Bullant Banter Round 7 2018

Presidents Message

***Friday June 29, 2018- lock it in***

Well, after plenty of discussion, thoughts, new ideas (which are always welcome) and feedback gathered from a group of different teams the decision made regarding the annual Bullants Bash is that no change to the format will occur given the outstanding success and general positive feedback received from last years changed format.

A lot of fun, mingling, dancing, singing and memories were had at last year’s gathering. The biggest issue was to trying to get everyone to leave! So, it is on again and I would urge you all to talk with your team managers or simply purchase your tickets at the canteen on match days. Here is a sample one below with all the relevant details and the 4.5 hour drinks package that covers the lot inclusive of beer, wine, soft drink and of course spirits.

The food allocation will be doubled to ensure a great night of dancing and letting your hair down for a bit of fun follows through. The ever popular photo booth will be there too due to high demand! Any questions, please contact your team manager or our club Vice President Suki Styant-Browne.


Another Bullant selected for the YJFL Championships

2 weeks ago I congratulated 2 of our Youth Girls in making the YJFL representative team in both Mia Haas and Mia Beki (or more commonly known as Mia H and Mia B). Well I am now proud to announce that our very own U14’s champion and a hard working all-rounder Felix Morgan Styant-Browne has also been selected in the U14’s squad. No real surprise for those who know Felix, who has a mad passion for footy, ethics, training and leads by example all the way.  On behalf of the entire Preston Bullants community, congratulations to you Felix, do what you do every week and the rest will take care of itself.

Krish Productions Club appointed official photographer:

Kristian from Krish productions has been appointed the club’s official photographer moving forward. You will see Kristian around home games snapping away taking some wonderful action shots of the Might Preston Bullants which can be purchased through Kristian the week following the game.

Our annual club photos have also been booked in with Kristian which will be conducted at Zwar Park at an allocated time and date which you would have by now received via your team managers. Here below is a sample of the work Kristian has put forward so far. Wonderful stuff and exciting times ahead…


Saturday August 04, 2018- NBFC Annual Seafood night

I attended this event last year which is run and organised by the Bullants very own Emma Zonta who donates her time and efforts to raise funds for The Might Northern Blues. For those of you who have seen Emma in action, you will know first-hand that nothing is left to chance and every single last detail is in absolute order. This is the marquee event for season 2018 for the Northern Blues that will see Andy Maher hosting the event as the MC of the night, wonderful seafood being served up to see this night of glamour, fun and unforgettable auctions items to be won.
I would urge you to grab a friend or two and get in touch with Emma to book your seats now! Emma can be contacted at ezonta@zontagroup.com.au  or on 0417-369-365 and I will see you there as I have booked mine already!

Follow this link for all the details on how to secure your’ s today:

That’s it for now, have a wonderful week ahead

Go The Mighty Preston Bullants!

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

Under 9's WHITE Match Report

Tacker's Day - Round Robin

A big day for Tackers White at the U9’s round robin at Bulleen Park. We had a great spot next to Tackers Red and kicked off by cheering the Reds on. It’s pretty hard to remember what happened over four games five days ago, but let’s have a crack.

Our first game was against Kew. They were good, but our guys were super competitive and did a great job manning up when they had the ball and leading when we did. Our mosquito fleet of Mitchell, Jonah and Jamie were chasing and tackling while Remi was tapping it our way.  Top notch fellas.

For the second game we played Hawthorn, another good team but we were equal to the challenge. Our backline of Asher, Harry, Joey and Spencer were super tough and made the opposition earn their goals. We got it into the forward line a few times but that first goal was elusive. Auden was also very good…but then he had to go to a party. Benji P continues to be a gun player, and Gigi is great at picking up the ball under pressure. Joey did some great runs out of the backline which was great to watch. Go Joe!

In our third game, against…um…the kids with the thing…oh that’s right, the Bulleen Bullants, Tackers white really turned up the heat. Sammy Heffernan was huge, tackling his heart out, Ollie, Luca and Tomas C helped out really well. Then it happened. Sammy got a kick, then a totally dubious 50, but we’ll take it…..he pumped it into the forward line where Louis swooped, running clear and dribbling through a goal on his right. Good work boys. As Russ reminded us, it was hard work in the midfield that got us an opportunity and it was great to take it. There was another game against Surrey Park which was great to, but at that point the kids were talking about sausages. We belted out our song and all the kids got a footy.

