Bullant Banter Round 13 2017

Presidents Message

No report this week.

Go the Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

hockingstuart Play of the Day - All teams!

To all teams playing to qualify for finals this weekend, we wish you the best of luck.

To all teams out of finals contention this year, go out there and enjoy the last round and congratulations on playing a great season of footy.

You should all be proud of what you have achieved as a club in Season 2017.

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

What a great sunday we woke up to again!

After last weeks game our kids had a point to prove and they certainly all turned up wanting to do just that! This week we found ourselves playing Bundoora. We got of to a flyer!

Goal.    Goal.    Goal.

Kids are on fire.

One thing stood out to me though. Their teamwork. The way they bring each other into the game is amazing. We have a bunch of under 9 kids that think of their team mates first and themselves 2nd. Every single tacker white should be so proud of themselves. In this particular instance the entire team made sure Ethan and Josh were able to kick their first goals for the season! What a moment. A very proud coach moment that's for sure. Just a quick special mention to Noah also as his teamwork was also outstanding! I couldn't be any more proud of this bunch of great kids, they are such a pleasure to coach.

Apparently it was a 10 goal win, but as we don't keep score I wasn't sure! Just ask the kids!

It's our last game this week kids so get out there and do what you have been doing all year! Have fun and do your best!

Go Bullants.

Cheers, Paul

Under 9's RED Match Report

This week Tackers Red travelled to Clifton Hill to play Fitzroy 2. A few drills before heading into the rooms for some pre-game instructions and the boys were focused and sharp, reciting the time rules. The main emphasis of the day would be to play down the boundary out of defence to our midfield and then to bring the ball into leading forwards. We had practised this drill for about 20 minutes at training on the Friday. George and I were keen to introduce a more tactical game plan with emphasis on kicking action. Again this week, we were looking to put our players in positions they may have needed more time in. It was to be Darcy’s last game for the year so he captained the side and he led the side out – our mantra to “enjoy your football”.

The first quarter was played with a lot of spirit. Fitzroy had some exceptional footballers and our boys were great, tackling and trying to give off a handball where they could. Again this week we helped the opposition with numbers and Josh played for Fitzroy in the first quarter and danced around our defence and kicked the opening goal to put Fitzroy in front. Both benches were ecstatic. Following some great football by both sides and with quick work and forward pressure the ball got to Sid who kicked a major and it was all square at quarter time.

In the second our midfield of Christian, Jackson, Josh, Dylan and Alex manned up well and were able to get the ball out of the centre with some quick forward work. Jackson often found space and was able to use his left boot to kick long to a hard working forward line of Aiden, Darcy, Sean, Roman, Sid, and Alberto. Fitzroy were playing strong footy, with constant forward thrusts putting our backline under pressure. Sam, Louie, Barnaby, Daniel, Eddy and Lachlan were tireless in defence with the boys under packs and running and breaking tackles with brute strength, kicking along the line as instructed. We worked the ball forward just before half time with Alberto marking, and an after siren goal got the boys going at half time.

The third quarter saw Archie head to the backline and Lucas to the forward line. An amazing quarter with the boys in the forward line working hard with a couple of goals to Lucas, with Darcy and Alberto also kicking majors. The boys were making the most of their opportunities. Our mids again working hard, with Fitzroy taking it to us kicking three goals, but our backline being relentless in their defence. It was pretty much all square at three quarter time.

The final quarter saw a few changes, with us asking Eddy to assume the full back position with Sean moving to centre half back, asking those boys to man up on the Fitzroy talls and bring the ball to the ground. We also moved Lachlan to the forward line; we asked him to continue to run straight at the footy like he had been doing in the backline. The boys tried their hearts out in the last quarter tackling and getting first to the ball. Fitzroy had a couple of boys who were on fire and were able to kick a couple of long range goals. Again our mids worked well and were able to get it to the forward line where Lachlan gathered the ball through the pack, got it out and Sid was on the end of it for a goal. Fitzroy returned fire for a couple of quick goals just before the final siren.

