Bullant Banter Round 9 2018

Presidents Message

No Presidents report this week...

Under 9's WHITE Match Report
Heidelberg Tigers Bullants

Tackers White were down by the Yarra again, on a day that the hydrologists in the crowd suspected the floodplain may be engaged.

In one to two inches of water there was no point rolling balls on the field. The Heidelberg Tiger's change room reeked on man scent, and not in a positive way, and warm ups were completed indoors and I must say the boys looked on, clean and dry...but not for long.

There's only one way to start when it's wet and muddy and that's to get wet and muddy ASAP. So, warm ups on the ground consisted of jumping in puddles until we were all suitably acclimatised. The first quarter got underway and there is no doubt that the guys are coming on in leaps and bounds. Coach Dan is saying a lot less of 'get on your man' and a lot more of 'well done’, good stuff' and all the rest of it.

It was tough going in the middle but Jett in the ruck, Asher, Louis and Auden all rose to the occasion. There were no easy balls for Heidelberg but they did manage to get a couple forward and score, but only once or twice. It seemed like Jamie Wilson was at the bottom of every pack. Like he was hiding in the mud all along. Amazingly tough Jamie - you're a gun! Then it was our turn. Driving kicks from Asher found Harry who put through a major after some typically fancy footwork. Gigi was terrific in support and is getting really good at trapping the ball. Jonah to was down there, and if we had a most improved award he'd be right up there. The forward line had a few opportunities that resulted in points, but it was all super positive stuff.

Second term we were into the wind and a bit of run and carry was required...and delivered. Louis cleverly touched the ball into the mud and ran on driving the ball forward. The backline was superb and our kicking out from full back has really improved. Coen and Percy are a terrific duo back there and with Jayden there kicking long and wide often found their targets. Takes the pressure off doesn't it lads! Remi continues to improve like his brother, getting himself in the mix, and his hands on the ball. Another bloke who deserves a mention is Zak Borg. He was steadfast in the backline and tackled and harassed, winning ball ups for his team so that the backline could re-group. Well done Zak. Keep it up.

By mutual agreement, the third term was the last term, as players on both sides began to succumb to hypothermia. Boy, was it tough. Our smiling assassin Benny P fell hard, came up wearing a couple of tears and after a minute shrugged it off with a laugh and stayed on. Good onya Benny. Spencer and Mitch held the fort with Benny, while Harry continued to pepper the goals, getting a couple of majors and a swag of minor scores.

All in all, a terrific game played with great spirit on both sides. Possibly the best hot shower of all time.

We are light years ahead of where we began kids, so let's keep training keep listening to your coaches and the sky's the limit.

Go Bullants!

Under 9's RED Match Report
Bullants St Marys

After a rowdy training session on Friday, where a few sprints were in order, we were wondering how the team would come out on Sunday morning. Coach Dave headed to Bunnings Sunday morning, buying Boat ply to build an Ark as it was wet cold and miserable out at PCO for a 10am start against St Mary’s.

We lost Matilda for the game after a head clash in basketball on Saturday morning and one look at the weather on Sunday morning meant that Coach Dave had no chance of convincing her to start.

The team looked sharp in their pre-game drills, taking the footys’ strongly in the air and on the ground in the wet. The PCO rooms were filled with excitement as we again reinforced the team rules of enjoying your football, picking up your player, being in front of your player, hands out, big voices, running past for the handball and importantly above all else have fun. These rules were especially important in the wet.

Captain for the week was Eddy. His training and games have been sensational and has been leading from the front so the team were pumped up and right behind him.

It was a pretty even contest for the whole game. We got off to a great start. The attack on the ball was tremendous with the centres all being under packs and farming the ball out. Our team was great, tackling, being first to the ball and kicking long when they could.

The game was played in great spirits with some of our players having a run with St Mary’s.

Adam was lively moving around creating heaps of opportunities and was rewarded with the medal for his efforts. Alberto continued to impress with his long kicking. Mr Hot Chocolate – Daniel, again was working hard.

Dylan “the Rolls Royce” was again on fire creating opportunities as they came his way and he had the ball on a string in the wet. Eddy Spark the Skipper, showing fantastic leadership in the middle and the backline. Eduardo again providing the linking and being first to the ball ahead of his opponents. Ned, under the packs, farming the ball out.

