't say the same for the parents and helpers...

Tough conditions made it hard for us to hit the scoreboard, but that didn't shy away the girls' intent for the footy!

Victoria had a change of scenery, playing a pivotal role down back, stopping multiple scoring shots from the opposition. Erin provided good run off half back, again! Sian had a great couple of spurts through the midfield, creating pressure and getting a kick out forward. 

It's really good to see that every week, every new team. With every new game, the girls are improving!

Onto next week!


Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
Park Orchards Preston Bullants
9.5.59 0.0.00
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

First wet weather game for the girls! They loved it! Can't say the same for the parents and helpers...

Tough conditions made it hard for us to hit the scoreboard, but that didn't shy away the girls' intent for the footy!

Victoria had a change of scenery, playing a pivotal role down back, stopping multiple scoring shots from the opposition. Erin provided good run off half back, again! Sian had a great couple of spurts through the midfield, creating pressure and getting a kick out forward. 

It's really good to see that every week, every new team. With every new game, the girls are improving!

Onto next week!


Under 13's Match Report

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Bullants Brunswick
9.7.61 2.2.14
Goal Kickers Yianni, Felix, Toby and Nicholas
Best Players  

With the Boys coming off a successful hard fought game last week, we entered round 3 with a strong intent to improve on our previous performance.

It was great to see our midfield winning the centre bounce and all the boys starting strong once again. We saw some great passages of play and none better than watching Alex feeding off to Taj and then across to Felix which resulted in a goal. Maxim was showing great courage and smarts with how he used his body to protect the ball while Yianni was once again moving quickly. It was a fantastic start.

Entering the second quarter we were expecting more of the same, however Brunswick came out stronger and definitely quicker. Brunswick's speed and pressure was very evident as on multiple occasions our boys were caught off guard and brought down. The lesson here is don’t let your guard down or take your foot off the pedal.

With half time upon us we reinforced our messages and the boys went back out to re-establish control of the game. Straight away Luca set the scene with a beautiful smother while Xavier and Jordan held strong in their roles in the backline. Kristian was loving his role in the midfield which saw him deliver a great kick to Nick, who went on to kick a goal.

Entering the final quarter with a great performance from Toby in the Ruck and the midfield moving well the boys carried on with their quick movement of the ball. The back line was holding up strong and the forward line was creating space which ultimately enable two move goals for the game.

It was particularly pleasing to see our boys moving freely while ducking and weaving around the opposition. This was something we normally don’t see a lot of during the game but as each week comes around they continue to impress. One area to improve on though is the boys delivery of the ball, as we looked a little rough around the edges at times.

All in all it was a great performance from our boys and now we head into round 4 against an equally talented side, Whitehorse Colts. This should be a ripper of a game, so the Bullants will need to come out ready to play as I have no doubt Whitehorse will.

Go Bullants!

Coach Matthew

Under 14's Match Report
Bullants St Marys B
2.7.19 16.6.102
Goal Kickers Jamie , Zach D
Best Players Josh, Terrance, Eric, Eamon, Alexander, Zach V ,Zach D, Angus

Our First home game for the season saw us come up against St Mary’s –After playing them in a practice match early in the season, we knew what to expect.

This group of young men have come so far in such a short period of time, they are starting to understand the work ethic required to be competitive in Gold division.

Again we had our chances - with 23 entries into the forward line and to walk away for 2.7, was a little disappointing – but, again we improved on last week.  This is all we ask, to see continued improvement week on week. We must make the most of our chances as this will then increase the pressure on the opposition.

It was great this week to see us switching the play more frequently, holding possession of the ball, and passing the ball to the right option – there was one particular piece of play that stuck in my mind - we had the ball on the left HBF boundary line, and 4 kicks later we found ourselves on the right HFF - Jamie had taken the mark – he got infringed and received a 25 metre penalty – and went on to slot the goal - Remember as we keep preaching – if you have possession – do not turn it over.

We talk about improving week on week - St Marys was a team who beat us by approx. 25 goals in the practice match - we reduced that to 14 goals - that’s a 11 goal improvement – so be proud and continue to hold your heads high – as I truly believe it won’t be long before we are singing the Bullants song after a game.

Louis Diab

Under 15's Match Report
The Under 15's had a BYE   
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  


Youth GIRLS Match Report
Brunswick Bullants
6.7.43 2.4.16
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Sunday promised to be the closest game of the season so far, with the girls coming up against Brunswick on their home ground. The first quarter was a real struggle for clear possession, with both teams applying great pressure to who ever had the ball. The girls went into quarter team with a slender lead, but a lead no less. The second quarter again followed the pattern of the first, however Brunswick were able to string a couple of passages of play together with the aid of some accurate kicking and good marking and kick two goals. Late in the quarter, the girl’s efforts were rewarded with a great goal to Georgia B as she used her athletic skills took on her opponents and ran into an open goal allowing the team to take a renewed confidence into the break.

In the second half, the game became one of territory as both teams battled for possession. A highlight was the beautiful handball from Amelia to Hayley who dribbled a clever kick between the posts for a goal. In the end, Brunswick proved just a little stronger on the day with their kicking skills proving to be the main difference.

By the end of the game the scoreboard showed that the game had been the girls closest for the season. The game was a real team effort and whilst I am hesitant to individualise, I would like to mention the games of Isabella and Subrije who showed that their confidence and skills are improving dramatically, and that they are going to be very important members of our team.

I would like to congratulate all the girls as you are giving your parents a great deal of pleasure watching your efforts each week. I would like to thank Danette and Sofie and all the parents who helped out on the weekend. A special mention to Jacqui for your assistance as well (you know why).

Thanks, Mark

Colts 1 Match Report
Fitzroy 2 Bullants
7.7.49 12.8.80
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

In 1923, 34,765 spectators crammed into the Brunswick Street Oval to watch Fitzroy play Essendon. Some 94 years later, a total of 126 spectators watched Fitzroy Colts 2 take on the Preston Bullants in Round 3 of the YJFL season! Despite kicking against a strong breeze in the first quarter, the Bullants played some exciting football to be three goals up at quarter time. Both Tom Hallebone and Patrick Taylor looked ominous in the forward line, as well as Christian Renna.

The advantage was not taken by the boys in the second quarter and at half time the home side were back in the game. The third quarter saw both teams fight for possession of the footy, but the margin remained the same. The first goal of the last quarter reduced the margin to a couple of kicks, however the Bullants boys steadied, used the ball better and finished the game off well. Goals to Jack Sammartino, Jimmy Manias and a ripper from Jimmy Sonza sealed the deal for the Bullants.

The old firm were back with terrific games from Julian De Napoli, Jackson Curic, Jack Sammartino and Tom Hallebone. Tyson Lowe was terrific all day and worked tirelessly for his team. Other notables were Rory Howard and Christian Renna, until both received injuries. Overall a good result but plenty of work to do.

Well done, lads and bring on Round 4.

Marty Fitzpatrick

Colts 2 Match Report
Bullants Banyule 2
3.5.23 17.25.127
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

It is a pleasure to coach such a great bunch of boys.

Yes, it was another loss but it wasn’t through a lack of desire and passion. In all of the games we have played I have invited the boys from the seniors and they have been blown away by your tackling and ‘never give up’ attitude.

Sitting down doing the votes can be difficult at times but there were two outstanding performances in my eyes, one being Jacob McBeth who played at centre half back and I could hear people ask who that guy was; and the second was James ‘Scatto’ the captain who never gives up and is a brilliant leader of this club.

Don’t forget, you are playing the best game in the world.

Go Bullants!

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