Bullant Banter Round 2 2016

Presidents Message

With season 2016 well under way, it gives me great pleasure in announcing some key achievements our new 9 member committee has achieved over the pre-season period leading into the official season kick off.

As of the commencement of the season, we have some 257 registered players at the Mighty Preston Bullants. For the first time in the clubs history, we are fielding 2 tackers (U9’s) teams which will compliment representation from each age group from U10’s to U15’s and of course culminating in 2 Colts teams. We are also very excited to announce that the Preston Auskick which has been successfully managed for the last 8 years through its initial inception to current date by Siobhan Corr, will now be officially run and managed by the Preston Bullants which will be a direct feeder into our great club for years to come, with a long term view of seeing the club culminate into a 2 or even 3 stream club where possible.

Committee member David O’Brien has been appointed the clubs Auskick Co-Ordinator who will have a wonderful group of 3 Auskick managers in the wonderful Kate Woods, Katelyn Stanyer and Dave De Bono. With a further interest from some 130 odd families, all is pointing in the right direction for the Mighty Preston Bullants.

Post round 1 of course attracts the start of season function being the famous Pizza Night which was held at PCO’s “The Grandstand function centre” and was a great event where we chewed through no less than 90 pizza’s! A huge night where the families and all players that attended got to hear directly from each coach of each age group as to what the season looks like ahead and how the pre-season went.

Speaking of pre-season, with Zwar Park having drainage installed (and coming along beautifully!!) and PCO off limits with cricket commitments, it was a trying time to say the least for all families coaches and the players themselves. I would like to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to our flexible coaches and families for their patience, understanding and input as it was a trying time for all involved and with true Bullant spirit, we stuck together through it all and got the best we could out of a tough situation, so thank you again.

Remember, we have our famous Bullant Dinner Dance fast approaching, so grab the numbers, make up your tables, book the baby sitter get onto your team managers and let’s make it one for the ages! All details are now live on the website. Oh, and speaking of the website prestonbullantsjfc.com.au, a huge thank you to both Matthew and Melanie Meehan for their timeless and selfless efforts in getting the new and far improved website up and going in time for season proper for without you both and Meehan Design, we wouldn’t be as fortunate to have such an inviting, vibrant, information packed and use friendly website to be so proud of. Thank you both on behalf of the entire club.

That’s it from me for now, good luck to all teams as they embark on Round 3, go the Mighty Preston Bullants!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

A message from hockingstuart - Footy remembers the ANZACS

Joe LeddaRound 2 acknowledged and celebrated the legacy of the ANZAC spirit at every level of the game. It produced some quality team performances and showed great depth of character of the Bullants players.

The values that are important to the Preston Bullants Junior Football Club are also shared by hockingstuart. hockingstuart Preston and Reservoir offices, and Preston Bullants, uphold the same vision of cohesion and engagement in our local community.

Joe Ledda

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

The Tackers White team took on the Fitzroy Lions at Preston City Oval. It was a beautiful morning, the ground was in great nick with conditions perfect for football. Tackers reds and whites stood together an observed a minute’s silence for ANZAC Day before getting stuck into the game.

Our captains Kade and Omar won the toss. Right from the first bounce it was a tight tussle with both teams showing off good skills and passages of play. The Bullants took a couple of minutes to settle down with Fitzroy opening the scoring. The Bullants responded quickly with a lovely chain of passes from a centre square bounce that ended up on Sonny’s chest. He coolly slotted the shot.

In the second term Tackers Whites really shone, the backline was strong with good chest marks and great tackling. At training we’ve been working on running to give an option and there were plenty in the middle of the ground. Our midfielders had time and looked up to spot their teammates forward resulting in three great goals. One was thanks to some ferocious forward tackling that saw Rocky run into an open goal.

The second half started as the first had finished, with great effort, running and tackling that resulted in goals to both sides. One of the highlights of the third term was Pablo’s great work to tackle and tackle again until he emerged from the pack with ball in hand to boot it upfield. In the final quarter we tried super hard, the backline were terrific staying on their men and we kicked another goal, but gave a few away as well.

All in all a terrific game played with good spirit from both sides.

Under 9's RED Match Report

Thanks to everyone who helped on the day to make it all happen! Special thanks to Chris O'Neil & Simon Reid who were called on at the last minute to umpire both Tackers games... Great job done in great spirit!

The harder the struggle, the more glorious the triumph.

Round two saw our tackers at home taking on the always slick Fitzroy club. Preston City Oval, ‘the people’s ground of the north’, was bathed in sunshine for the ANZAC weekend clash. Both teams observed a minutes silence in remembrance of service men and women, past and present. Coaches instructions were to move long and wide in the backline, run all game and kick to space and running players. Captain’s for the day Callum & Darcy lead the team into battle.