Ellery again in the thick of it. Jack Thomas held everything that came his way. Kirk was on fire, tremendous determination for the footy. Lachlan, whether it’s in the backline of forward line, standing tall.

Leon was running hard, first to the ball and under packs. Leroy at the footy again with some clear possessions.  Liam, focused, determined and straight at it, kicking a bag in the first half. Lucas, uncompromising - running straight down the lines.

Oscar, tough, his tackling again a feature of his game. Michael put himself out in front and chased everything down. Patrick making lots of space and driving long. Mr Reliable William another solid 4 quarter effort putting himself in front of his opponents. Ella – The Secret Weapon not giving her opponents an inch, taking some great marks too.

A fantastic team effort. The team were able to put into the game structured football from defence to the centre to the forward line especially pleasing in the wet. We heard loud voices and were able to understand the importance of playing in both a forward or defensive manner depending on the flow of the game.

The song was sung with gusto at the end with the team setting up a circle with Captain Eddy and Medal winner Adam in the middle.

Thanks to everyone who assisted on the day its much appreciated by all.  


Coach Dave

Under 10's WHITE Match Report
Camberwell Sharks Bullants
9 19

On a blustery Sunday morning, the Bullants made their way down to Camberwell for another game against the Camberwell Sharks. Expectations were high after such impressive results in the past weeks. But due to the rain, wind and cold weather that we were about to endure we knew that this was going to be a low scoring game.

The boys got to the ground pretty early and despite the weather they were ready as always and pumped up for another great battle. We got news that Luca injured his knee at school and that he will not be playing. Big loss for the Bullants but the show still went on. Coach Ufouk had one clear message for the boys and that was “when you get the ball, kick it long and to the boundary.” With a wet, muddy ground and a waterlogged ball it was hard to mark, bounce and chip the ball around. Coaches message was clear and the boys knew what they needed to do.

Boys ran onto the field with Boodie, on his birthday, leading the pack as captain. All switched on despite the horrible weather. Camberwell won the toss and chose to kick against the wind. They had a few tactics up their sleeve. They wanted the wind advantage in the last quarter but was this move going to work for Camberwell?

In the first quarter the boys started off strong with Yusuf again dominating the ruck. Yusuf is definitely becoming a power unit in the centre, throwing his weight around with intimidation tactics that some would consider as borderline bullying. The boys started to play well and the ball was moving nicely with everyone getting involved. Adam, Darcy, Boodie and Archie were strong in the guts and played some of the best footy, applying pressure and kicking the ball long into our forward line. But with only 3 points scored with the wind that was a failed quarter by our standards. Sid showed signs of leadership by dominating the first quarter in the forward line. His 2 behinds were no reflection of his performance.

Second quarter, coach flooded our backline and with clear instructions told all the boys to man up and play one on one football. They definitely did this but Camberwell broke through our defence and kicked a goal with a few behinds. We finished the first half Camberwell 9 Preston 3.

The 3rd quarter was going to be “make or break”. We needed to kick goals because the fourth quarter was going to be almost impossible to score due to kicking against the wind. Coach asked the boys who would stand up and be the hero today and kick a goal for the team. It was like a scene out of “Finding Nemo” but instead of 100 seagulls screaming out “Mate mate mate” we had 17 kids screaming out on the top of their lungs” ....Me, Me, Me, Me....Me...me”.

3rd Quarter started off with Yusuf punching the ball 25 meters in front and accidentally connecting his forearm to the Camberwell ruckmans face. Christian instantly took control and played the best quarter of footy we have seen him play all year. He applied pressure and did not take a backward step. Sam also played an exceptional quarter of footy. His defensive work would have made Alex Rance proud.

The boys were having a crack and all trying to score but unfortunately the ball was not going through the goal posts until little Omar showed what he is made of, bullocking his way through the pack and snapping a goal. We were up by a point but we knew this was not enough to get over the line. On 3 qtr time, Louie booted a massive kick to the top of the goal square and hit Adam straight on the chest. Bang Adam kicked the ball and split the sticks. We ended the 3rd quarter 8 points up. But we knew we had to stand up defensively in the last to secure a win.