Lachlan was awarded the medal by the Fitzroy coach “as he liked the way the Number 13 went about his role in the backline and the forward line”.

As a coach it was one of the most satisfying games of the season as the boys pushed themselves and importantly, were able to apply their training drills to deliver some real tactical football. The song was sung with gusto in the rooms afterwards.

Well done boys and thanks to Steve and George Stoj for assisting with the coaching and Simon for his management of the team. Coach George is back this week, champing at the bit for our final game! Go Bullants!

Dave Debono.

Under 10's Match Report

Having lost to Surrey Park two months ago, the Bullants were looking forward to returning to Surrey Park this week for a rematch. Today there was a quiet determination amongst the group, their focus palpable. Pre-game all listened intently to how we were going to play the sloping ground, the conditions and our opponents. Captains for the day were Joe, Tommy Morabito & Jake who went out to the coin toss with a plan…If we won the toss, we’d go downhill in the first and hit them hard….on the ground and on the scoreboard. If we lost, we would defend at all cost. Either way, they would not jump us again.

The boys returned to the huddle with the news that the toss had gone our way. The downhill scoring end was ours, now we had to make the most of it!

From the first bounce the Bullants were on and in hard. Leading by example, Joe, Hamish, Tom, Dom and Woody crashed through the packs, tackled hard, shepherded their team mates and won the hard ball. 2nd, 3rd and 4th efforts across the board saw the ball in Bullants hands and within minutes Tom found space to sprint forward and goal. Celebrations were minimal as the group reset, determined to keep up the pressure. Not only were the Bullants hitting the ball and their opponents hard, it was their running and work rate most impressive. Every player on the ground was giving their all. Kes could have been forgiven if he had some nervous moments or bad memories from the last game. If he did he showed it with an attack on the ball like we’ve never seen from him before. Head over the ball he was fearless, breaking through the packs and emerging with the ball time and again. Surrey weathered the storm and battled on but it was the Bullants winning the hard ball and when free, linking up with chains of possessions going end to end. Jake had opportunities in front of goal and was unlucky with a behind but quickly fought to lock in in. Azza was everywhere and took on bigger opponents with ripping tackles. Before long, his 3rd & 4th efforts were rewarded with a long bouncing goal. Sam, Tamer and Ziggy all got involved in getting the hard ball and combined with some great tackles while Tommy G, Issy, Xavier, Callum, Woody and Steve either took intercept marks or stopped Surrey players in their tracks in defence. To their credit, Surrey settled late in the quarter and started moving the ball to their advantage scoring 1:1:7 from a couple of entries. A quick break out of the middle saw Hamish respond with a goal in reply.

Qtr. Time Surrey Park 1:1:7 to Bullants 3:1:19

Proud Bullants jogged of to an even prouder Coaching team & parents. The boys were congratulated all round for a fantastic first quarter. Playing to the plan and unselfishly we had achieved our aim. In front on the scoreboard and serious doubts in our opponents minds. Now we had to defend our lead and keep up the intensity and attack on the ball. With the downhill run, Surrey would be looking to attack.

The second quarter was a hard fought affair played largely between the arcs but with a definite advantage to Surrey going downhill. Across the board the Bullants maintained their attack on the footy and the opposition ball-carrier. Collectively they stifled Surreys run and maintained constant pressure. Dom and Joe continued to rack up their tackle count while Tommy G won every contest at full back, marking at will. Surrey were relentless in their attack and never gave up. With the scoring end theirs they managed to claw back the Bullants lead and extend. Managing a solitary behind for the term, the Bullants went into the long break 7 points behind.