What a cracking day!

Next week we’re up against Banyule. Nice and early and a little chilly!

See you there Bullants

Under 9's RED Match Report

Tacker's Day - Round Robin

Under 9s Tackers Red Round 7 Round Robbin
A fairly light training session on Friday night to prepare the team for the annual Round Robbin with some kicking and handball drills, pressure footy drills and by popular request a practice match under lights.

This week we welcomed back Michael and Assistant Coach Shane, but we were without the secret weapon Ella and the ever reliable Matilda.

Coach Dave arrived for the second week in a row with a grin from ear to ear after the bombers win against GWS and he was looking for a bomber like effort from the Tackers in the Round Robin.

The teams were structured in groups, led by Oscar, Liam, Daniel and Alberto. The idea was that across the 4 games of 2 by 6 minute quarters, backs and forwards would stay in their positions for the game whilst centres would rotate with interchange at the end of the quarter. The teams then rotated positions in each game to give each child an opportunity in each position.

We emphasised our team rules: Enjoy your football, hands out in front, pick up your player, loud voices, running past, spread out, pressure footy and importantly, have fun.

Game 1 - Tackers Red  v Whitehorse Colts.

After a pep talk where we emphasised the team rules, the team rules seemed to get thrown out the window once we ran onto the ground. From the opening bounce we were chasing our Whitehorse opponents and we looked a little rattled. We rallied a little in the last minute but when 5 of our defenders were having a chat about life and sausages on the half forward flank, and not picking up their Whitehorse opponents whom were in their positions, we definitely needed to reset for game 2.

A post game discussion had Coach Dave emphasising that if we did not follow our team rules and back each other up, we were in for a long day and importantly Coach Dave would become the “Sausage Bad Man” as he would be banning the sausages.

We were all hoping for a better performance in game 2.

Game 2 - Tackers Red v Heidelberg Tigers

Well I don’t know if it was Coach Dave’s inspirational plea after game 1 to follow the team rules or the threat of no sausages, but we were a different outfit across the 12 minutes in this game. The team improved on their defensive skills and there was movement of the footy across the field.

Our backline played player on player, both centre line ups moved forward when we were in passion of the footy and defended well when Heidelberg were in possession; whilst our forwards made lots of space and led well. All up a great team effort and at the final siren and after handshakes and “GGs” were exchanged there was a mad dash to bbq as the aroma of BBQ sausages filled the air.

Game 3 - Tackers Red v Glen Iris

It was billed as a cross town / cross river showdown. The Royal Blues of Glen Iris vs the Red Worker Bullants. This game had everything and had the crowd lining the boundary. Both teams were playing for keeps, tough footy. You couldn’t split the teams, both had opportunities and we were both playing a similar game style.

Our guys really impressed with their endeavour for the footy, our tackling went up a notch and fuelled by white bread, sausages and sauce, we were able to go the extra mile and apply second and third efforts. Both teams played really well and it was great to see that pressure footy on both sides brought out an increase in skills. Well done to both sides!

Game 4 - Tackers Red v Parade St Damians

Our best game of the day. We finally clicked and got it all working. Player on player defensive footy with quick disposal out of the backline. Centres rucking well and roving to perfection, under packs and at the foot of the ball, with precision clearances and forwards spreading and centring the ball to the square for frequent goal opportunities. A great way to finish the day.

Overall a great effort and we improved with every game. The song was sung loudly and proudly at the end of the game.

Thanks to everyone who assisted on the day and brought the shelter, the BBQs the bread and Dave Hartley who supplied the sausages!

Go Bullants!


Coach Dave

Under 10's WHITE Match Report
Macleod G Bullants

Preston went into this game with confidence oozing after a massive 86-0 win last week. The coach’s pre-match speech was quite encouraging to say the least, addressing each player with enthusiasm and belief that they can go out and continue the perfect form they showed from the previous week and play the same brand of footy they were taught at training. Sam was picked to captain his side and boy it would be a game he was not going to forget for years to come.

