Bullant Banter Round 2 2018

Presidents Message

With season 2018 well under way and 2 rounds down, what better time is there to reflect on the brave men and women of generations past, to truly remember and appreciate the sacrifices each and everyone of them made for people like you and I today to enjoy the freedoms afforded to us all?

Over the last few days I have been thinking about ANZAC Day and what so many brave men and women did for our country. Some paying the ultimate price for what we enjoy today. The more I thought about it, the three words that stuck at the forefront of my mind and what they mean to me in my life right now …

1. Grateful

2. Courageous

3. Tenacious

I am GRATEFUL for the sacrifices people made for you and I to have the options, choices and freedom today.

How can we as members of a team both on and off field show more gratitude for the ability to be involved voluntarily and of our own free will?

How COURAGEOUS were those men and women during war times, what they endured, the challenges they faced and bravery they displayed every day, during their tour of duties.

How can I live a more courageous life when I face my challenges? No matter how small or great, we need to find ways to be more courageous from helping a friend, to seeking help from a friend during testing times, to take that same level of courage onto the field when given a chance and to be the best we can no matter what the challenge is in front of us…

The TENACIOUS attitude of people during war to keep going, even when facing overwhelming odds.

Where do I need to do be more tenacious in my life? Where can I find opportunities to excel at school, at work to be able to give back to my family, my club, my community…

Have a great ANZAC Day and take a moment to think about what the ANZAC spirit means to you.

Go the Mighty Preston Bullants!!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

Tackers White were keen for their second game of the season, heading out to Greensborough Park to take on St Marys. The team were quietly confident having put in a good effort against Fitzroy last week and adding a little class to the mix this week with Jayden, Joe, Zac H and Auden coming on for their first games. It was a beautiful morning for football and after a respectful minute’s silence, we were into it.

A bit like the Fitzroy game, we got off to a slow start, but it was pretty clear early that St Marys were a very good team and we’d have to stay on our toes. In the first term, St Marys were winning the centre bounces and our very courageous backline were under the pump. They battled on really well, picking up their men and running hard but our opponents were fleet of foot and scored a few goals. Jayden, in his first game for the club was simply terrific in the first term, not giving up and taking on players a fair bit bigger than himself. He was unfortunate enough to be landed upon by the largest Tacker on the human historical record. Earth moving equipment was brought to the ground to dig Jayden back up, after which he was brave enough to walk off the ground under his own steam. Good stuff Jayden.

In the second term Preston did well to win a few centre clearances and lay some telling tackles to get the ball going our way. The forward line got a look at it a few times and had some opportunities, but we couldn’t convert despite some terrific efforts from Gigi, Caden, Luca, Spencer and Percy in our forward line.

The second half was unfortunately more of the same for our gallant Bullants. Jamie, Harry, Joe Wood, Ollie in the centre and Remi in the ruck did really well in the middle and chased with desperation, Louis also laid an inspirational tackle that won him a free kick and a face full of mud. That’s the way mate, well done. But alas the backline was in the firing line. But the great thing about our kids is that they fight on and never give up: Luca, Mitchell, Sammy and Caden ran on until the three quarter time break to the cheers of the Preston faithful.

In the final term came the Coach’s Highlight for week 2. It was Andrew’s bye week, but we came along to support his team mates which showed really good team spirit. With St Mary’s a little short on numbers, Andrew got a run with the opposition and did really well in the forward line kicking a goal for St Marys in the last quarter. As my boy asked me, ‘does that mean we kicked one?’ Unfortunately, no, but Andrew did, so well done mate.

Jayden got the spirit award from the St Marys team which was well deserved and back in the rooms the kids followed up their great efforts with a cracking rendition of the song.

So, it’s never great getting a bit of a pasting but it is always great to play footy with your mates. And remember guys, we’ve only just started and there’s heaps to learn, work on and improve.

This week we’ll be practicing kicking out from full back, getting on our players and running to space when we do have the ball.

See you on Friday and in the meantime….Go Bullants!

Under 9's RED Match Report

De ja vu in Round 2 as we were up against another Banyule team, this time away at Beverley Oval.