½ Time. Surrey Park 4:3:27 Bullants 3:2:20

Despite Surrey Park being in front on the scoreboard, the quiet confidence and determination remained in the Bullants camp. As oranges and water were consumed the boys began to talk…”we’ve got this boys”….”got the downhill run now”….”let’s keep going hard”. You can hear this at any senior game at any ground….so pleasing to hear our boys get around each other. More praise for the boys and their efforts and a quiet chat about how Surrey might spend the next week worrying about facing us again in the Lightening Premiership. Not really needing the motivation the Bullants hit their positions with unwavering resolve.

The 3rd quarter was all Bullants. Quick breaks, slick passing and unselfish team play was apparent all over the ground. Hit with lace out passes from Tom, Azza, Hamish, Callum played his role as a strong marking Full Forward to perfection. Leading to the front and marking everything, he kicked 2.1 for the quarter and in turn hit up Hamish to covert another. Azza and Tom linked up well, shepherding and handballing to each other to lock the ball in our forward 50 while Thomas Morabito was at risk of “Leather Poisoning” as he stepped up and did his bit to maintain the forward pressure. Hamish, Dom, Thomas V and Tom continued to carve up the midfield and a fantastic centre clearance saw Hamish tap deftly to the roving Tom who sprinted away to bag his second. A trademark Hamish long bomb from 50 was unlucky to be touched on the line but the Bullants had stamped their authority on the game. Holding Surrey Park scoreless for the quarter we went into the last with a 22 point lead.

3 Qtr. time. Surrey Park 4:3:27 Bullants 7:7:49

With a quarter to go in what was proving to be one of their best games to date, the Bullants were urged to keep up the pressure and fight it out. We knew that with the downhill run Surry Park could come back. We had to defend at all costs. Resisting the urge to throw an extra defender back, we backed our boys to bring it home.

As expected, Surrey were out of the blocks quickly and had a couple of scoring shots in the first 5 minutes kicking 1.1 before Kes took the game by the throat. At Half Back Kes put the icing on his already brilliant game beating no less than 5 Surrey Park players with his blistering pace. Tearing through the corridor he hit Ziggy at CHF who marked, wheeled around and found the ever running Harry streaking in from the wing. Making no mistake, Harry’s goal was a fitting finish to one of the plays of the day! Surrey refused to lay down and only fantastic defence from the back 6 ensured they would not score a major again. Jerry added to his great game with a sold mark and accurate pass to Marcus to run us out of trouble where the Midfield of Hamish, Tom and Callum took over. Running the ball up-hill with ease, they weaved through their tiring opponents and hit Jake lurking in the forward line. Under pressure his quick snap drifting for a minor score. The final siren sounded to close off an epic battle and one of the most impressive team efforts that this amazing group have delivered.

As we shook hands with a tired Surrey Park, their coach gave heartfelt praise to our boys for hitting the contest hard and playing with intensity for a full 4 quarters. After awarding Tom their medal for epitomising the way the game was played, we broke into our groups. Surrey Park to perhaps reflect on what might happen when we meet next week…. The Bullants to sing their song so load that neighbouring suburbs knew that we were there.

Surrey Park 5:7:27 Bullants 8:8:56

Whether it was the culmination of a fantastic season coming together or a collective 10 year-olds version of dishing out some justice, this game goes down as one of our best in an already impressive catalogue. Every player rose to new heights but the team work was most impressive. The smiles on everyone’s faces, kids and parents, showed how proud everyone was of their achievement. None more so than the Coaches.

3 (hopefully 4) big games next week for our crack at a flag. Bring a game like that and anything is possible. No matter what the outcome, I‘m so very proud of our boys, their individual growth and their bonding as a team.

Thanks to everyone for their help at the game, and all season.

Go Bullants!


Under 11's Match Report
Ashburton R Preston Bullants
5.6.36 6.7.43

The question on everyone’s mind before the Under 11s took on Ashburton at Burwood Park on Sunday was……can we continue to hold our fourth position and keep our finals hopes alive? The coaching team were confident in the team’s ability to achieve success. As Pat reminded the team…..’we have prepared you, your destiny is now in your hands boys’. Ashburton were also playing to keep their finals hopes alive.

