Bullant Banter Round 7 2017

hockingstuart Play of the Day - Josh Carelli & Liam Pappas!

Joe Ledda

Josh Carelli and Liam Pappas are shining examples of what great leadership and mentoring can do to lift the spirit of a football team.

The under 11’s team has found themselves short of players in recent weeks. Fortunately, under 12 players Josh Carelli and Liam Pappas are age-qualified and have been able to fill in for their team when required.  Josh and Liam have been doing an amazing job playing with the team.  Together, they demonstrate strong leadership skills and impart their knowledge and experience of playing at a more senior age group, to help the under 11 team.  The Under 11's team truly appreciate their support and mateship, and believe that Josh and Liam's participation in their side in recent weeks has helped lift the team immensely - and has even helped them come away with some wins!

Congratulations Josh Carelli and Liam Pappas, it takes more than a great kick and marking skills to be recognised as a great player - more often than not it's the support and encouragement you provide to others that demonstrates what you are truly made of.

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

What a beautiful morning it was at Preston City Oval. With Kade and Phoenix our joint captain's they led the boys out on a mission!

We started the game with only 14 players but led by Oscar, our tackling was awesome. Edwin had a sleep in and got there at quarter time. After sleeping in, he had all the energy in the world kicking a couple of sausage rolls! The boys were awesome all day kicking 7 goals. Sonny got a couple of beauties as well.

However the best play of the day hands down was Archie's unselfish play when he was only 5 metres out from goal, he handballed to Oscar, so he could kick the goal! That caught the opposition's coaches eye and he was then rewarded their medal!

Again. I couldn't be anymore proud of this group!

Cheers, Paul

Under 9's RED Match Report

In extremely cold and foggy conditions we took on the kids from old Fitzroy. From the first bounce it was obvious both teams were playing for sheep stations. I had been reinforcing ‘switching on’ at the right time during the previous week. It definitely showed in the first few minutes of the game. Aiden and Christian were proving a handful for their opposing numbers and Aiden booted our first goal. Dylan was doing his best Jamie Elliot impersonation: marking everything coming his way and laying tackles left, right and centre. He actually racked up a few more handball stats than Jamie would have, too.

The second quarter followed in the same vein as the first. Teamwork was the key from both sides, with Fitzroy a little cleaner with their disposal. Our boys were playing hard, with usual suspects Alex, The Stoj, Sid, Barnaby and Lucas beating their opponents. Loui also got his hands on a lot of footy. Christian was presenting well and booted one himself to go with his great defensive pressure. Again Dylan led the way up forward. His attack on the football and thirst for the contest was awesome.

After another rev up at half time the boys were rearing to go in the third. The midfield led by Leon and The Stoj were getting on top but our forwards just could not convert. Lachy moved like Gary Moorcroft and kicked a couple of behinds, including a poster that Percy Jones would have been proud of. Again Fitzroy were a little more experienced and a little cleaner. Our backline, led by the precise and courageous Darcy and the speedy Archie, were rebounding everything. We were within a kick at the final break.

The last quarter saw Fitzroy pull away but not without a fight from our boys. Roman, Sean and Jackson all tried hard in the last term and the effort was first class. Dylan was clearly our most consistent player for the match and was awarded the lion-heart award from the opposition coaches. It’s back to the drawing board for the Bullants coaches. I feel like Bucks – always competitive but without the silverware. We have a bye this upcoming week and will come out fighting after it. Thanks to Dave, Steve, Mark, Simon and George Stoj for their help during the week and on game day.

See you all at training on Friday.

George Cotsonis

Under 10's Match Report

5 degrees and thick fog met the Mighty U10s as they took to yet another sloping ground, this time at Whitehorse Colts home of Springfield Park.

Captains for the day, Ned and Harry, won the toss & elected to kick 'uphill' in the first while their team mates tried desperately to get some feeling in their fingers during the warm-up. Initial signs pre game were worrying….warm-up drills saw the Bullants mucking around & being 'half hearted'…..all were asked if they were here to play footy & if so, focus and wake up!