The minute the boys stepped out onto the ground they had a certain aura about them and everybody knew they were going to start tough and strong.

Yusuf, as usual, was outstanding in the ruck. Winning the first ball up to a Macleod kid that was a foot bigger than him. With Adam, Muhammed and Darcy in the midfield they really stamped their authority early and dominated the ball. They took the ball into our forward line and before you knew it Sam proved to be worthy of the captaincy by leading his mob and kicking the first goal.

The first quarter ended with 21-0 what an unbelievable start, which boosted the confidence of the boys.

At quarter time Ufouk addressed the players. He reminded us of Dennis Pagan in the 90s with the passion running through his veins. He told the boys not to get ahead of themselves and continue with the brand of footy he has been teaching them.

The 2nd quarter was a mirror image of the 1st with the boys completely taking control of the game and dominating every position. Yusuf continued to dominate the ruck not even losing one tap to a Macleod player, that was mistaken for a parent!! Omar completely took the game on and showed us all why he was the push off king, ploughing his way through packs. Barnaby started to shine this quarter helping himself to the ball taking some great marks and assisting the forwards with a barrage of goals. Lucas kicked a fantastic goal from a set shot that split the sticks. We ended the second quarter with 58-0.

Again, at the half time address, Ufouk did not want the boys to start celebrating and told them they still had work to do. The coach threw a spanner in the works and gave Yusuf a rest in the backline and put Barnaby in the ruck.(Heidi made this move, but, whatever!!) He also moved Adam into the backline and put Louie into the guts which was out of their comfort zones.

Christian, who was playing on the wing, proved to the team he was an exciting unit to watch who never took his eyes off the ball and showed no resilience in backing down whenever he was in packs. Louie and Aidan also stepped up and played one of the best quarter of footy we have seen so far. Jackson was instrumental also proving he can take the game on and make a big difference to the side. Archie’s burst out of the back line was exciting to watch sometimes ending up in the forward line and even stealing a goal. We finished the 3rd quarter 86-0.

Up until this point the coach and parents were so proud of all the players with their determination and desire to just get better and better each quarter.

At the 3rd break going into the last quarter the coach tightened up the backline and asked a massive task which was to try and keep Macleod scoreless. That meant this team would keep the opposition scoreless for 8 quarters, including last weeks performance. With the extreme tight pressure in the backline by Sean, Owen, Adam and Luca this task was achieved. Finishing the game with a staggering 110-0. The goals were shared between 10 players, with even young Felix, Archies little brother, getting amongst it.

Well done to all the u10 white Bullants for a fantastic effort. Keep it up!!! Your hard work at training is reflected on the field.

BOG - Barnaby

Best goal- Felix

Hard Nut - Sam

Lindsay Thomas- Omar

Under 10's RED Match Report
Kew Comets 1

Our opposition on Sunday had a very impressive entrance to their ground and I think everyone was VERY impressed by the scoreboard! It had a Bullant next to our name!!! It did graphics! The sponsors advertised on it… I digress…

As impressive as all that was nothing could compare to the magnificent effort and character shown by our magnificent sons. The centre of the pitch was VERY muddy but the sun was shining and we were hopeful that the white shorts might stay quite white.

Our fabulous friend Edwin was still absent – we were all very worried about him with reports of hospitalisation – we didn’t want to let Edwin down!!!

The Comets were kind enough to lend us Gerry for the first quarter. The comets had a bench as full as the wallets needed to buy property in Kew! We had no reserves. The comets were talking their team up – the siren blew and we weren’t sure what would transpire.

In the first quarter our attacking pressure and movement forward into our goal area was fabulous. The message was to keep working hard and be hard at the ball – the boys delivered. Tackling pressure; midfield pressure; Zac was tapping the ball beautifully and the usual suspects of Jack, Shep, Leon, Arch and Stoj kept us exhaling in anticipation – the ball hitting the post for Stoj. Gerry our latest recruit found six points for us – it was fabulous to see the boys get around him and shower him with congratulations. Kew only managed to enter their 50 once in the quarter but were rewarded with a goal. We were handballing a little too often and needed to keep focused on kicking to a target and working a bit smarter. It was an impressive start.