Fourth quarter the coach stressed that every player was to man up and be accountable for their decision making. From the first bounce our All Australian ruckman Yusuf again dominated and won all the tap outs. Again Christian, Sam and Owen shined and played some quality football. Barnaby and Jackson stood up and played some hard footy producing some of the best tackles you would only see on Foxtel.

The pressure that was applied by the Bullants surprisingly kept Camberwell scoreless. With Aidens determination Lucas’s drive to never give up and Sean’s fighting spirit, we managed to beat Camberwell by 10 points. What an amazing effort. Keep up the good work boys.
Well done to Christian best on ground.

Under 10's RED Match Report

No game this week - Washout!

Under 11's Match Report
Glen Iris Bullants
4.1.29 2.3.15

After a week off and some ripping training sessions, we were hoping for some great footy from our boys this week. Cold, grey skies and solid rain followed us on the long trip out to T.H. King oval which upon inspection, was very soggy indeed!
Some last minute outs saw the usual shuffling on the board before the team were called together. Due to the sad news that Tamers Grandfather had passed away, he was one of our players missing today. The Bullants donned black armbands in respect to their team mate and his family.

Given the weather & ground conditions, we would modify our game plan slightly. Instead of the run, carry & play-on game we had been practicing. The focus was getting the hard ball off the ground & either a quick kick forward to space, or run the full measure and then kick (to target or space). Either way it had to be quick and we had to run! We also wanted to avoid the quagmire that was the middle of the ground. Neither ball nor players would get far going through that. We would work through our wings just like we had been working on at training.
In the rain and with no shelter on the “bench”, I was unable to take the usual notes during the game…. this might be reflected in the quality of my report & apologies to players who don’t get their efforts fully recognised.
At the last minute, Glen Iris announced that they were a player short and wanted one of ours… Well done to Dash & then Xavier who volunteered to play a quarter for the opposition. (Both sides would go on to lose players over the course of the game)
Issy and Willo were nominated Captains for the day & elected to kick with a swirly, ever-changing wind. As the siren sounded a steady drizzle fell onto the already waterlogged ground and the battle began.

Despite the conditions, it was immediately apparent that what we had been doing at training was working. Bullants cracked in “bum first” to get the hard ball and got it out to team mates running in support. In the constant scramble through the mud, it was Bullants emerging with possession most often and most of the quarter was played out in our forward 50. The pace was frenetic and our attack on ball and opponent fantastic. Xavier relished another run on the ball and was in the packs and tackling hard. Hamish provided first use and plenty of run forward as usual while Azza and Marcus continued their dominant seasons on the wings. The Bullants peppered the goals but couldn’t buy any luck….3 behinds. Glen Iris only got forward once or twice for a solitary point to them and so after slogging it out for 15 minutes it was a pretty up-beat Bullant camp who jogged back to the huddle. “Yes, it is cold and wet but look at how well we played! We are well on top and looking great! Stick to our game plan and keep fighting!”
As the siren sounded for the second term, the heavens opened, the temperature dropped and the wind drove the rain sideways!