After a rowdy but sharp training session on Friday, we were wondering how the team would come out on Sunday morning. At training we tried to introduce the skill of running past and taking the handball where we could and then to kick long and we were looking to see if we could give this a go on match day.

The team looked good in their pre-game drills, taking the footys strongly in the air and on the ground. The rooms were filled with excitement as we again reinforced the team rules of enjoying your football, picking up your player, being in front of your player, hands out, big voices, running past for the handball and importantly above all else have fun.

We welcomed back Kirk for his first game of the season and Ella was named Captain for the week and she led the team out and we all lined up for a minute silence to honour our ANZACs. Then it was to our positions, with the centres all ready for the ball.

Once again this round we tried to keep players in their positions from last week so the boys and girls could get some consistency in those positions.

We got off to a great start. The attack on the ball was tremendous with the centres all being under packs and farming the ball out. Once again Banyule had some exceptional footballers and our team was great, tackling, being first to the ball and kicking long when they could.

The game was played in great spirits with Lucas, Patrick, Matilda and Eddy all having a quarter with Banyule over the game.

Throughout the game and over the 4 quarters, the backline with Leon, Lachlan, Lucas, Adam, Patrick, William, Leroy and Adam were playing close to their players and were moving the ball out of the backline with some fantastic flow. We also introduced the running past the player for the handball and it seemed to be working with long kicks to the centre.

The Banyule forwards were fast and led well, but our backline were up to the task making a contest of the play. What was very pleasing was to see the backline organise itself and take the initiative for kick ins, ruck contests and importantly dropping back into a vacant goal square to protect the goal.

Our centres Ella, Ellery, Dylan, Daniel, Eduardo, Oscar and Lucas all charged hard at the ball. They all had tremendous endeavour to push forward when the ball came out of defence and to push back and pick up a Banyule player when Banyule were surging forward. This experience will help these players as the centres will move into different positons over the next 2 weeks as we rotate the side around.

Our forwards of Alberto, Kirk, Ned, Michael, Matilda, Eddy and Jack were moving around try to shake the Banyule tag. We saw some strong leads and exceptional effort to win the ball both in the air and on the ground.

We saw some great goals from Michael, Alberto, Eddy and Ned with celebrations to match.

Leon trained the house down on Friday, setting a great example for all and it shows that good training form brings good game form; and he was awarded the Medal for his efforts.

A fantastic team effort for the second game. Again the team were able to put into the game structured football from defence to the centre to the forward line. We heard loud voices and were able to understand the importance of playing in both a forward or defensive manner depending on the flow of the game.

The song was sung with Gusto in the rooms at the end of the game with the team setting up a circle with Captain Ella and Medal winner Leon in the middle (after 2 rounds this is now a tradition).

Thanks to everyone who assisted on the day its much appreciated by all.


Coach Dave

Under 10's WHITE Match Report
Preston Bullants Camberwell

We had our first home game this week..v Camberwell. It was another 8.30 start, but the boys must have all had a great nights sleep because they bolted out of the blocks. A few quick scoring shots and they were never headed. With a fantastic team effort, we kept Camberwell scoreless the whole game. Luca Kleeven was on fire with two goals, Adam, Jackson, Louie and Archie all contributed a goal a piece. Yusuf was a force to be reckoned with in the ruck. Our best player on the day was Sid... he held up the defence end, stopping any sort of attack thrown his way. Our captain Archie, chose to play every quarter for his mum Helen on her birthday... I hope it was a great day Helen.

Under 10's RED Match Report
Richmond Preston Bullants

What a great start to our season! It is hard to believe that these boys are 9 and 10 years old. It is also hard to believe that some have not played Aussie rules before and that this team has several new players in it! Sunday morning could not have been more different to Round 1 - a perfect crisp and still morning in Richmond at Citizens Park Reserve.

I am not sure if it was the effect of “The Floss” competition at training last week but the boys jumped out of the blocks and attacked the ball and their opponents from the start. Edwins approach to tackling was a little unorthodox but “The Bear Hug” tackle certainly was effective and his run and tackling were magnificent.