From the bounce it was evident that Fitzroy continue to turn out mature and well drilled teams. The first quarter was played at pace with plenty of strong tackling and constant pressure. Our backline were kept busy with last line of defense efforts preventing more goals. Up forward Ava showed the importance of playing in front, was paid a mark and rewarded when she kicked truly for our first goal.

The quarter time address focused on the need for running crumbers at the fall of the ball, loud communication and to man up with our opposition. The second term was a seesawing affair but far more evenly matched. Highlights included strong team tackles, passages of play that strung together 4 players (Tom to Marcus to Pat To Callum and into attack), strong last line of defense efforts and a second goal to Ava, again out in front.

The half time address congratulated the team as well as individual efforts (‘Marcus you do 400KM a game, great stuff!!’ Ava, keep going for your marks & you'll kick 100 this season!) The coach reserves the right to embellish and exaggerate at will! Our young players were challenged that ‘our best is better than the competition. You have got to want it and you have to work hard. This is our ball, our ground, so let’s go get it!’.

Our coach Scott Maddison was clearly chuffed with the immediate response. Fast break from the first bounce resulting in a bouncing goal to Cameron. We applied great tackling pressure, made second and third efforts to win the ball, took great marks (Harry), strung together several possessions and found our running players leading out. The result of these efforts converted into two more goals to Andre and Darcy before the end of the term.

We’re not sure if it was the coaches address or the lollies at 3 quarter time, perhaps a combination of both, but what happened next could only be described by Bruce McAvaney as ‘Sssspecial’. The doubts before the game, ‘Fitzroy are a strong side who beat us last year’, were set aside. Individuals played with a fierce determination to take that mark, make that tackle and spoil that kick to win possession. All of our players stood up. Our team communication lifted, we connected handballs, taps, kicks and started to dictate the play. Our midfield were the engine, with Tom Maddison and Patrick Bubbers appearing to have the ball on a string at times. Our defenders were the brakes, taking strong marks and denying Fitzroy that much needed major. Our forwards were the wheels, full of run. It was a fast paced term with desperate efforts. Our bench lead, cheer squad amped up the atmosphere. Highlights included strong marks to Thomas, Daniel, Jake and Tamer. The latter resulted in a kick forward to Andre who sealed the result with the deciding major.

Congratulations team!

Back in the rooms we belted out a Happy Birthday to Jake followed by a rousing rendition of the club song.

Never give up ‘little ants’ and together you’ll be headed for greatness!

P.S. We’ll be passing the hat around at training this week to get the umpire a pair of shorts.

Thanks to James Bubbers for another Ripping match report!


Under 10's Match Report
Ashy Redbacks Preston Bullants
7.10.52 4.4.28

Round 2- Burwood Reserve - April 24th: On a sunny picturesque but chilly Autumn morning at home of Ashburton Redbacks our Bullants Boys burst out of the blocks to kick 4 of the first 5 Goals to lead by 18 pts early 2nd Qtr. With power Key Fwd Lucas in his 1st game dominating inside 50 kicking 3-2 of our eventual total 4-4 it seemed we were headed for a repeat of Rd 1 but unfortunately a few mental lapses + couple of injuries saw us get overrun late in the game. Final scores: Redbacks 7-10-52 to Bullants 4-4-28 not a true reflection of our spirited effort for we had extremely high numbers of 1% stats: Tackles, Chases + Smothers! The dejection on our boys' faces when Ashburton sang their song right in front of us showed just how much this loss hurt so expect to see our proud group bounce back at Parkside this week....

Written by:Dom

Coaches messages:

Hopefully we learn from our mistakes this week and come out next week and rectify our we're went wrong against ashburton.

I'm sure all the boys tried the hardest and left all they had out there on the field. Main point out of it all is i hope the boys had fun even though we came up short. Win lose or draw all this boys I'm proud of each and every one you for giving your all for the team.

Under 11's Match Report

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Preston Bullants Banyule
7.5.47 3.2.20
Goal Kickers Josh -3, Brody -1, Callum -1, Liam -1, Tyler -1
Best Players A great team contribution!

For our first home game of the season the weather gods were again smiling and we awoke to perfect conditions. We had made some minor adjustments to the team of the previous week and made the decision to rotate from the bench during each quarter as well – something completely new for the boys.