As the first quarter got underway, Whitehorse made it clear that we either needed to step our game up or be run over. With both sides pretty even for skills and size, it was always going to be down to who wanted it most and who made better use of the ball. Whitehorse got away strongly and looked dangerous all quarter. They were willing to get to the contest, tackle hard and make us pay if they got free of their opponent. Despite Hamish getting first use and great runs out of the middle by Ned, much of the quarter saw Bullants chasing opponents who were already too far away…. Great defensive work by Kes on the last line, sweeping clearances from Marcus, and Ned’s intercept marking ensured that the scoreboard was manageable at quarter time.

Whitehorse 1:1:7 to Bullants 0:0:0

Quarter time focus: Man Up! No easy possessions for your opponent. “It needs to be either a mark to us, a spoil by us or a tackle by us!” Kicking downhill, we needed to get going and take advantage! Second quarter saw Tommy G get his chance in the Ruck, while the flu-affected Hamish had a rest, and his impact was immediate…..spoil, tackle & goal! Bullants on the board & fighting hard. Intensity lifted around the ground with some great marks and accurate ball movement. Tom M added some run out of the midfield and was well supported by Joe and Thomas V doing the 1%ers, shepherding, bumping & providing running support! Great stuff! A highlight of the quarter was Callum taking a great intercept mark & then hitting Joe “lace out” who matched the silky delivery with his own pass to Sam, top of the square, directly in front. Making no mistake, Sam slotted the goal to put us in front. To their credit, Whitehorse fought on, making us earn every possession and making us pay when players got loose. A quick turnover saw Whitehorse with forwards loose and with so many options, a goal to them inevitable….all the hard work of the term, undone in seconds and the game essentially tied up…Bullants to kick uphill in the 3rd term….

Half Time: Whitehorse 2:1:13 to Bullants 2:2:14

Again! Man Up! Defend hard when they have the ball, run and spread when we have it. Hamish “rested” at full back with Tommy G to continue his great form in the Ruck. Callum to bolster defence at CHB, Tom M instructed to keep running out of the middle. With the pressure getting the better of a coach who shouldn’t have had that pre game coffee….The Bullants were fired up and sent out to their positions early…while the coach made a bolt for the rooms! Within the first 2 minutes, a quick break forward saw Sam go in for the hard ball, come out victorious, and deliver to the lurking Cameron in the square. Making no mistake, Cam slotted the goal….a bewildered coach emerging in time to see the umpire returning the ball to the middle!

With the downhill running, Whitehorse were relentless in their attack, again making us pay when defence was loose. Joe was everywhere in the backline, intercept marking and ferocious tackles and 2nd, 3rd and 4th efforts an example to his team mates. Marcus too continued his great defensive game, mopping up the loose ball and going in hard when things got congested. On the numerous occasions that the ball got deep into our defensive 50, Hamish stood tall in the packs to mark strongly…..in what could have easily been a blow-out, the backline restricted Whitehorse to 3 goals 2 behinds for the quarter. Up forward Tommy G & Steve fought desperately against tough defence. After several attempts to get a clean possession Stevie manage a quick snap on the goal line for our second goal! Tom M looked dangerous forward on a couple of occasions but couldn’t convert a major, while it’s only a matter of time before Issy and Pablo reap the rewards of their tireless efforts….confidence boys! Believe you can…and you will!

3 Quarter Time: Whitehorse 5:3:33 to Bullants 4:2:26

“We have the downhill run now and we know we can come back… but again, we cannot give them an inch! We need to be at every contest. No easy possessions for them!” The Bullants were out hard and looked dangerous. Locking the ball in our forward line, the constant rebounds in provided Tom M with the opportunity he needed. A great roving goal got the Bullants up and about but it wasn’t all our way. Again, Whitehorse fought on and piled on the attacks. Hamish marking on the last line and our defenders upping the pressure. Keeping Whitehorse out wide and under pressure saw their attempts at goal miss the mark….numerous forward entries resulting in just 3 behinds for the term. Jake, Andre, Azza and Willo had all been urged to man up during the course of the game…this term was a great example of why it was so important and a credit to each of them for taking it on board…had Whitehorse converted even one of those goals…..

The Bullants always put on some lovely passages of play, few better than a great run and slick passing out of defence. Tommy G to Kes to Tom V and then lace out to Ziggy! End to end without a Whitehorse possession! Shortly after, Thomas V put the icing on a great game by marking 20m out directly in front and kicking beautifully, put his team in front! It was a very long 3 or 4 minutes that followed as the Bullants and Whitehorse battled on while bench and spectators willed the siren to go. Eventually, Bullants victorious by 4 points!