Ashburton came out firing and dictated the style of play. It took until late in the second quarter for the Bullants to settle and play their run and carry style of football. At this stage, the Bullants took control. Anthony was ‘Dangerfield-like’, proving to be a dangerous weapon for four quarters and providing the Ashburton coaching team with a headache. He ran hard all day, contested on the ground and in the air and his ability to read the ball off the pack and run is phenomenal at his age. We are excited to see Anthony’s progress in the coming years. Patrick was again consistently strong. He brings a commitment to compete and an outstanding ability to defend and then win the ball back. Keelan attacked the ball at half back, out marking in several contests and was courageous on several occasions running back with the flight of the ball. Rylan again dominated in the ruck and his level of intensity across the ground was a strong contributing factor to bringing the Bullants back into the game late in the second quarter. Grady contested for four quarters with a physical presence in the way he attacks the ball.

It was a tight game with a lot at stake. The Bullants rose to the challenge and were able to find the emotional strength to pull themselves from what was looking like a severe defeat to a momentous win. The highlight of the day was seeing the boys take charge - the boys they never gave up and they now have the belief that they can win irrespective of their scoreboard position.

Our final home and away game this coming Sunday brings the Under 11s back home to PCO to take on Surrey Park. The Bullants and Surrey Park are playing this game to win the fourth spot. The coaching team have belief that the Under 11s  can come away with the win and we are all looking forward to the challenge.  It is going to take a collective team effort to deliver the necessary result.The coaching team are not ready for Sunday to be our last game for the season!

C’arn the Bullants!

Under 12's Match Report
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Parkside Preston Bullants
2.2.14 6.4.40
Goal Kickers Josh 2, Ben, Brody, Phoenix, Joel

The sun was out at Ford Park on a wonderful Sunday afternoon, providing almost-perfect conditions for what was a close competitive match between Preston Bullants and hosts, Parkside. Whilst the Bullants ran out eventual winners by 26 points, the game was closely contested, with the Bullants making the most of their chances.

Perhaps surprised by the warmer temperatures, both teams seemed to start the game somewhat tentatively. It wasn’t until the latter half of the first quarter that the Bullants began to lock the ball in their forward half – the half that would prove to be the dominant scoring side of the ground – but were unable to capitalise on a few opportunities that would have set up some early scoreboard pressure. After a few wayward shots at goal, Ben was able to slot one through for the opening score of the match. Despite the slow start, the boys had upped their pressure and Makaio showed early signs of what would turn out to be a solid effort in the ruck.

Brody was up and about at the start of the second quarter, taking a few strong marks in the Bullants’ forward. Likewise, Jack presented confidently, and set up the Bullants’ second goal through Josh. The Bullants continued to attack, but the Parkside defence was up to the task, and eventually were able to force the ball into their forward half where the game would be played out for the rest of the quarter. Parkside attempted multiple entries forward, and the Bullants’ defence was under some serious pressure. Lachie and Oscar stood tall, the latter taking a mark on the goal line to prevent Parkside scoring their first, and Rufus desperate in his attack on the ball, spoiling at a marking contest and following up with a smother immediately after. Ben, too, was intent on effecting the contest, hitting packs and bringing the ball to ground, making it hard for Parkside to score. Eventually though, their persistent forward pressure was justly rewarded with a goal.

When play resumed after the main break, Brody continued to have an impact up forward, firstly with a strong tackle that won him a free kick for holding the ball, and then taking a strong contested pack mark in the goal square resulting in a well-deserved goal. Jesse was desperate up forward with his second and third efforts, and Lucas provided plenty of run on the wing. Our two Sebs were both hard at the ball; Seb F who’d been hurt in a crunching tackle, but still managed to play out the game, and Seb R, who’s determined efforts in keeping a bouncing ball moving forward, set up Josh’s second goal of the game from a great kick out on the boundary, generating a handy 20-point buffer leading into the last quarter.