We began the game really well with Phoenix and Liam combining really well in the midfield and driving the ball into the forward line. Our handball and run was again a feature of the early part of the game but this week our tackling was outstanding with Phoenix and Oscar leading the way. The boys worked really hard on their rotations and we were pleased with the way they were able to share the workload. The few times that Banyule were able to get the ball into their forward line Brody, Harry, Seb F, Ben and Callum were able to repel their attacks. By quarter time we held a narrow lead but felt that we were playing some pretty good footy.

In the second quarter we started to get some reward for our dominance in possession. Remy was proving to be a lively presence in the forward line, along with Tyler and Michael, while Anthony made some really important contests to hold the ball in the forward line. Lachie played the wing very well in this game and repeatedly sat about a kick behind the ball and was able to rebound the ball for us into attack on a number of occasions. Coen and Jack backed him up well and we had a great even contribution from these guys across the middle of the ground. Liam ran really hard all day and at one stage of the quarter won a contest across the half back line and then made it so successive contests in the middle of the ground and then at half forward before finishing off with a brilliant goal. Josh and Phoenix were also racking up possessions and delivering the ball with prevision to teammates and Josh also converted to put some real scoreboard pressure on Banyule. Nathan, and Tyler were also making some important tackles and contests on ball which allowed us to take control in this quarter.

The third quarter was a pretty even struggle but there were still many excellent individual efforts and some good attempts to switch the ball into the corridor and run it forward. Nathan used his head well when he was ‘falconed’ early in the quarter but he bounced up as usual and went straight back after the ball. Our tackling was again exceptional in this quarter and Banyule found it very difficult to break free. Declan and Noah are learning their roles well and provided us with good service when they were in the ruck and and they also started to lead well up the ground when playing in the forward line. Seb R was also impressive in this quarter when he was at centre half forward and Dion’s pressure was important for us.

We ran the last quarter out really well possibly due to the interchange policy for this week. Callum scored a brilliant effort off the ground that was reminiscent of Cyril Rioli on Friday night (cry), and Mikaio was superb in the ruck and earned a comparison with Nick Natanui for the way he followed up his own work and drove the ball into our forward line. Jacob was also courageous and ran out the game really well despite a very saw knee. Thanks to the coaching staff, the parent helpers and especially the boys for a great effort. Special congratulations this week go to Dion and Anthony for their great improvement and contributions to the side this week.

Under 12's Match Report

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Preston Bullants Camberwell 2
3.18.36 3.6.24
Goal Kickers J.Beker - 1,H.Stratford-Browne - 1,J.Nicolo - 1 

The boys were excited to be playing their first home game at Preston City Oval for 2016. What a beautiful day it turned out to be! We paid our respects to the ANZACS alongside Camberwell before the game got underway.

The whiteboard in the players room displayed the message “Tough times never Last”, “Tough People Do” and today was a tough game against Camberwell. We came out to play strong and so did they. The first bounce of the game we got that ball out with two touches and down to the forward line, which was exciting to see.

The goals were very hard to come by this round. We had our fair share of scoring opportunities but the ball did not want to soar through those goal posts at the Cramer Street end!

The first quarter saw some strong performances from Alex, Max L-T, Felix and Oliver. Alex and Max LT made good use of the ball down the right hand side of the ground. Unfortunately we couldn’t direct that ball through the goal posts no matter how hard we tried – and boy did our kids try – we kicked 5 points.

The second quarter saw much of the same style of play, it was a hard slog getting the ball down to our goal scoring end and the wind picked up a bit as Camberwell scored 3 goals 2, to Bullants’ 1 goal 5. Serge took a heavy fall and hurt his knee in the backline. He never came back from that which was a shame as he was putting in a solid effort.

The half time break was needed by our boys. The third quarter saw some dramatic improvement in the intensity of our boys. We realised that our boys were struggling with the legs so rotations started a little bit earlier to try and give them a break.

Maxim put in a solid quarter with fantastic defensive work which helped protect the backline alongside Jet who put in a strong effort in full back. Some heavy defence work was also seen from Max D. We did a quick rotation throwing Jack B over to the wing from centre half forward and freeing up his position. This helped develop more movement in the play and drive the ball to our forward line. This saw us score 1.3.

At three-quarter time Felix let the coaching staff know that he wasn’t sure he could carry out the Rover position as his legs were struggling with the pace. It was great that Felix thought about his capabilities and what would be best for the team. We swapped Felix into the back line and Alex Nestoroski into the Rover position and this rotation turned out to be an important move as we saw the game turn in our favour - Alex played a brilliant role keeping the ball in our forward line. Jordan also helped to deliver the ball down to the forward line and his strong game sense and efforts helped prevent Camberwell moving the ball out of our forward line.