Going into the second quarter, the message was keep fighting and keep hungry for the ball. There was little added to either sides scoreboard in this quarter. It was a dogged and determined approach from the Bullants. Freddy from the comets was our extra man this quarter. Noah, Jakob, Brock and Alex were all working really hard. Tom, Sonny, Ethan,  Noah S and R , Archie and Jack were attacking the ball at any opportunity. We saw smothers, marks, tackles and some beautiful passages of play but we just couldn’t quite finish off to find points. The Comets were 3 points up at half time.

Paul and George were so impressed by how the boys had done what was asked of them. They were hot and tired but they were asked to keep going. It felt like we had the momentum. The question they were asked as they broke from the break was how many goals will we get this quarter? We were aiming for 3.

This quarter we were assisted by Chuck. It was not long before we had ticked one goal off our target. Archie lined up on a slight angle and put the ball through the big sticks – we were feeling confident. The whole team was working hard and showing some lovely skills. It was hardly contested football.  Chuck also found himself in the right spot to get to the ball and score for us…not sure how the comets would have felt about that!!! We had 2 of 3 goals we were after.

We kept the Comets to 3 minor scores for the quarter and it felt like the momentum was with us.

At the break Paul and George asked the boys to dig deep for just one more quarter. He talked about his pride in Ethan and Noah’s performances and the need for the midfield to keep working hard for and with each other. The Bullants were enjoying the challenge and kept fighting, running and contesting. The final quarter was tough. Jakob, Stoj and Tom were trying their hearts out as were all the boys. Suddenly the pace and run the Comets could muster was more than we could match at times. Our legs were spent as we had no bench to draw from. In the second half of the last quarter while 2 of our boys were with the trainers the Comets were able to draw past us and a 6 point deficit became a 14 point lead. Under 10 Reds were magnificent in their determination, teamwork and sticking to the match plan. We were all so proud of you!

Jakob got the medal from the Comets in an impressive display – congratulations Jakob!

Under 11's Match Report
Bullants Heidelberg
2.0.12 5.6.36

A week can be a long time in footy. From the great win away last week and the joy associated with it, we were back to PCO with home crowd & ground advantage….surely the perfect recipe to go back to back. Maybe it was the 8:30 start, over confidence? The boys looked flat from warm-up and despite some great individual efforts never really got rolling.

Xavier & Pablo ran out as Captains for the day & elected to kick to the Cramer St end. A scrappy quarter ensued with neither team really looking superior. Azza and Marcus continued their excellent form running the wings. Power Forwards, Tamer and Ziggy combining for Ziggy to goal, the now familiar chant of “Bull, Bull, Bull” leaving no doubt as to who kicked it. Despite only 1 point the difference (Bullants 1:0:6 to Heidelberg 1:1:7) the signs were worrying. The Bullants were lacking attack and run and Heidelberg looked the slicker team with strong marking & accurate passing.

The second quarter continued to be a scrappy affair with only Heidelberg troubling the scorers with a behind. At our best, we would have capitalised but our boys continued to look flat, waiting for the ball to drop & not sticking marks or tackles.

At halftime, we pleaded for some more attack on the footy & ball carrier, for some stronger leads and marking…it was not to be. Heidelberg started to get their act together and showed they wanted it more. Joe continued his form across half back, standing tall to minimise the damage while Ned, Azza and Hamish started to stick some tackles. Without the usual run out of the middle, we never looked like being dangerous up forward. Heidelberg worked away at their game plan and used free players and accurate passing to open up a 16 point lead at ¾ time.

In the final quarter, Tom added a glimmer of hope as he tried to turn things around. With an open forward line, he took possession out of the middle and took off. 2 bounces took him deep into our 50 where he met Tamer out in front of his opponent.  A quick 1:2 handball saw him get it back & keep running. 2 more bounces and into the open goal. Great individual effort but not to the plan…. While the Bullants lacked run, didn’t hold position & didn’t hold their opponent accountable, Heidelberg continued to extend their lead with another 2 goals and make it a 24 point margin.