It was clear Josh “Stoj” had one thing on his mind and he was determined to get a goal - it was hard to tame his attacking pressure. Josh Sergi was rewarded for his constant attack with a beautiful goal and it was clear our forwards and midfielders were looking out for each other, tackling hard and determined to meet the Richmond players head on!

The second quarter was a little tougher for us and Richmond had a shift in their pace and forward pressure. We were able to stem their attempts at goal mostly and our boys kept running, tackling and working hard together…

At this point I realised I had mixed up my other sons match time so had to take my eyes off the match for a little while !!! So these are some of the very impressive things I saw in the second half of the match.

Jack H’s tackling and drive and run; Archie’s marking, kicking and breaking out from the pack. Roman and Shep were rewarded with great goals and it was so great to see the boys get around them and congratulate them as well as some pretty large smiles on parents faces. Shep made a magnificent running tackle that would compete with a Dangerfield special, Josh Sergi continued to drive and back up and work hard. It became clear the sun had come out and we had tired, sweaty and red faced boys - but they did not give up. Leon’s magical running goal that was Mick McGuanesque, Kade was rewarded with a goal after backing up and helping out in the forward line and marking strongly. Sonny was fabulous in his power kicking and burst of speed and got a lovely goal, Shep’s run and carry with the ball was beautiful and Tom Horton was a marking machine as Richmond kept trying to get into their forward 50. Zac also took a magnificent mark and kept allowing us to move the ball forward as did Noah R who contributed with his speed and strong kicking. Noah S, Brock, Dani, Alex and Jakob all pitched in supporting, tackling and applying pressure when needed.

So in summing up it was a day of great skill and energy. There were long runs, marking chains , strong tackling and consistent effort when it was clear they were all exhausted. Paul asks the boys to back each other up and stick to the plan - it was clear this happened and it was a thing of beauty!

Under 11's Match Report
Preston Bullants Canterbury
2.3.15 2.7.19

After a tough, eye opening loss to Kew in round 1 and an equally tough week on the training track. The mighty Bullant U11’s were blessed with an ANZAC Round home game at PCO.

There was a quiet determination in the rooms as we went over all that we had covered during the week. The boys had worked on holding their positions. Working hard off the ball. Getting to the contest and attacking the ball and opponent with genuine desire.

We took to the ground and stood for the minutes silence in remembrance. I have always been proud of our boys who treat this day with so much respect. One can’t help but be moved as we line up for the Last Post.

Hamish and Tamer were nominated as Captains. Winning the toss, they elected to kick to the Cramer St end and the team took to their positions. Coaches and parents alike hoped for a different game this week.

Canterbury got out of the blocks quickly and made several forays forward. Locking the ball in their forward 50, Canterbury placed immense pressure on the Bullant defence. Our back line lead by Hamish, defending desperately and forcing several behinds. Despite great taps from Tamer with Sam and Tommy G providing attack out of the middle, the Bullants struggled again to find a way forward. Thomas Venuto provided some inspiration with back to back tackles on the wing but the ‘Ants seemed a little flat footed around the ground. We went into quarter time scoreless (again!). Canterbury 1:4:10. QTR Time was fairly positive. The two teams seemed evenly matched but they wanted it more. The Bullants had been “Ball chasing” again and were getting sucked up the ground. Caught out of position we were being exposed. The endeavour was there, we just needed to play smarter and hit harder.

The second quarter saw players lift all around the ground. Little Browny, (Star recruit from West Preston) took on all comers as he hit the packs with the confidence of someone twice his size…and came out with the ball. Another new recruit Dash, had his first run in the Ruck and looked like a pro! Issy hit his tackles across the back line and Sam was a powerhouse through the middle…suddenly the tide began to turn and our forwards had opportunities…rushed behinds followed before Callum snapped truly for our first goal for the year. Game on. Bullants trailing by 3 points at half time but looking up and about!

Half time and we elected to stay out on the ground in the warm sunshine. Relaxed banter around oranges was followed by high praise from the coaches. We were really seeing some great attack on the footy. Fantastic work ethic and the results had come. Let’s take it up a gear and keep going!