It was the most miserable 15 minutes of weather & football we have endured. As the ground quickly became a lake, the going got tougher and those not directly in the play got cold and stiff. Around the ground, players started to beg to come off. Only the back line were kept busy and “warm” as Glen Iris launched attack after attack. Through the driving rain, little could be seen from the sidelines other than the Glen Iris score ticking over on the electronic scoreboard. Kicking 1:2 for the term and keeping the Bullants scoreless we went into half time 6 points down. Glen Iris 1:3:9 to Bullants 0:3:3.
Both teams sprinted to the rooms to escape the driving rain and in the Bullant camp, emotions were mixed. Some boys dived into hot showers (boots and all) in an attempt to get warm. With showers full, others huddled under hand dryers or towels and some sat shivering & seemingly catatonic. Players began pleading to sit out the next quarter. Some just towelled off and started to get changed…. unable to go on. We called everyone together and tried to inspire…” When the going gets tough…” “Bullants don’t give up…” most were having none of it. As the positions & rotations were read out, tears began to flow…. Players flatly refusing to go on. The team was then set up around those still willing to play and those who didn’t protest loudly enough. Feeling cruel, we drove them back out into the rain.
Glen Iris players clearly felt the same way as they took to the field with 16, with no shortage of volunteers, we took two of the most hypothermic players off to even up. No way was anyone playing for the opposition if they could help it!
The remaining players from both teams fought out the third term with real grit and determination as the rain eased slightly. To their credit, our boys stuck to the game plan well. As we had trained for, we backed our team mates to get in and win the hard ball while we ran to space to provide options. Even in the mud, our superior leg speed was telling and we got plenty of the ball forward. Ever the opportunist Tom snapped a goal from a tight angle and his team mates lifted in response. A quick break out of the middle at the next ball up saw Dash receive the ball at CHF and take off. Rain or shine, Dash is damn quick & the opposition never came close to catching him and with plenty of time to steady he made no mistake in slotting the goal. To their credit, Glen Iris battled on, even in the wet conditions, their marking was impressive and they used it to effect getting a goal back late in the term. At the final break a feeble sun broke through the clouds and the scoreboard showed Glen Iris in front by the narrowest of margins. Glen Iris 2:4:16 Bullants 2:3:15.
Cold, wet & tired many Bullants still wanted to retire, our bench sorely depleted with those who had already had enough. We praised those who had battled on and stuck to our game plan. It was so pleasing to see training drills evident during the game and to see the boys “get it” when the plan comes off. Snakes did little to motivate but we had a final 15 minutes to battle on! 1 point the difference and we still looked the better side much of the game! “Can we do it? Do we want it more?” “Yes! Go Bullants!”
Glen Iris threw everything they had at us and as the rain cleared their superior marking took its toll. Despite another enormous quarter by Joe at CHB (desperate 3rd & 4th efforts denying Glen Iris time and again) and Tommy G on the last line, their attack was relentless. Long kicks forward and strong overhead marks saw them convert 2 goals 1 behind for the final term. Bullants had some chances and our plan to run into space had us looking dangerous. While it didn’t help in the last quarter it will stand us in good stead for future games. Sadly, the scoreboard flattered our opponents again & does not tell the full story. Glen Iris 4:1:29 Bullants 2:3:15.
Really proud of the way we played and the way we stuck it out in appalling conditions. The boys put into practice the things we have been working on at training and can now see the benefit in a game situation. Look out Fitzroy next week!
Go Bullants!

Under 12's Match Report
Hawthorn Citizens Bullants
2.6.18 6.6.42

The Preston Bullants Under 12’s travelled to the Hawthorn Citizens home ground at Victoria Road Reserve for their Round 9 clash.  This was going to be a deciding game for the Under 12’s, a win could put us back in the 4, a loss would put our finals hopes in jeopardy with the team not having won a game yet in the higher division.  We woke to nasty weather on Sunday with many games cancelled due to poor ground conditions.  Thankfully the Hawthorn ground held up, albeit it was muddy, and the heavy rain stayed away for our game.

A big day for Caspian on Sunday……a 12th Birthday and a 50 game milestone. Caspian is a new member of our club.  After doing Auckick with the Bullants he decided to play junior football with West Preston and his school mates, only to return to his Bullants family this year.  We have welcomed Caspian and his family with open arms.  He has slotted in nicely to our mid-field and forward line becoming a very important addition to our team.  Congratulations Cappy, we hope to be celebrating your 100th with you too!  
The focus for the coaching staff was as always to develop the individuals, with the focus for the players to win the game within the parameters of the game plan.  The past 4 losses were disappointing; however, the signs were clearly on display that we could have won all 4 games and this game supported this theory.  We welcomed Lucas back from his broken thumb which was exciting.  However, unfortunately we lost Lucas early to another finger jarring injury.  Stay positive and look after those digits Lucas!
The conditions of the day were windy and wet and demanded a territory style game plan.  ‘Quick, Long & Direct’ ball movement by the players in the first half resulted in the scoreboard supporting the observation Preston 4-1-25 to Hawthorn 0-4-4.  TJ was influential in the first quarter primarily starting across half back and rotating through the midfield with damaging run and carry and disposal to our leading forwards.  During the second quarter TJ was moved to a forward role inside forward 50.  In keeping with the spirit of the 2018 Soccer World Cup, TJ displayed good decision making and continuous leading and running under pressure, kicking two soccer look goals from a muddy surface.
The second half was an even contest on the scoreboard with the final scores reading Preston 6-6-42 to Hawthorn 2-6-18 each team scoring 2 goals apiece in the second half.  There were elements of our second half that caused us to lose the previous 4 games – drops in concentration, lack of commitment to attack the ball and lack of immediacy to reset structures depending on the zone the ball is in (we’ve got it, they’ve got it or the ball is in dispute).  These are all areas of development that we are working hard on at training.  The first half is the look we must capture if we are to compete in the finals.
The game highlighted the team leader roles played by the following:

  • Jaxsyn worked very hard across the half back line intercepting the ball and winning many possessions.  Jaxsyn is playing a leading role in defence and looks very much suited to that role.