Interestingly the opposition coach hit the nail on the head as he praised the Bullants team for individual efforts…. he was right. We have a great bunch of kids. 28 great players! We need to get them working as a team again.

This week we have undertaken a review of where we are at. Coaches have done some soul searching and have a plan for both training and player rotations for the rest of the season. Tuesday night we asked the boys what they wanted from the rest of the season & if they were committed to each other and to turning things around….as if rehearsed they burst into song as one…” We’re all in this together!” I’m taking that as a yes. They never cease to amaze me!

Look out Ashburton when we meet at PCO this week!


Under 12's Match Report
Bullants Canterbury B
5.5.35 7.2.44

With home games like hen's teeth, the U12 players were excited to be playing at Preston City Oval against Canterbury. Canterbury had come down from brown division and we'd come up from blue division, so it was always going to be an even tussle. Due to their performances on match day and on the training track, Will and Caspian were rewarded for their efforts and made co-captains. The messages from Pat were consistent with prior weeks: play on; take risks; run and spread; and believe in what we've been practicing at training.

Prior to the game, the Reverend gave an inspiring Sunday sermon that seemed to have an immediate impact on the boys. Kicking to the city end with a slight breeze, the boys kicked three quick goals through moving the ball quickly and playing on whenever possible. Jonah, the elusive goal sneak, kicked one of the goals while Jaxsyn kicked two, one of which was an impressive snap from the boundary. Canterbury pegged one back so that at quarter time. The scores were 3-1-19 to 1-0-6.

In the second quarter, Canterbury took advantage of the breeze to kick three straight goals. The backline performed admirably given the numerous inside 50s from Canterbury, led primarily by Max and Thomas H. It's great to have Thomas back from injury. Given the expanses of the ground and quick ball movement by Canterbury, the midfielders had difficulty at times getting back to help out the defenders. The Bullants kicked one goal into the breeze due to Kalan playing in front and earning a free kick for in the back. The boys led by one point at the main change.

At half time, Pat reminded the boys of what was needed in the second half and asked whether the boys were up for the challenge. The resounding answer was yes! In the third quarter the boys had plenty of the footy. Their execution by hand and foot was swift and accurate. The boys had plenty of scoring opportunities. Jaxsyn was a focal point up forward and a beautiful running goal from Grady extended the boys lead. However, just before the 3/4 time siren Canterbury managed to get a goal that brought the lead back to two points.

Kicking with the breeze in the last quarter, Canterbury kicked two quick goals to lead. For the remainder of the quarter, however, the Bullants had control of the footy in the forward line, with numerous forward entries from Samuel, Will, Caspian and TJ amongst others. Harrison's performance was also excellent in keeping the ball in the forward line through his tackling. However, the boys couldn't capitalise and eventually went down by nine points.  

It was a great effort by the boys. They worked tirelessly throughout the game and gave their all.

Go Bullants!

Under 13's GIRLS Match Report

The U13 girls had a bye this week.

Under 13's Match Report
Bullants Richmond
4.4.28 5.5.35
Goal Kickers  Phoenix 2, Capper, Jacko
50 Games  Jordan, Makaio and Joel

Firstly a big congrats to Jordan, Makaio and Joel who all notched up their 50 game milestones! Well done boys!

It was a game of two halves at PCO as the under 13’s took on soon to be traditional rivals, Richmond JFC. Keen for revenge after their Prelim Final loss to the Bullants last season, the Tigers came out firing on all cylinders. Richmond were clean with ball in hand, spreading hard and out-marking the Bullants early, with several telling grabs taken inside 50, one of which was converted after a thumping long shot at goal. Captain Phoenix, Jordy and Nater were in everything, but the Bullants struggled to string consecutive possessions together. A clever snap from the goal square late in the quarter saw the Tigers pull away to a handy 2 goal break at quarter time.

Coach Phil moved Makaio into a key defensive post at quarter time to try and negate the Tigers talls, and despite Rufus and Oscar’s great work down back, Richmond continued to kick away. Another 2 goals for the quarter had the Bullants on the back foot and with a lot of work in front of them to get back in the game. From the Bullants perspective, Capper started to exert his influence, folding back to provide an avenue out of defence and playing a strong and direct brand of footy, and Seb F forced a critical ball up in the Tigers forward line with the goals exposed and outnumbered. However, after failing to score in the quarter, the Bullants trailed at half time by 28 points.