Full Time: Whitehorse 5:6:36 to Bullants 6:4:40

As the teams lined up to shake hands, both coaches were full of praise for both teams. A hard fought, close game played in good spirit is all we are after….and what we got. Neither team probably played their best but it was an even contribution from all and plenty of lessons to learn from the game. Back in the rooms, a rousing team song eventually got underway….after Ned remembered the words!!!!! Thanks to all of our awesome parents for their support, team duties and your ripping bunch of kids!

Proud Coach as always. Scott.

Under 11's Match Report
Preston Bullants  Hawthorn Citizens B
 8.6.54  3.5.23
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

The Preston Under 11 Mantra: Harder. Stronger. Longer.

The Under 11 Bullants welcomed their second game at PCO on Sunday. The air was crisp but the sun was out and the boys were ready to take on Hawthorn Citizens; a team who was undefeated and sitting pretty at second on the ladder. Congratulations to Jaxson on playing his 50th game with the Yarra Junior Football League.

In the pre-match briefing, Pat shared the ‘Preston Under 11 Mantra’ with the team and asked them to play by the mantra as a team. This motivation delivered a spectacular display of football by our Bullants on Sunday.

We had a slow start to the first quarter, coming in at quarter time with only scoring 1 point to Hawthorn Citizens’ 2 goals, 4 points. Pat reminded the boys of the ‘Preston Mantra’ and encouraged them to execute as we had trained. Early in the second quarter, TJ (Thomas C) spurred the boys on with a quality passage of play that was rewarded with a goal. This started the positive momentum that resulted in the Under 11s clawing their way back into the game. The Under 11 Bullants tackled hard, chased, were first to the ball, put their head over the ball, shared the ball and showed a courageous desperation to win the contested ball and score. At the half time break, the Bullants were 3 goals, 1 point to Hawthorn Citizens 2 goals, 5 points. This momentum continued throughout the second half, resulting in a fantastic win for the boys, 8 goals to 1 after quarter time.

Rylan’s pressure was exemplary, he clocked up 13 tackles for the game. His disposal was accurate and he was strong in the ruck contests across the ground. Rylan was awarded the Hawthorn Citizens Best on Ground Medal for his outstanding performance. Well done Champ! TJ was instrumental in firing up the team early in the second quarter. He put his head over the footy, held strong in contests and ran hard both ways all day. Patrick continued his dependable performance holding the defence strong. His work effort, effective disposal and second, third and fourth efforts would make any coach proud. His knowledge of when to leave his opponent and when to push back is improving week on week. Keelan is a force to be reckoned with! Busting through packs, attacking the footy and holding defence strong. Samuel’s poise and calmness under pressure is remarkable. On Sunday his work effort was true to the Under 11s mantra, he had an outstanding number of effective possessions and executed with strength and accuracy. Lucas was strong up forward, providing options. Will was effective at ground level, he read the ball well, winning several crumbing opportunities and always hit his target on delivery. To our brave soldier, Grady, after copping a knock in the face and feeling dizzy, he was up and about quick smart to take the field and show us the courage and determination displayed by the whole team all game. Well done Grady!

The Under 11’s were again fortunate to have Josh Carelli and Liam Pappas playing with them on Sunday. The leadership that they deliver on the ground, both physically and verbally, is significant to our improvement. It demonstrates to the aspiring leaders in our team what is required and expected of them, and many are grateful for the experience. Thank you Josh and Liam, we look forward to playing with you again soon.

The Under 11 coaching team was visibly excited by the team’s performance on the weekend – pacing, cheering and jumping up and down with excitement! Naturally we were excited by the win, moreso to give the boys a reward for their hard work. However, the majority of our excitement came from the individual and team development. The Under 11 Bullants demonstrated on Sunday that they can win the contested ball, that if they concentrate they can play to a structure and that if they listen they will understand how to execute. What a fantastic achievement!

The challenge now for the Under 11’s coaching team and players is to continue on the same development trajectory and not to regress when under pressure – we have set the bar high and are motivated to keep on climbing! We look forward to playing Greythorn on the 18th…..they are sitting in third place on the ladder; look out when they are challenged by the Preston Under 11s!