After a game of many points, it was great to secure a goal in the final few minutes thanks to Jack B. The ball went through the goal posts and the spectators in the grandstand celebrated the 6 points!

Well done Bullants!

Just a quick mention that in the last two rounds many boys have been playing positions they haven’t spent a lot of time in. It’s encouraging to see the boys step out of their comfort zone to play positions that may not necessarily be their favourite.

We aim to build confidence in our players to take on positions anywhere in the field and we only ask them to give it their best shot. To their credit, many boys have shone. It’s a sign of maturity and great team spirit.

Thanks to all our helpers,
Coaches Matt, Craig and Julian

Under 13's Match Report
Preston Bullants Opposition
7.4.46 5.9.39

Thanks to our team manager and all parents for assisting with game day duties.

Round 2 v St Marys always going to be a test for the boys as this has been a team that we have had mixed results against over the years.

We travelled to Whatmough Reserve on this sunny but cold ANZAC round. A very special ANZAC day game where we remember those who have given so much so that we can play this wonderful game today and live our lives as we see fit.

The boys jumped out of the blocks early and kicked the first goal within the first few minutes. We won the centre clearances and used the ball by hand and foot with great effect. Enter their key ruckman to the field. This kid was tall very influential around contests. Our structure was sound, our talk was up and our decision making was sound. 3 goals to 1 at quarter time.

The second was nothing like the first with the boys kicking around the body and not lifting their eyes, no leading, no talk and no real effort at the ball, but for some reason we found a few cheap goals out the back to draw further ahead at half time. 30 to 13.

St Marys took it up a gear in the 3rd and started to make us look slow in the middle. With their team structures St Mary’s were winning the ball around the ground and gaining 50m each time they took on the game. Our mid’s were being beaten in the middle and St Marys were able to reduce the margin at the end of the quarter to 14 points. 38 to 24.

In the last quarter a few cool heads down back and strong marking by a few boys was the difference. The clock beat a very fast finishing St Marys. Our boy’s ran out eventual winners by just 7 points.

Thanks again, Dom Vaiano U13’s Coach.

Under 14's Match Report
Preston Bullants Surrey Park
0.3.03 23.17.155

Another week, another drubbing. Yes, we have been mis-graded and are plainly playing in too high a division. That’s the deal for the next two rounds before the YJFL reviews standards within each division and regrades accordingly.

So we play on, we do our best but more importantly, we treat these game as a great way to learn. Yes, it’s a steep learning curve. None more important or telling than that fitness matters and footy is a running game.

While watching Sunday’s game (and wasn’t it good to be at PCO!), and after the resignation that Surrey Park are a cut above us, I really enjoyed watching our Bullants on the field. That might seem a strange way to understand a big loss but let me state unequivocally, there’s a lot to like about the Bullants U14s.

Wasn’t Darc’s game a beauty? A real captain’s game. Taking to the field with a bunged up knee and still playing at 100%. He lifts others and for our developing players is surely a beacon for skills, grit and team.

It would be easy to signal other great efforts and they deserve it. Players such as Alex and Max are giving their all and their efforts will be rewarded as the team coalesces into a more structured and drilled unit. Jessie runs his guts outs and didn’t he save a goal or three working deep in the back line. Ben, as I noted last week continues to impress and Daniel started to get his engines firing with a couple of runs through the middle.

Across the field, the team kept the fight up. There were times when one bad bounce changed the run of play. I believe I muttered to myself that Surrey Park even had luck on their side. Don’t worry too much about that. The ball will bounce your way.

When it didn’t it exposed two critical areas of the Bullants game. Fitness and the running game. To be our best our fitness needs to develop. In endurance as well as to sprint. That combines with the running game. This is where Surrey Park won the game. They beat us hands down in turn-overs because they had the one, two, three or four running players to get the ball out of congested play and in their possession. And quickly.

But when there was a contest we were more than their equals. We have good players across the field, from Leo to Maivia to Jackson. We contest the ball and we get possession. But we need to run it faster and control it more. That will come and it will work against more even competition. If you took anything from this game it should be that Surrey Park’s running game won them the match and we can learn a lot from that.

Under 15's Match Report
Camberwell 2 Preston Bullants
5.2.32 11.15.81

As round 2 approached, the big question amongst the Under 15 team’s parents was, how was the previous week’s great victory going to effect the team’s performance against Camberwell, who were predicted to be a more capable adversary than their previous one. In essence, the concern was, had the boys taken the first game’s result to heart and literally been “drinking their own bathwater” since the win, or did they see the result as a good start to the season, with the realisation that there would be more hard work to do.