Phil’s half time message did the trick. The boys refused to drop their heads and really had a crack in the third quarter. Coen exerted his influence and smarts at half forward, Declan had a great quarter in the ruck, Mo and Lucas were finding the footy and using it well and Liam and Phoenix were taking control in the midfield. The Bullants goal drought was finally broken after Capper kicked long from CHF, taking full advantage of the breeze to land it over the top of the pack and bounce through. Phoenix backed it up with the Bullants second right on ¾ time, after great work by Liam and Harry to set up a quick entry.

At the last break the Bullants were well and truly back in the hunt, however still had to overcome a 13 point deficit, and kick into a stiff breeze. The boys threw themselves into the last quarter and the Trainers from both teams were working overtime with collision injuries. Nater led from the front, hunting the ball and leaving his trademark trail of destruction as he continually forced the ball, opponents, and teammates forward, often without even taking possession, or winning a free…. Despite the Bullants intensity, it was Richmond who goaled first, after a long bomb was marked 5 metres out. Not to be deterred, Liam worked overtime to find Phoenix for the Bullants 3rd goal. Jack was clean and decisive in kicking the Bullants 4th, and the momentum was all with Preston. But time was the enemy in the end, and Richmond held on to win by 7 points.

Great job by the all the boys for grinding it out! Special mention to Rooey who forced his feet into last seasons footy boots after leaving his new boots at school. Hope your feet recover in time for next week!

Under 14's Match Report
Bullants Bulleen Templestowe
8.10.58 3.4.22

This week the boys finally got the opportunity to play on home turf at the beautiful PCO. It was a beautiful day for football with the sun shining and PCO in the best condition possible. The boys had the challenge of taking on Bulleen Temp, but nothing was gonna stop our guys from asserting the home ground advantage.

It was a decent start to the game with the wind making the city end the place to score. The boys forged a nice lead early in the game to take full control of it from the onset. The pressure inside 50 was immense, and we couldn’t fault our forwards other than their goal scoring and conversion rate as once again it was bellow 50%. This will be one of the major focuses during this week’s sessions.

We had a big out in Xavier Saviane mid-way through the second term, as we scrambled to find a person to fill the ruck position, our boys on the ground really stepped it up and continued to work hard into a four-goal wind.

This week there was a lot learnt by the coaching staff and the boys on how we need to learn to adapt in situations we don't prepare for and I believe that it was done well and once again we executed what we set out to achieve win another game and put ourselves further in front with a win loss ratio of 7:0  

This week against Fitzroy will test our boy’s strength and perseverance to continue to play our game and play it on our terms. It will be important for them to have their heads in the right space as being unbeaten has begun to cause an issue. This week’s test will show whether we are strong enough to work our way to the end of the season and I'm sure that they will be able to hit it front on and barge straight through this obstacle.

That’s the wrap for another week! Get down and support our boys at Koonung Reserve Bullen @ 11:00am

Under 15's Match Report
Surrey Park B Preston Bullants
9.10.64 1.8.14

This week we lost to Surrey Park and it was a learning curve for the boys. The ability to be switched on from the opening bounce is a skill in itself, and can be the biggest difference between winning and losing.

Our first quarter was competitive, but Surrey converted three quick goals from our mental lapses. This saw us behind from the first change. We had to play catch-up football from the get-go due to an inability to make use of our forward entries. The boys worked hard in pieces, but that was not enough to win the quarter.

The second quarter was much of the same and Surrey began to use their bigger bodies to full effect. We were getting beaten around the contest with not much improvement being made on forward pressure either. We could not match the quick transition that Surrey Park played with; they were building from defence and running in waves.

The third quarter was where it ran away from us. Surrey were unrelenting in their pressure and despite strong efforts from Ben, Terence in defence and Lucas in attack we fell further behind at the last change. The fourth quarter was a opportunity to regain some dignity and pride for ourselves and I believe the boys did so despite the lack of scoreboard impact.