The third quarter saw inspirational plays everywhere. Canterbury would not lay down but the Bullants had the desire. Joe became an absolute beast from CHB! No opposition player with the ball was safe as he laid tackle after crunching tackle. Hard and around the waist, Joe made them earn every touch. All around the ground, the Bullants made great decisions with disposals, worked hard into position and out ran a tiring Canterbury. Tamer showed great use of his body in the Ruck and gave our mid’s plenty of opportunity. Tommy G was tireless and ruthless through the middle, 3rd and 4th efforts eventually getting the ball to the mercurial Callum who bagged his second. Bullants up by 3 points and flying! The quarter was capped off with Play of the Day. A quick switch by Canterbury from their back line saw a solitary player take the ball and look up to an uninterrupted field of green. With not a player in sight, he took his run from the “Grandstand pocket” and looked certain to make us pay….then as if in slow motion, the home crowd saw Tommy G take off in pursuit from deep in defence while Azza launched from mid field. The two Bullants converged at lightning pace. Seeing Azza’s desperate sprint, the Canterbury player hesitated just enough to be crunched by Tommy G from behind. The home crowd rising as one with a resounding “BALL!”

With 15 minutes left, the Bullants were urged to finish the game off. Work off the ball had been great, the tackles, shepherding and bumps fantastic. Our run had returned and we were giving each other space. There was still work to do on holding our positions and watching both the ball and our direct opponents but were we in the game and felt on top despite the close and low scores. Dash returned to the Ruck and showed his run and athleticism. Tom, Dom and Tommy G looked unstoppable through the middle, linking up by hand and showing their pace. Still, Canterbury would not give up and we were made to work for every possession. Then, with mere minutes left, the heartbreak. Canterbury with a final push forward, pump in a long ball from the pocket. Number 10, unattended in the square behind the pack scores a gift…. and a goal. Canterbury by 4 points at the final siren.

Disappointment for all…Yes. But confidence that we had found our way again and had been more than competitive. Gold division was never going to be easy, every week we must fight to prove we belong there. Fight to stay there. It’s the fight that Bullants do best.

We all continue to learn, coaches and players alike, and we know what we need to work on.

To our boys. Believe in yourselves like I believe in you. When you think you can’t… you can! When you think you can…you will! When you know you can…you can do anything!

Under 12's Match Report
Preston Bullants Kew Comets
16.16.112 0.0.0

After a confidence building win in Round 1, and a solid week on the training track, the boys were eagerly anticipating their Round 2 clash against Kew Comets 2 last Sunday. While we were sure to miss Max and Finn in their absence, we welcomed back Thomas and Perry, both tanned and relaxed after their extended holidays, and Patty into the side. The Reverend also rejoined the coaching panel, perhaps missing the football more than Thomas!

The key messages were the same as last week: play in front; give your teammates options by running and spreading; and one tackle and shepherd per quarter. Jaxsyn and Samuel retained their leadership roles after excellent performances in Round 1. The boys led the Under 12s onto the ground and, after a parent from the opposition asked Siri if she knew how to play the last post, the under 12s linked arms and paid their respects to our soldiers.

The boys started impressively, getting first use of the ball with Rhylan in the ruck. The boys carried out what they've been practicing at training, including passing the ball by hand and foot to teammates in better positions, following up their footy and shepherding their teammates, and tackling when not in possession. Pat reinforced that the boys needed to keep 'going to the well' and to continue their hard work and efforts. In the second quarter the boys did continue their hard work, with the backline working well to keep the opposition from scoring, the midfield running hard and delivering the ball forward and the forward line peppering the goals. While there were several notable goals, Jonah kicked in a minute and coach Pat, in auditioning for a role as an AFL coach, immediately took him off the ground! At half time the score was 7-9-51 to 0.

After half time the under 12s continued their strong performance, kicking nine goals in the second half to eventually win 16-16-112 to 0. The state of the game enabled Pat to rotate the boys through multiple positions in the second half, which will be valuable to their learning. While it was a great overall team performance with many highlights it was great to see Nathan kick his first goal for the club! Jaxsyn was awarded best player on the field by the opposition after another excellent game predominantly up forward. Samuel, Grady and Jonah also chipped in with multiple goals each.

