Bullant Banter Round 10 2018

Presidents Message

There are many aspects for keeping in touch and sending out all sorts of communication within your own teams which works well such as TeamApp, email groups etc. and now we would encourage you all to jump on board and give us a “like” or better still “follow” on both the clubs offical Facebook and Instagram accounts!

Instagram, in particular, is a wonderful way to promote and highlight the official match day activities by uploading some great action shots, then using the hashtag (#) #gobullants OR #PBJFC. With the clubs official Facebook page, Preston Bullants Junior Football Club tag us in at @prestonbullantsjuniorfc.

Let’s build it up to be a great resource of action shots, team shots and why not add the odd parent in the crowd shot too! Lets have a bit of fun with it and promote our wonderful club.


Many “Local Heroes” within our great club!

Some exciting news to share with you all, about one of our very own “local heroes” in Veronica O’Brien. Veronica (mother of player’s Lachlan, Caitlin and Asher) has been nominated for her great work within the community hub. Veronica is involved with and through the Westfield Local Heroes  Program we all have a chance to say thank you to the work being conducted by Veronica by simply following this 2 step process below and to place a vote for Veronica’s great work.

Should Veronica be the winner (she is already a winner in our eyes and a  “Grant” finalist none the less), Veronica plans on putting the $10,000 up for grabs to work within her hub and help by promoting social inclusion and educational programs for recently arrived refugee women and children. Nice!

Veronica goes on to say...

As the Community Hub Coordinator at Roxburgh Rise Primary School I support social inclusion for recently arrived refugee women with young children by breaking down barriers they face when settling in Australia. The families benefit from being more socially connected and engaged with the school and have improved access to local community services.

I provide a safe, caring and welcoming space for families with opportunities for social activities, English language, skills development and educational programs.

These include playgroups to help children reach developmental milestones and improve school readiness. The Hub’s “Women’s Voices” program builds knowledge and empowerment on personal wellbeing and safety, Australian health and education systems, women’s rights, prevention of family violence, and community support services. These all help to improve the confidence, wellbeing and self-efficacy of refugee women to thrive in Australia.


Click here: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/westfieldlocalheroes
1. Choose VIC
2. Choose Westfield Airport West
3. Select Veronica O'Brien as your Local Hero (that's me!)

*** IMPORTANT... Voting ends 1 July! *** Let’s get behind Veronica and make this happen!!


Football clubs are great places to reflect at times

A week or so ago, one of our very own PBJFC families, the Quattrones’, suffered the loss of a son and brother in Michael Quattrone through the debilitating disease MLD. A very brave young man who tackled it for years and always had a smile on his face. It was a wonderful gesture to see plenty of teammates of both Daniel (Colts) and Sienna (U13 Girls) attend to show their support.

The club, in line with the family’s request, made a donation to their chosen charity “Very Special Kids” and I would encourage you to also donate whatever you may be able to contribute as it all counts no matter how small it may be. It was wonderful to see Charlie, Marie and Daniel at PCO on Sunday to support Sienna in her match as they had some time to reflect on their loss and be surrounded by plenty of their extended PBJFC family. On behalf of the entire club, our condolences to you all.


We have also had a sudden loss from one of our previous committee members sister in the week just gone. For those that know Rick Kane, you will know him as a charismatic, cheerful, friendly, witty and extremely clever type of character who we are all richer for being in the presence of. Rick and his family laid to rest Ricks sister Jo Kane, and on behalf of the club that Rick, Vicky, Jackson and Mercedes have supported for many years and still do, I wish to pass on our condolences to you and your family for your loss.

Enjoy the 2-week hiatus from Footy!

Enjoy some downtime with your families and kids over the school holidays as a few teams have opted to make the most of the break while others have opted to run some fun training nights for those families not traveling abroad and wanting to get out for a run on the track.

That’s it for now, have a wonderful week ahead.

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

Under 10's WHITE Match Report
Team Team
0.0.0 0.0.0


Under 10's RED Match Report
Park Orchards
48 6

After a wash out last week we were back again to Park Orchards to play Park Orchards B. This week we were not aquaplaning the car getting to the ground.
There were kangaroos hopping past the ground as we arrived and the tranquil surrounds of Stintons Reserve was a lovely backdrop. Coach Paul’s team the Carlton Blues were about to be demolished that afternoon by the Mighty Pies – he was hoping the Preston boys would switch on. A late withdrawal of Ethan meant we were down to 17 so Park Orchards leant us Justin and Danny which was very kind of them.
The ground at Stintons has a definite curve and Park Orchards were kicking to the curved end. The first quarter saw nearly all the play in the Park Orchards forward 50. Our regular onballers Edwin, Leon, Shep and Arch were busy tackling, Zac and Arch were smothering and Alex and Noah R were desperate in defence. Park Orchards were a tall and skilled team – their marking was very strong and their pressure consistent. Our boys were struggling to move the ball into our attacking line and we entered the quarter time break scoreless and Park Orchards had a couple of goals.
The second quarter saw a lift in our intensity but equally Park Orchards were proving difficult to contain. Unfortunately, we had trouble in delivering the ball to a Preston player after some great contested ball competitions. Leon and Jack marked strongly – Leon seemed to be everywhere and was supported by Jack and Josh Sergi. The quarter saw the boy’s work much harder but sadly it was not reflected on the scoreboard. Coach Paul suggested that perhaps they were enjoying the idyllic country scenery and serenity too much!!! We were turning the ball over and not playing to position. Park Orchards seemed able to move the ball easily and with greater precision.
The message was to kick more, handball less considering how congested the players at the ball were and to not allow the ball out if we got it into our forward 50.
The rotations we were afforded having a player on the bench allowed some opportunity for some players to take a rest and be given some instructions. We just didn’t seem to want the ball enough and we needed to be more competitive at the ball and set up a system to get the ball into our forward. We were going to be entering the fourth with a big deficit and no score on the board yet. This was not the team we were used to seeing…