Our final loosing was 50 points, but I do not believe Surrey are a 50-point better side than my boys – let alone a better side to begin with. The game was won or lost around the contest and who wanted to work harder for longer. The boys were off this week and I take that as a positive. We can, and we will, play better than that in the coming weeks. This week was uncharacteristic, but did show that we need to improve our work rate –  and that starts at training!

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Templestowe Bullants
0.10.10 4.5.29

A sunny day had us facing the purple haze at Templestowe Reserve. Both sides fielded twelve players so it was guaranteed to be a tough and close match. The girls had a good week at training and were ready to showcase their skills at the prime time of 3 o’clock.

Mia B got us off to a good start by winning the toss and kicking uphill, meaning we had to work hard early but were able to play downhill in the last quarter. One final rev up from Mia H got the side going and the first quarter was under way.

The ball was in Templestowe’s forward line for most of the quarter but the backline worked as a unit and were able to work the ball out really well. Isabella provided plenty of run on the wing, working up and down the ground numerous times. Angelique took another heavy dose of angry pills and was at her ferocious and tackling best as well as being a tough defender for Templestowe to get a hold of. Our girls were a little slow to get going, but like an old mustang, we started to warm –up. The side kept persisting and were able to get a goal against the run of play with Mia B slotting through with a nice left foot finish.

In the second quarter it was a close and tough contest but the girls were able to get plenty of forward entries thanks to Mia H who was able to take the game on down the middle and kick long to the goal square. Our go to forward, Helena, worked tirelessly all day, making every contest and helping to set up scoring opportunities. Esther was really good in the forward line too, winning the ball a number of times and having the chance to dash and run.
At half time, we were up by a couple of goals but the game was still in the balance.

Templestowe in the third quarter had opportunities to score goals but didn’t make the most of them and the pressure started to build. Sabrije was marvellous in the backline and continues to to do her job every week no matter what the situation. Georgia Barry worked hard all day in the ruck, barely having a rest all game and providing the midfield group with Nic Nat-like tap outs. Zoe was deep at full back, one on one when she tackled her opponent twice and saved a certain goal. At three quarter time, she was very quick to praise herself and let everyone know about it.

In the last quarter, Darci set the standard by laying a huge tackle which appeared to snap the chain off Templestowe’s anchor. Oceane played one of the her best ever quarters by laying three awesome tackles and running off half back to create a chance up forward.
We were able to go forward and Ruby was able to snag two goals therefore sealing the game and securing our third win of the season!

Key reasons why we won was because we played intelligent football, for example, one person showing initiative and covering the goal square, shepherding after giving a handball and making sure there was no loose players. The running and tackling was awesome again and we continually helped our team mate all day.

A big game against Ashburton this week so make sure you can get to training and do everything you can to ensure our side does well on the weekend! Big thanks to Sofie for being Team Manager and to Ange for being Runner/Assistant coach. Thanks to David, Monique, Anna, Marina, Suzi, Louise and Brendan for helping out again, much appreciated!

Simon O’Connell

Colts 1 Match Report
Park Orchards B Bullants
7.4.46 12.11.83

What a magnificent setting for a Sunday afternoon of God’s own game. The weather held, surprisingly considering how cold and wet Melbourne has been in recent weeks. The ground seemed like it was cut into the landscape, forming a natural amphitheatre with white gums and eucalyptus enwalling the oval. Wind still found a way from a gully deep below one end of the ground.  It pushed across the oval and swirled around the far side giving a hint of wind advantage. Really it played havoc with the ball when kicked higher than halfway up the goal posts. This was the one benefit the Park Orchard Sharks had (knowing the ground, and they scored the first two goals proving the point) but that was short lived.

By the first break the Bullants were 4.3 to the Sharks two goals. The first ten minutes were intense and it was the Sharks to lose. Then the Bullants took over and the game never slipped from their grasp. It was a terrific display.

Stefan was looking good early with a couple of neat, smart taps. Antho, hard as, was putting pressure on every contest. Jack N sends it straight down the guts of the ground. The Sharks are spirited. Stefan sends it back into our goal square. The Sharks backs are working their fins off. Green takes a ripper of a mark and sends it deep again. This is a fierce contest. Against the Bullants power-drive the Sharks forced another goal.  