Knowing that Parkside would be kicking into what had been the attacking part of the ground in the final quarter, Coach Phil asked the boys to remain focused. Two early goals from Phoenix and Joel, stretched the Bullants’ lead out further, before Parkside began to take control, with continual pressure and attack in their forward half. But again, our defence stood up really well, limiting Parkside to just one goal in the last quarter to ensure a hard-fought win in the end.


Under 12's GIRLS Match Report
Preston Bullants Richmond Y
2.7.19 1.3.9

This was a special day for the under 12 girls as it was our last game of the year. The old firm was back together for one last attempt at glory, with Emma in her familiar position in the coach’s box alongside George, Leanne and Bek. As has been a bit of a habit in recent weeks, we were jumped in the first quarter. Richmond did most of the attacking and we were lucky they were inaccurate with their shots at goal. At quarter time it was Preston 0.0.0 to Richmond 0.2.2. We knew we had to lift our intensity and tackling, which had been our main weapons all season.

The second quarter saw us spring into action with Olivia giving us first use of the ball from ruck contests. Freya, Caitlin and Marianne all increased their work rate and Charlotte was again Demolition Dermie reincarnated. She had been relishing her time at centre half forward in recent weeks and today she put the score on the board, with 1.1 for the quarter. Lilly and Libby were also sensational in repelling any Richmond attacks. Zara was captain for the day and gave Olivia a rest in the ruck. The ball pretty much stayed in our forward zone for the entire quarter, netting us 1.4 for the term. Scores at the long break were Preston 1.4.10 to Richmond 0.2.2.

At half time in the rooms it was obvious our girls were focused and full of energy once again. It did not take us long to flex our muscles out on the field. Lilly was having a great game across half back and at times in the midfield. Erin was her consistent self, often finding space and following up her possessions. Marianne was moved back into the midfield and the move worked. We were locking the ball in our forward 50 and giving ourselves great opportunity to score. Marianne kicked one of the goals of the year, snapping the ball beautifully on her left foot and splitting the middle. We held Richmond scoreless for the second quarter in a row and managed to kick 1.3 ourselves. We could sense victory but we still needed to focus in the last quarter to make sure of the result. At the final break the scores were Preston 2.7.19 to Richmond 0.2.2, a commanding lead but not insurmountable.

The last quarter saw a determined Richmond outfit run and carry the ball better than they had all day. They were cleaner and faster than us around the stoppages and this enabled them to score their first goal early in the term. The game was now a fierce contest with both sides tackling and fighting. Richmond was keeping the ball alive in their forward zone and our girls managed to pressure them into kicking a behind. From this point on the Under 12 Preston Bullants team of 2017 showed why they are one of the fiercest sides to wear the red and white. They locked the contest up and the tackling and pressure went up an extra gear. We ended up victorious, the scores 2.7.19 to 1.3.9. This gave us a 6 win and 6 loss record, a great effort in the team’s first year of football. Lilly won best on ground in her strongest performance of the season.

Our girls have been consistent and improved so much since that first practice game against Coburg West at Ruthven Reserve. They are a fantastic group who care for and respect one another. Coaching them has been a privilege, and if we stick together in the pre-season who know how successful we can be in years to come.

Thanks for an awesome first year, see you during pre season.

Emma King and George Cotsonis

Under 13's Match Report

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Ivanhoe W Preston Bullants
2.3.15 13.15.93
Goal Kickers Jordan, Lachlan H, James, Alex, Steven - 2, Max LT, Samuel A and Ty - 1

Sunday we ran out against Ivanhoe, a side that has faced similar challenges this year. Performing equally as well in green division alongside the Bullants, they joined us in brown division and they were looking to put a Win on the board.