Round 3 will see us take on Ashburton. Go Bullants!

Under 13's GIRLS Match Report
Templestowe Dockers Preston Bullants
0.1.1 7.5.47

Another warm day saw us take on Templestowe Dockers at Templestowe Reserve. We all lined up for a minutes silence and the Last Post in remembering the fallen Anzacs. The return of Emma King to the coaching panel inspired the girls.

Templestowe were short of players so we gave them two of ours each quarter. The girls decided on this themselves, showing a great sense of sportsmanship within the team. Caitlin and Ava were first to play for the opposition and this was part of the reason the first quarter was a tight affair. The first quarter saw both teams locking the ball in and playing hard contested football. All the regular suspects got involved early with the four onballers getting plenty of the Sherrin in the first term. Olivia, Freya, Marianne and Lily were fantastic. The scoreboard was 0.0.0 a piece at the first change.

The second quarter saw us play some of our best football to date. We outscored Templestowe 5 goals 1 behind to zero. The goals came in a golden ten minutes of football which put the outcome of the game beyond doubt. The difference with the team from last year is our ability to move the footy cleanly and into space for our forwards. The other reason is our new recruits, including the twins, Lucy and Gabby. They are super quick and skillful and understand each other like the Krakouer brothers. For those of you who are too young to know what I am talking about please do a search on Jimmy and Phil Krakouer from North Melbourne. Scores at half time were Preston 5.1.31 to Templestowe 0.0.0.

After pumping ourselves up with ACDC at half time in the rooms we came out in the third quarter ready to rock and roll. We could only manage 1 goal for the term but kept Templestowe to a solitary behind. Our backline was very well lead by Victoria and Erin, who gave us drive and run all day. Marianne was among our best in the third quarter, along with Zoe, despite having had her finger stitched up after a mishap with a pocket knife. Sian went to the forward line in an effort to increase our fire power. The scores at the last change read Preston 6.1.37 to 0.1.1.

At three quarter time I challenged the girls to get 10 goals for the match. We moved Victoria forward with immediate results. We had the ball in our forward fifty for most of the term and played a great brand of selfless football. Templestowe were scoreless and we kicked an inaccurate 1 goal 4 behinds for the quarter, falling short of the challenge, but walked away knowing we can match it with anyone when we back ourselves. The twins were brilliant and Lucy received the medal for best on field. The final scores read Preston 7.5.47 to Templestowe 0.1.1. A great day for us all. Lest we forget.

Thanks to Emma, Mish, Leanne, Bek, Jamie, Pauline, Sofie, Marc and Suki for taking on the match day roles.

George Cotsonis

Under 13's Match Report
Preston Bullants Banyule O
7.7.49 1.3.9
Goal Kickers Josh 3, Coen, Phoenix, Liam, Jordan

In contrast to the wet conditions of the first round, the sun shone for the Preston Bullants’ second round encounter at home against Banyule O, in a match that would also serve as a 50-game milestone for one of our new players, Caspian.

The boys applied great pressure around the ball from the first bounce, and kept play within their forward half for large parts of the first quarter. While a great spoil from Coen set up the first goal of the match through Josh, repeated entries forward provided little reward as the boys were unable to capitalise on the scoreboard. When Banyule were able to get it into their half of the ground, our defence was there waiting to pounce.

The Bullants kept their pressure up in the second, relentless in their attack on the ball up forward. And when the ball was to be won in the middle, the Bullants were able to spread and switch quickly and decisively. In one passage of play, Makaio was able to hit up Phoenix who in turn found Coen loose, who was able to kick the second goal of the match. The Bullants were equally solid in their defensive pressure, Brody laying a strong tackle as Banyule O kept pressing. Despite some good possession in their forward line, errant shots kept Banyule O from making a positive impact on their own score. When the ball eventually transitioned the other way, Rufus and Jesse were desperate in forcing the ball forward, the latter with repeated efforts despite being outnumbered. The persistent running and movement ultimately resulted in a free kick for Seb R up forward, who dished off a quick handball to Josh who kicked truly for his second, opening up a handy 19-point lead at the main break.