On a beautiful day for football and playing on a well-manicured ground, the opening minutes told the tale. It was one of controlled aggression at a willing opponent, swift movement of ball, taking the game on when opportunities arose and supporting teammates with positive words and good use of shepherds and deft taps to teammates in a better position. It was easy to see that last week’s victory had given the boys a sense of belief, and a healthy appetite for the contest.

The boys controlled the ball for most of the first half with possession being concentrated in the attacking 50 metres. When Camberwell were able to bring the ball into their forward line, it was repelled by the disciplined Bullant’s defenders. The second half was more competitive, but the result was never in doubt on the day, with the boys running out relatively easy winners.

Very pleasing for all observers was the continued improvement in the boys kicking and marking skills.

It was a great team effort with every boy contributing to the result. Special mention however goes to Jack and Stevie who must have caught a severe case of leather poisoning by the end of the game, Harry who played his position beautifully all day and was a match winner and Brodie playing only his second game for the club and who showed great courage and a mature knowledge of the game.

Colts 1 Match Report

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20160424 155706

Preston Bullants Templestowe
12.17.89 4.6.30
Best Players De Napoli, Vaiano, De Sando, Sutton, McErlain, Hachem

Goal Kickers – Chilcott 4, De Sando 3, Webb 3, Hallebone 1, Moleta 1

After a shattering 1 point Round 1 defeat to Surrey Park, we were excited to get back on to PCO at host Templestowe who were also chasing their first win of season 2016. Lucas Fragale came in for his first game of the season after kicking 5 the week before in Colts 2, however he would station himself at full back in the early stanza’s with the injury to Aidan Baynes.

We began slowly, with Templestowe showing us up in terms of intensity. Tom Hallebone and Jack Hayes were winning their fair share of tap outs, however, this wasn’t resulting in clearances. Julian De Napoli was playing as a small defender again, where his defensive actions and ability to be clean with the ball and use well saw him lead the way. Matt Webb kicked a beauty out of a contest whilst De Sando showed class with another ripper.

The second quarter we looked to make our move, Vaiano was in everything through the middle with partner in crime Liam Sutton. Webb applied great F50 pressure to see De Sando swoop and kick another one. Hachem was in everything across CHF with him taking some telling marks, unfortunately for Daniel his kicking boots weren’t on.

With Templestowe down to 18 players and us with 3 on the bench we really felt we could run over the top of the opposition, we really made our move booting clear with Chilcott at his opportunistic best and Tom Hallebone taking some telling marks and duly converting.

A highlight of the quarter was Anthony Moleta’s intercept before running and goaling at the Cramer Street End.

The last quarter was played out by our boys in great fashion with some slick ball movement coming out.

We didn’t get reward for effort with us having almost 30 scoring shots and only kicking 12 goals, however, we were very pleased to run away 10 goal winners.

Big thanks to the parents for attending the game and supporting their children’s football – they might not tell you, but I’m sure they appreciate it.

I would also like to thank the players / parents who attended the Dawn Service at All Nations Park, Northcote.

Go Bullants!

Colts 2 Match Report

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Surrey Park Preston Bullants
011.9.75 5.8.38
Best Players Josh Torcasio, Ryan Bonett, Christian Renna, Sean O'Connell, Rob Catalano, Liam Webster-McAllister

After a great win in round 1 we were all excited to get going in round 2. The weather gods were good to us again as we had perfect conditions for our first away game of the year.

Surrey Park started the game well and to our boy’s credit, we answered back strongly. By quarter time we had regained the lead after going down by as many as three goals. Our backline was fantastic all day under pressure from a much bigger side. Oscar Chaplin, Ryan Bonett and Sean O’Connell were all huge for us in the back half of the ground.

One of our biggest weaknesses on the day was our lack of depth on the sideline. We only had one on the bench and unfortunately we suffered three injuries in the second quarter, which made it hard to keep up. At the main break we trailed by three goals.

Our boys were fantastic in the third quarter, staying in the game with no one on the bench and two players battling through the game hurt. Josh Torcasio, Josh Bruzzese and Rob Catalano lead by example and gave us every chance of making a remarkable victory.

Trailing by only a couple of goals at three quarter time, we began to fade in the last quarter as we ran out of legs. I was extremely proud of the way we fought for three quarters being undermanned. We showed great character and determination. Although we went on to lose the game, we were able to learn a lot which will help us in the long run.

I would also like to congratulate all the boys who came to the Dawn Service and the football on ANZAC Day. It was a fantastic experience and great to spend the day together as a group. Let’s continue to get to training so we can keep learning and developing as a team.

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