Under 12's Match Report
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Goal Kickers -
Best Players  

Under 12s had a BYE.


Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
 Preston Bullants Warrandyte
 4.1.25  2.1.13
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Another win! That's 4-2!

The girls played an awesome game, hard pressure from the first bounce and kept it going 'til the final siren.

A great passage of play by the girls in the first quarter saw consecutive link up kicks result in a great goal line mark by Ella; sealing the deal with a well deserved team goal.

The last quarter was kept scoreless from both sides, so we were able to keep our early lead! Sian took home the opposition medal, having kept our backline in line and stopping some opposing goals herself!

It's so exciting to see every week all the girls improving on their own individual game, whilst coming together as a whole!

Emma King

Under 13's Match Report

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 Preston Bullants Doncaster
 1.0.6  9.8.62
Goal Kickers  Yianni Papaioannou
Best Players  

Last Sunday Preston Bullants welcomed Doncaster JFC to Preston City Oval.  Doncaster is a team we have come to play twice a season pretty much every year for the last 3 years.  In many ways, we have come to view playing Doncaster as a good gauge of how we are travelling as a team.  Both teams are known to be good little battlers when the going gets tough; we both dig deep when needed and usually the scoreboard is tight at the end of the game.  Doncaster also seem fortunate to have retained the same player list each year, so you get to see the same kids play each other and we get to admire the development in both sides.  There is a healthy respect for both teams between the coaches.

Unfortunately the game really didn't go to plan.  What we hoped would be a game of our Bullants showcasing their improved skills and teamwork since we last played Doncaster, turned out to be a one-sided affair for the opposition. Doncaster really put on a show and they had a well-deserved win.  I really did feel upset for our team, including our coaches, because we always look forward to benchmarking how we are travelling against a team like Doncaster, and we just couldn't get into the game.

What I really took away from this game is that we need to remind ourselves that we are a great team - we need to find our way back to taking to the field and showcasing  the Bullants magic we have all so often enjoyed seeing from this team.  The under 13 kids are an absolute delight to coach - I know they have great passion for the game because their attendance at twice-weekly training sessions is strong and dedicated. They are terriffic at learning new skills and trying new things. The challenge for the coaching group now is helping the boys find a way to believe in themselves more when they step out to play.  We need to remind the boys that when the opposition has the ball, our job is to get it back and dictate the play.  If we lose the ball in a tackle or a missed kick, we need to work hard straight away to get it back - that ball is ours, not the oppositions!  We all know they can do it and we believe in them all.  Our next goal is not to win, but to compete, and to be proud of themselves, for when they play as a team, it's just a great achievement in itself and so enjoyable to be a part of.

Coach Matt

Under 14's Match Report
 Glen Iris G Preston Bullants
 18.18.126  1.1.7
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

No report this week

Louis Diab

Under 15's Match Report
Richmond  Preston Bullants
 4.9.33  11.5.71
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Thank you to parents who fulfilled their volunteer duties.

Today the boys went out to Richmond to play against a team we had very little knowledge of, having never played against them. A great little ground close to town with an old-fashioned feel and tiny dressing rooms to boot! A tip – The hot chips and South Melbourne Dim Sims were the real winner today!

A very even first quarter. We came out very hard at it, with Sam Oberin continuing his high flying. Jackson Kane two strong marks in a minute, the speed of Daniel Quattrone on show, Chilly’s continued strong attack. Jessie was great down back and Broadie very hard at it. Great snap goal by Antho as he had the ball on a string. Jackson with a lovely goal to complement his great start. Jack King giving the boys first use out of the middle with some good tap ruck work. Richmond though also started well with two or three stars out there that obviously knew how to play the small ground well.

2.1.13 to 2.1.13 at quarter time. We had a game on our hands

Jessie continued his top form in the second with more strong marking and his linking up with Rhett Aminde’s beautiful long kicking had us making a number of forward 50 entries while holding off Richmond from hitting the scoreboard. Goal kickers in Anton who looked really comfortable up forward along with Leo Amad who provides a solid target, kept our scoreboard ticking over. However, the snap goal from Suhail Mohammed on his sure left foot lifted the team big time. It was fantastic to see Suhail get a reward for his efforts. Up by 9 points at half time 5.2 to 3.5.