  • Will is playing a high standard of consistent football as a midfielder, something that we have come to expect from him every week.  Will kicked a goal and was the highest possession winner both inside and outside the contest.  Will is exemplary on the training track, continually pushing himself and his team mates to achieve excellence.  He is a great example of how the commitment on the training track correlates on game day.  Hats off to you Will!

  • Samuel excites the team with his run and carry breaking the lines with his pace outside the contest.  Samuel’s poise and calmness under pressure is a pleasure to coach.  Another high quality footballer who gives his all on the training track.

  • Ayden played on the backline and demonstrated that he can be as exciting in the backline as he is in the forward line.  He read the ball well and used his pace to break away and run the ball forward.

  • Anthony started in the midfield and rotated through half back.  Anthony continued to demonstrate his commitment to win the contested ball at ground level, his endeavour is first rate. 

The ladder has us in equal 3rd position with 20 points and a superior percentage.  The future looks to be a race between 6 teams as follows:

1. Bulleen Templestowe- 28 points
2. Balwyn – 24 points
3. Preston – 20 points
4. Hawthorn Citizens R – 20 points
5. Brunswick P – 20 points
6. Warrandyte – 18 points
7. Canterbury B – 8 points
8. Hawthorn Citizens N – 2 points
A finals appearance would be a great achievement for our Bullants who have been elevated a division from season 2017.  We need to continue to commit to 100% effort and concentration at training and on match day to be successful in this team goal.  Looking forward to seeing you all in your red and white at Hawthorn on Sunday morning.

Under 13's GIRLS Match Report
Glen Iris Bullants
4.9.33 1.4.10

For the second match in a row we were playing a team that had come down from gold division. Glen Iris were physically bigger than us and with the twins running late due to some ordinary navigation via the GPS we were forced to play 14 v 14 in the first quarter. The ground was wet and conditions were difficult to say the least. We kicked with the wind in the first quarter but could not trouble the score board for a major. We were missing 5 girls due to illness and this meant we had no bench. The hard nuts in Freya, Caitlin, Ayva B, Olivia Cotsy and Charlotte all relished the tight contests in the slower conditions. Glen Iris got off to a flyer and they were two goals up at the first change. It was up to us to fight back. Scores were Glen Iris 2.4.16 to Preston 0.0.0.

In the second quarter we were kicking into a stiff wind so the message was to run and carry the football. We did this with an awesome passage of play that started with Libby taking a contested mark in defence and kicking to Freya who won a two-on-one contest, moving the ball forward to Gabby and then Olivia Cotsy who kicked to Lucy in the forward line. Lucy didn’t miss and we had our first. Zara and Victoria were fighting hard in the backline and Erin was winning plenty of football out the back of the pack. Zoe was having her best game in the red and white mopping up loose balls all over the ground. We were in for the fight but getting minimal reward for our tackling pressure. This meant the game resembled a rugby scrum and the bigger bodies of Glen Iris were winning the inside football a little more. Ayva M hurt two fingers in a marking contest. Bek taped her up and gave her some love and she was back on within minutes. Great courage. Victoria’s long kick outs were a feature and without her the scores would have been far worse. We definitely were not out of the game but we needed a big second half. Scores at half time were Glen Iris 4.6.30 to Preston 1.0.6.

At half time we knew we had to lift our work rate and attack on the football. This team’s ‘never say die’ attitude is phenomenal. We had the ball in our forward line for most of the quarter but could only manage behinds. Zoe continued to impress with her run and carry. Hailey and little Olivia were lively at the contests and Gabby was instrumental in winning the hard football. In typical style, Lucy was not to be outdone by her sister and the last half of the quarter belonged to her. Yet we just could not get a goal on the board. Charlotte kept pushing forward but conditions were slippery and by the time the siren sounded we had outscored Glen Iris with behinds. A great team effort and although our girls came off exhausted, with the pre-season behind us we knew we weren’t totally spent. Scores at three quarter time were Glen Iris 4.7.31 to Preston 1.1.7.