But JD and Jack N, who started where they left off last week, were not going to be denied. In one spirited play Jack N took the play deep into our forward half and then somehow found himself going for (and kicking our first) goal! Sass had already applied a great tackle, observing the Coaches instruction for the team to make 22 tackles. Chambo was playing another top game.

The contests following the centre-bounce is some of the best footy I’ve seen of this team. The pressure! The tackling! Antho! And out of that intense play Jonny goals. In the next moment the Bullants run the ball out of the backline and into our forward line (and man do we look like a great team), taking chances to keep the ball in our possession and a great mark by Rhett.

A little later Green took a terrific mark, then Rhett goaled. The team is pumping, you can feel their energy, their confidence. When Chico seized the ball and stepped out of congestion to open up space where there was only bodies and kicked true you knew this would be the Bullants day.

The Bullants could have put the game to bed in the Second if they kicked straight. Nonetheless, they made the game theirs. In another dominant display Chico combined with Chambo to Rory to Sbrissa who passed it back to Chambo (who had run deep into the forward half) and he goaled. Chilli was a backline marshal evoking Gibbo (Hawks reference) thumping the incoming ball out of the Sharks reach.

Rory added to our tackle count. Antho, playing a beauty, goaled following more terrific forward half teamwork. In the back half Henry built a wall that the Sharks could not breakdown. JD was on fire. Jackson K took a strong contested mark at CHF. Sonza had the ball on a string and Stevie J just got better as the game went on.

The Third started with a Sharks attack. Maiolo saved a certain goal on the line. Jimmy and Zac Ray tried to get the ball forward. In a play that might have changed the game the Sharks out played the Ants all the way down the ground for a goal. But the Bullants did not buckle. Jimmy was great in the centre. Jonny to Jack N to Green. Maiolo laid a tough tackle. Then it was Chilli to Jonny to Green. (These passages are the Bullants at their best). Rory took a good mark. The Bullants had the game back on their terms after the Sharks looked like they were coming, teeth gleaming. JD’s goal put an end to the Sharks run. Then Jimmy goaled from a great Chambo handpass. You could tell that the Forwards meant business.

Down back Maiolo was a rock. He is one smart footballer. His dummy twist, leaving his two opponents stranded while he zeroed the ball to his target had me raising my glass. From our backline’s hard work the ball surges forward. Chico takes the game on. Sonza is in this play and so is Chilli but its Sbrissa’s goal.

The Sharks never gave up even though they chased the Bullants all day. The Fourth was their best quarter and still the Bullants won it. Jack N took the ball straight out of the centre and in an eerie mirror of his earlier forward thrust found himself with a free dead in front. He didn’t miss. The next goal (for me) was the play of the day. Starting with Stevie to JD and then to Sonza who got it to Rory. Yep, he goaled. Pure footy! Each pass to a contest that the Bullants won.

These are a great group of young men who play the game hard and smart. The tackling today was excellent. The coaches would have been impressed with that. This Bullants team definitely has what it takes. In his address to the team before the game Marty said, use your pace, your strength, your height, be tough at the ball and use your disposals wisely. The team listened and they did the job. Footy is a great game and this was a pretty good example of footy at its best.

Thanks to all parents who helped out on the day. We need volunteers every week!

Colts 2 Match Report
Bullants Boroondara Hawks 2
2.7.19 12.13.85

The Bullants looked pumped before the game listening to music and revving each other up. The boys came out ready to play however they had to drop some numbers as the opposition only had 16 players. It was another tough day out for the boys and they only managed to kick 2-7 to 12-13. There was a lot of good things to take out of the day as the boys were encouraged to take on the play whenever they could. This produced some great runs from the likes of Daniel, Sammy, Jordan and Bull and the boys again showed some intensity with 3rd and 4th efforts and I think even a 5th effort at one point.

There are several boys that continue to play hard week after week and they should be very proud of their achievements. Jack K, Jack B and Daniel just to name a few. There is some great work being done all around the ground week after week by the boys however once again they just couldn't score. The tackling was ferocious and it was great to see them really put their bodies on the line.

Keep your heads up boys I know everyone is loving watching you guys play.

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