In the third it was our mainstays who kept us rolling, however the whole team continued to lift and play together. Ben Durson solid I’ve written, as he works tirelessly and thwarted repeated attacks from Richmond. Antho (Anthony Johnson) is such a consistent performer and knows where the ball is going to be. A pleasure to watch him play. Also, wonderful to see Alex Johnson back at the club to watch his old team mates and the injured Ted Baines on the sidelines cheering the boys on. Up by 24 points at three quarter time. Getting on top now as Richmond started running out of options to shut down our myriad of good players.

In the last term the highlight had to be from Arturo Grande. What an exquisite name and everyone involved just loves saying his name! Arturo!! Awesome tackle from Arturo resulting in a free kick in the forward line. Lovely handball off for a goal. Here’s another boy who works hard at training and has spent a bit of time on the bench making his time on the ground count and earning the respect of the coaches and team mates. Leo also shows us what he can do with a strong lead, mark and goal. Goals to Sam and a second to Anton pushed us further ahead.

In the end we ran out comfortable winners by 38 points as they boys really put four quarters together. We are still feeling our way in this division and at our best it looks like we can match it with the competition.

Final score - Richmond 4.9.33 to Preston 11.5.71


Youth GIRLS Match Report
 Park Orchards Preston Bullants
 11.8.74  4.0.24
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

Sunday’s clash against Park Orchards was definitely the girls' best performance for the year, especially when considering the quality of the opposition. The girls were able to string together a four quarter effort,  as evidenced by their ability to hit the scoreboard in each quarter.

Again the girls' pressure around the ball was a feature of their play, but what was more evident was a growing ability to play a more attacking and/or offensive style when they had the ball. Many of the girls are becoming confident in their ability to hold the ball for a longer period and deliver it to a teammate, either in a better position or down the field. Another feature that is becoming more evident is the girls' ability to not only mark the ball at chest height with their outstretched hands, but also above their heads against pressure from the opposition.

Whilst the team’s position on the ladder would seemingly indicate a team that is battling against overwhelming odds, nothing is further from the truth. Each week and again on Sunday, the girls were able to walk off the field with their heads held high, comfortable in the knowledge that the journey they are on is both rewarding when they reflect upon their improvement, and enjoyable as they grow into a team that has each other’s backs and where friendships are evolving.

Special mention to Oceane, who joined our list of goal kickers this season, with her goal on Sunday. Thank you to all the parents who helped out on Sunday, I know it makes Danette’s and Sofie’s job easier.

Mark Tierney

Colts 1 Match Report
Preston Bullants  Camberwell
 12.9.81  9.7.61
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

It's been an exciting past two weeks at the Colts - milestone games are an essential part of the success at any footy club and after Anthony Ciavarella's 100th game last week, it was Jackson Sbrissa's turn to join the Century Club!

PCO was the venue to celebrate Jackson's milestone and the team did him proud, posting a well fought win against Camberwell by 20 points. Jackson was a solid contributor throughout the match and kicked a crucial goal in the third quarter when the game was in the balance.

Jimmy Manias showed us what he is capable of with a standout game and Anthony Mancuso's 7 goals was fantastic to watch. Juliuan De Napoli's game in defence was also a standout, with solid games given by the ever consistent Tyson Lowe and Jackson Curic. Special mention also to Nick Fraser who acquitted himself well in his first game for the Colts 1 team.

Time for a break, before things start getting serious. Go Ants!

Cheers, Marty Fitzpatrick

Colts 2 Match Report
 Bulleen Templestowe 2  Preston Bullants
14.11.95  1.3.9
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  

The first quarter against Bulleen/Templestowe didn’t quite go to plan. Our game plan for the day was man on man but too many of the opposition were running loose. At quarter time we addressed the issue and I thought we had the better of the quarter. At half time I was full of praise for the boys. Unfortunately in the 3rd quarter they piled on six goals to nothing and we really did let ourselves down. Playing with only 17 players in the last quarter and having not many on the bench throughout the season has hurt us. The great news is we are signing up new players every week so in the next week or two we should be able to give some of our midfielders a rest. Stand out players were Scatto, Stevie and Nic.

Go Bullants!

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