The last quarter we threw caution to the wind. Lily was superb down back, winning possessions and kicking the ball forward. Victoria continued on with her precision long kicking. Charlotte got herself into the game with her running and Olivia Cotsy had possibly the best 2 minutes of her football career, and one of the highlights of the season thus far. Being the daughter of the coach makes it difficult to win praise but on this occasion she won it in spades. She won a contested ball in the backline, booted the ball to the wing and followed up her kick. Won another ball at a stoppage on the wing and received a one-two handball from Freya then booted the ball into the forward line where she followed up again. At the third stoppage she demolished her opposition number with a bone crunching tackle that most umpires would have rewarded. A chip off the old block. We kept peppering away for the rest of the game but without scoring another major. The scores ended with Glen Iris 4.9.33 to Preston 1.4.10. It was a hard fought loss. Victoria won the best afield medal with her long kicking and great decision making all day.

During the game we learned of the passing of Sienna’s brother Michael. Sincere condolences to the Quattrone family who lost a loved one. It puts everything in perspective and we are all here for you in this difficult time. We will dedicate a game to Michael when Sienna is back with the team, and ask her to lead  us out on the day.

Thanks to Jamie (filling in as assistant coach), Leanne, Bek, Marc and Mish for taking on the match day and training roles. Thanks to Ralph for filling in as statistician. I love how we all get together and pitch in.

George Cotsonis


Under 13's Match Report

No game this week - Washout!

Under 14's Match Report

No report this week.

Under 15's Match Report
Beverly Hills Bullants
72 29

To say it was trying conditions this week would be an accurate statement to make. We travelled to Zerbes Reserve to take on Beverly Hills; a team we beat by 2pts in round one. Sadly, we were not able to replicate the same result.

The first three quarters could all be categorised as ‘uncharacteristic’. A poor start to the game put us on the back foot from the outset and we were forced to play catch-up football once again. The backline tried valiantly to stop any chance at goal, but there was a myriad of able goal kickers from the opposition. In these three quarters, our forwards were not doing enough to play defensively which hurt us on two fronts; the ball came out too easily, and their half backs were given free rein to push up the ground. The midfield group sadly did not press hard enough and were perhaps too reactionary around the contest.

All that aside, what hurt us the most (and the boys knew this) was the lack effort. On days such as this one, fancy possessions and boundary line kicks are not game winners; the players who hunt the football and never give up at the contest are the game winners. In terrible conditions like we played in on Sunday it comes down to how much you really want to win.

On a more positive note, I was pleased to see the effort shine through the boys in the last quarter. Yes, it was all too late at this stage, but I was happy to see that they were unwilling to throw the game away. The boys gained my respect for that and I was happy to see the likes of Lucas continuing to work to his strength and make the most of every opportunity when the ball comes his way. Terence and Josh were unrelenting, whilst Angus fulfilled a vacant midfield roles exceptionally well. It was also a joy to see Noah win plenty of one-on-one contests to give us more chances at goal. Ethan also lifted in the midfield and ran out the game. This was indeed our third-straight loss, but if we play like we did in that final quarter, we will not get to the four. The age-old rule of playing four quarters of football has never been more prevalent. The potential for our team to do great things is still there and my faith has not wavered. Whether we achieve greatness will come down to whether the boys believe because they do have it within them.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Kew Rovers Bullants
2.3.15 2.5.17

It was a cold and freezing day at Kew’s home ground, Stradbroke Park but the game was expected to be heated and fiery.

The girls were pumped to run through the mud and play in some old school footy conditions.

The first quarter got underway and the midfield brigade of Georgia, Darci, Mia H and Mia B thrived in the horrible conditions. Mia H worked tirelessly all day, continually sprinting to contest after contest to help her team mate out. Georgia had another dominant day in the ruck providing effective hit outs for the inside players to run onto and create. Mia B played with dash and creativity all day, always working to the get the ball forward. Kew were able to score the first two goals of the game but the girls still remained calm and focused on the overall process.