When play resumed in the third, the Bullants continued to support each other on the field. Great communication between players helped to keep their defensive wall intact as they attempted to keep the ball forward. Nathan was strong in the contest, and when Oscar marked up forward, and effected a great centring kick to his skipper, Phoenix, the Bullants had kicked their fourth. Moments later, Liam would get another shot at goal out on the boundary, having won a free for being pushed in the back. The game was again played largely in the Bullants’ forward half, due in part to the efforts put in by defenders, Daniel and Lachie, who kept to the structure which enabled them to react well to any incoming threats. In the middle, Caspian was particularly prolific, and intent on making his milestone game a memorable one.

The final quarter was a hotly contested one, Banyule O trying to make inroads into the Bullants’ 26-point lead. The defensive efforts from both teams saw the ball shift from one end of the ground to the other without score, typified by a goal-saving tackle from Oscar deep in the Bullants’ defence. The continued attack on the ball, including Jack’s tireless efforts to present and push forward, would eventually generate Josh’s third goal for the game, through a fantastic spoil and gather from Harry, and a final goal from Jordan running onto a loose ball, his first for the club, with all the boys getting around him to celebrate. A fitting end to what was a great team effort, as the Bullants ran out 40-point victors.


Under 14's Match Report
Beverly Hills Preston Bullants
3.2.20 19.13.127

This week the U14’s boys faced Beverly Hills at their home ground in East Doncaster, the sun was out and it was a great day for footy.

The boys were great early sticking to their structures and moving the ball really well. They were up by 45 points at the first break with great improvement to their conversion rate in comparison to last weeks game. The game progressed to a great win by the boys 19.13.127 to 3.2.20 asserting their presence in the competition.

There were some outstanding players this week, James Zonta kicking a lazy 11 goals, as he begins to show physical presence inside 50, Jordan Niccolo working really well to move the ball the way we intend to, understanding the switch and crossing the ground to open the game up. Lachlan Hoo showing great signs of physicality this week and Taj working excellently off the half back flank. The midfielders starting to understand the advantage we have with Xavier in the ruck and working well to win most clearances and move the ball into the forward 50 swiftly.

Overall the team is beginning to grow and develop into a great young side, there is still a lot of work too do to improve on where we are at this point in time, this will be the intention at training this week in preparation for round 3 next week.

Under 15's Match Report
Preston Bullants Kew Rovers B
5.5.35 15.13.103

Fresh off a galvanising win the previous week, the boys were eager to go two from two on our home deck. We had a lot of work to do if we were to achieve successive wins. Our opponent was Kew Rovers – a team who won the previous week by 150 points.

The first quarter was relatively even. Kew Rovers played well through the middle and could transition the ball forward efficiently which tested our defence. Strong quarters from both Billy R. and Nic enabled us to stay in the game. Both boys provided plenty of interception that lead to several rebounds into our forward 50. However, we were not able to convert effectively and allowed a late goal or two, finding ourselves behind at the first break.

The message at quarter time was for the boys to have more grunt when attacking for the ball and to spread more so we too could transition from backline. Brilliant efforts early on from both Ben and Josh who were relentless around the contest inspired their teammates to follow suit. Lucas was admirable with multiple efforts around the ground to show that size does not matter. It was an impressive quarter that reduced the margin to only 10 points at half time.

The second half was perhaps one to forget. Kew Rover came out with a point to prove and we could not match their efforts. Intensity kept us in the game during the first half, and in the second half a lack of it was our undoing. We struggled to score any goals in the both the third and fourth quarter – only managing three points. To the opposition’s credit, they were unrelenting and set up well defensively; the spreading was done exceptionally well and gave them multiple forward targets. We got beat, and we got beat convincingly. In the end, it was 68-point loss.