Courage was our theme for the day along with two questions, do they believe in themselves and do they believe in their team mates.

With the first quarter underway the Bullants came out strong and I have to say it was probably one of the strongest starts to a game this season. Jordan and Steven were leading by example in the midfield which flowed onto the the rest of the boys throughout the ground. Taj was playing his role in centre to a T and Luca was his fiery best again. It was tremendous to see the whole side playing as one solid unit, which was shown on the score board.

At quarter break it was important that the boys not underestimate Ivanhoe in the second quarter as they were sure to come out harder and be more focused, in the hope to claw back our strong lead. Sure enough they did just that and began pressuring us which the boys did not anticipate fully. To Ivanhoe’s credit, they managed to equal our scoring in this quarter with 1 goal 2 each.

At half time we discussed with the boys their focus in the last quarter and re affirmed the need to stay strong, back each other up and be courageous. With some fresh legs the boys entered the second half of the game with the determination and belief from the first quarter. It was fantastic to watch the way they moved as one and supported one another constantly. Throughout the game we had awesome performances from everyone, with Nick P working solidly in the forward line with Ty, James and Lachlan H. While Marcus was going gang busters in the back and midfield with his tackling and follow ups.

Once again, the highlight of the day for me was watching a particular passage of play which started at fullback with Henry and moved on to Max LT, Jordan, Steven and then to Nick. Although it did not eventuate in a goal I love these plays as it shows the boys at their finest and what we are constantly working on at training.

It was ultimately a great win today for the boys and going into the Round 14 against Parkside, I hope they can bring the same energy and passion from today and have a fantastic game.

Go Bullants!

Under 14's Match Report
Ashburton R Preston Bullants
8.8.56 6.11.47
Best players  

No report this week.

Under 15's Match Report
Preston Bullants Camberwell
Goal Kickers  

No report this week.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Preston Bullants Brunswick
6.6.42 3.5.23

Last Sunday saw the girls up against Brunswick for the third time this year, with each team having scored a victory. This game was for bragging rights, but as always against Brunswick, played in the spirit junior sport should always be about, ie. fierce but fair competition. Brunswick came out full of vigour in the first quarter, obviously viewing the game as their last opportunity for a win in 2017, and took an early lead which they were able to hold throughout the first quarter. The second quarter, saw the girls garb a small ascendency on the scoreboard, with some great defence, concerted attack on the ball and some creative and dashing run through the centre into the forward line.

A real feature of the girls play in the second quarter, was the use of handball to a better placed teammate. This allowed the team to start moving the ball with greater speed, meaning their opponents were chasing the ball for longer periods. The third quarter was a replica of the second, with the girls going into the three quarter time break with a comfortable three goal break.

The last quarter, saw Brunswick come out hard and try to play some of the running football the Bullant’s had played in the previous two quarters. Both teams scored goals and a number of points during the quarter. The girls were able to hold on however to a well deserved victory, their third for the season. The singing of the club song was done with more familiarity than previously, with mobile phones showing the lyrics noticeably absent.

Again thank you to all the parents who offered their services on Sunday, and completed roles that allowed the girls to play.

Colts 1 Match Report
Ashburton Preston Bullants 1
13.9.87 4.8.32

No report this week.

Colts 2 Match Report
Preston Bullants 2 Parade/St Damians
0.1.1 12.21.93

Going into a game of football with 15 players is a hard ask, but at Preston City Oval it makes it even harder being such a big ground. We were unfortunately outclassed right across the ground. Our mantra for the year has been never give up which they never did, but i wouldn’t have blamed them if they did. Scatto our fearless leader got injured in the first quarter but stayed on the ground to support his team mates. Philippe Moutis in his first season of football lead the tackle count for the day in Scatto’s absence. Anthony Ciavarella was outstanding all day playing at fullback where the ball was most of the day.

We have one game left so lets fight it out to the end, lets go ANTS!

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