In the second quarter, the girls knew it was going to be tough to score a goal but were determined to tough it out. Isabella played as a flashy forward for majority of the day and troubled the Kew backline with her pace.  Zoe scored our first goal of the day and it was a perfectly executed snap from the pocket. The big goal matched the big celebration.

At half time, we were four points down and the girls were not going to give up. The girls in the second half came out like a team possessed, determined to grab the lead in a tight contest. The backline was terrific all day, hardly allowing Kew to have a shot on goal in the second half. Angie was awesome, providing run off half back and working as a reliable defender. Sabrije was amazing in the backline, saving a goal with a great tackle and always giving her opponent no easy disposals. Oceane again did her job in the backline, hardly losing a contest and backing herself to have a run when she had the opportunity. Esther was able to come out of nowhere like a librarian and kick the match winning goal in third quarter. Helena was also great at full forward, winning a free kick after laying a terrific tackle.

The final quarter was a tense and nervous one but Amelia wasn’t one to shy away from the contest. Amelia was again at her tackling best and continues to improve each playing in the ruck. Ruby worked hard all day around the ground, laying her trademark tackles and always looking dangerous in the forward line. Late in the last quarter, Darci was outnumbered four to one but was still able to win the ball and hold play up.

The siren went and the girls held on for another close win! The most pleasing aspects of the game was that we didn’t panic all day, worked hard for our team mate and backed ourselves at every contest.

Thanks again to Sofie and Ange for being Team Manager and Runner respectively. Thanks to Louise, Brendan, Marina, Jodie, Monique and David for their help despite the freezing conditions but a win always makes everything worth it.

To my girls, continue to turn up to training focus as we have another big clash against Templestowe.

Simon O’Connell

Colts 1 Match Report
Bullants Glen Iris
12.8.80 4.3.27

On a day you would sooner be inside than out, it was going to test the motivation and attitude of the team.  The wind was howling to the Cramer Street end, the rain pelted in sideways prior to the start of the game, the centre pitch area had a layer of water and ‘Merri Creek’ mud, meant for slippery conditions.

Kicking with the wind, the team started slowly.  Glen Iris started the quarter with an additional player in defence.  Marty & Nick sent JD in to match up the numbers. This proved a winner with JD picking up possessions and moving it on.  Chambo kicked a nice goal to kick the boys into gear. Sbriss was attacking the contest and giving off the ball. Leo popped in with a good mark and goal. The boys were probably over handling the ball which meant that instead of getting it in deep and using the wind, it allowed Glen Iris to put additional players behind the ball.  The quarter time score saw Preston 3.4 to Glen Iris no score. The result led you to believe it was probably even, given the wind advantage Preston had.

The second quarter was dominated by Glen Iris with the wind.  The back six, who have been well organised all year, seemed to be unsure of what was going in.  Glen Iris made the most of some defensive errors by Preston and levelled the score. Tierney, sensing the team needed someone to stand up, aggressively hit the contest and through sheer will, moved the ball into Preston’s forward 50.  AJ took a clean mark and kicked a steadying goal which is where the half ended. Preston 4.4 to Glen Iris 3.2.

Marty and Nick were “not happy” and when I say not happy, the team was given it straight, ‘Don’t think, Just Do!’, or something like that.  A few of the parents outside the club rooms could clearly hear the address. Time to get on with the job!

The team now seemed to understand they needed to make the contest.  Henry was thrown on the ball and was able to get some clean clearances.  Glen Iris continued to stack the Preston backline. Rhett took a couple of good marks and kicked truly, whilst Dusty started to exert himself onto the game and kicked a couple of goals.  Steffen was also finding himself involved and the response Marty & Nick had wanted was returned. Preston lead 8.6 to Glen Iris 4.2.

Fortunately for Preston, the wind dropped and Glen Iris seemed to stop believing, and even began to give away undisciplined free kicks.  Savvidis took a mark in congested play and put the game beyond Glen Iris. Kane off the wing was involved and linking up forward and Jimmy, who had played a couple of quarters with the Colts 2, continued to run hard and use the ball well and with meterage.   I would be astray to forget Chilly who was a four-quarter contributor, his attack and strength were superb.

After the hiccup in the 2nd quarter Preston were dominant for the rest of the game and were clear winners.  Preston Colts1 12.8.80 defeated Glen Iris 4.3.27

Colts 2 Match Report

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