All negatives aside, oddly enough I was glad to see that the boys were very much aware of the losing margin. Their expressions highlighted to me that they were unhappy with their performances which shows their pride – in themselves and the jumper. There were a few home truths that came out of the game and the boys are know what needs to be worked on

And so, we progress to another game and learn from the previous one. The boys will bounce back, I know they will. I have great faith in this group. They just need to play together and play their roles for the team. Progress is never linear.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Preston Bullants Surrey Park
6.5.41 6.9.45

Our ANZAC week match was against Surrey Park. Only having twelve players, we were going to be tested all day as well as the opposition being able to have nine on the bench. This didn’t distract our focus from trying to win and everyone playing a vital role for the team.

Mia Haas led the colony out for the day as our co-captains (Mia H and Mia B) rotate the captaincy each week.

The first quarter was intense and close as both sides gave no chance of each side scoring. Amelia had her first go in the ruck and provided plenty of use for our midfield to grab the ball and run forward. Mia B took the game on whenever she had the opportunity and ran all day like the Energiser bunny had five coffees. Mia H put her head over the ball all day and burst out of packs like Dusty does on the weekly basis.

The second quarter was dominated by our girls as the ball stayed in our forward 50 for majority of the quarter. This supply into our forward 50 was helped by Sabrije and Oceane who were ferocious when tackling and also able to provide outside run. We struggled to get the ball between the big sticks but the girls kept persevering and earned a late goal. The girls also managed to keep Surrey Park goal less for the quarter and were led by Ruby and Hayley in the backline who were like security guards letting no prisoners leave.

During the third quarter, Surrey Park started to turn on the afterburners and scored a couple of goals. Despite this, our girls kept calm, didn’t point fingers at anyone and continued to put their head over the ball. Angelique covered plenty of ground from running to one to the other on numerous occasions ensuring her team mates had the support they needed.

At the final change, the score line was close. Darci ran up and down the wing all day with her new white boots helping her run that bit faster. With the backline under the pump, Isabella let nothing get past her and ran off half back like Heath Shaw. Esther and Helena spent majority of the day in the forward line and they both tackled non-stop. Both were able to assist and set up a few goals which was very pleasing. Our girls continued to not stop running but Surrey Park managed to hold on for a close five-point win.

Our girls should be very proud of the performance they put out. With most things against us, you girls pushed them to the very end and didn’t stop running. No one complained and simply got on with the job. Even though we got so close, I was very pleased to see everyone smiling and having a laugh knowing what they did was grouse.

Thanks again to Ange for being assistant coach as well as George being runner who came straight from his U13s girls game. Big thanks to Sofie for being Team Manager too. With match day roles, it’s so important we help our girls and especially Sofie as it means game day can run smooth!

Looking forward to another week at training. Keep turning up with the aim to have fun as well as to learn and improve


Simon O’Connell

Colts 1 Match Report
Parkside Preston Bullants
15.11.101 6.6.42

In contrast to the previous week it was a perfect day for playing football. The game started with the last post and minutes silence to respect ANZAC Day. With the Colts 2 having a bye, the team had a number of inclusions : Anthony Johnson, Brodie Lacey, Tony Parzinkas, and Jordan Whykes and a bench of 6.

The team started off on fire with clean marking, good ball movement inside 50 and goals, 7 in all. Elijah Gonis kicked a beauty to get the side going, whilst Jackson Sbrissa marked deep and kicked truly. Preston were all over Parkside and dominated the first quarter. At quarter time the Bullants were 7.3 to Parkside’s solitary point.

The second quarter continued where the first finished with quick ball movement. Unfortunately Julian Pizzo twisted his ankle so was unable to continue playing the game. All players coming up from the Colts 2 were contributing well. The heat and frantic pace of the game started to tire the team but finished the first half 11 goals to 3. Jack Nicolo was the standout with 5 first half goals and Jackson Sbrissa 4.

Nic Zonta continued to rotate and provide players positional changes. Matt Chilcott was thrown into the centre and showed promise. Matt Maiolo was moved forward as a means of celebrating his 100th game. Matt Maiolo duly scored a goal in the last. Josh Di Natale continued on from the previous week’s form with regular intercepts, run off the half back line.

Rhett Aminde continued good run at both ends of the ground with Rory Howard showing similar good marking and run. Parkside displayed grit and kept with Preston in the second half of football.

All up it was a solid first win, go Bullants.

Colts 2 Match Report

Colts 2 had a bye.

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