The offer of any desserts they could eat at the team bonding session Wednesday didn’t even seem to inspire much motivation but the boys ran the game out well. There were several stand out plays in the fourth quarter. A magnificent smother by Archie as Park Orchards were certain to score; some brilliant marks by Roman deep in defence; a brilliant collect and kick from Sonny that dribbled tantalisingly close to the goals as the pack approached and we were finally rewarded with a goal from our fabulous ruck Zac – his first goal in season 2018; Leon had a fantastic game and was rewarded with the best on ground for us – Well done Leon.
The boys were outplayed on Sunday and will need to focus on thinking about the position they play – backing up their team mates and going in hard to the contested play. We want to be chased to be tackled and ensuring the efforts are rewarded with a sequence of play that we can be pleased with – we will be working on this at training.
The allure of the G was calling Zac, Archie, Noah S and Jack were off to watch the Pies so there wasn’t too much time being despondent -  sorry coach Paul!!!

Under 11's Match Report
Fitzroy Bullants
4.9.33 7.2.44

Fair to say our season hasn’t lived up to expectations in many ways. As a coach, its varied somewhere between frustrating and heart breaking much of the time but there has always been hope. Hope - because I know what this special bunch of kids are capable of and because they tease me with flashes of brilliance. Week to week we have improved during games and at training. Things look like they are starting to click…and then it falls over somewhere. Like every other week, we arrived at Fitzroy’s home ground with hope.
The Alfred Crescent ground is small but in pretty good condition and I wondered if the smaller ground would suit the run & carry game we had been working on. Ned and Azza were nominated Captains for the day and advised that Fitzroy had won the toss & made us kick to the city end. A quick revision of the plan… (Run, run, run, play on, run, quick decisions, quick disposals, run & run) and a mighty “Go Bullants!” it was game on.
From the opening bounce, the Bullants were on. Dash provided first use from the ruck and Tom & Woody drove it forward to the running Azza on the wing. Azza used his body well, blocking his bigger opponent to keep the ball moving to our advantage and ultimately found the running Kes who snapped our first goal just 30 seconds into the game. Fitzroy then hit back with their own quick break out of the middle and had multiple attempts at goal over several minutes. Due to a little bad luck and a lot of defensive pressure from the Bullants, all they could manage were 3 behinds before the Bullants broke free. Sam started to look deadly from half back, attacking the ball and marking strongly, Joe was the brick wall at CHB as usual and everyone was willing to take the game on and back themselves. Bullants went coast to coast via Sam, to Marcus to Harry who, in unfamiliar territory in the forward line, made no mistake in kicking our second. The Bullants attacked relentlessly for the rest of the quarter and looked at their best. The running game was there as was the work off the ball. Players running to space gave us plenty of options and our passing more accurate than it has been in the past. Callum & Thomas V were marking strongly across the forward line, Wato was leading hard and drawing players to him….it was only a matter of time before the crumbers got their chance. Azza, ever the opportunist, dashed in and made no mistake to slot our third. In a ripping opening term, Bullants 3:0:18 to Fitzroy 0:3:3.
Great vibe in the huddle as we stressed that the boys were getting reward for effort and reward for sticking to the game plan. Keep it up, keep running and don’t let up! 3 quarters to go and Fitzroy will not give up!
In the second, Fitzroy came out hard as expected & looked like they wanted to beat us at our own game but it was the Bullants who struck first blood via the pace of Dash. Gathering the ball cleanly, he took off as instructed and showed all a clean pair of heels. With plenty of time to steady, the goal was certain and again Bullants got around each other in celebration. Fitzroy then turned up the heat with their own quick breaks and made our backline work hard. Sam, Woody, Jake, Eden, Wato and Steven faced several minutes of extreme pressure and stood tall. 3 & 4th defensive efforts ensured Fitzroy had no time to steady and were pushed out wide. Still, Fitzroy peppered the goals and applied immense attacking pressure kicking 1:3 in several frenetic minutes. Late in the term the Bullants steadied. Tamer used his body well to win ruck contests and Tom, Hamish and Issy ran it forward. Tom used his pace to play on and surge….offline for a behind but it was Bullants 4:1:25 to Fitzroy 1:7:13. We were looking good but it was not all going our way!
Into the rooms and again we were full of praise. Defensive efforts had been enormous but maybe some run had dropped? We were also being out marked. It was great to win the ball on the ground but we had to play in front of our taller opponents and either mark or bring it to ground. We really wanted to stress the need to play on and make quick decisions to move the ball on. We had the pace, let’s use it!
Again, the term started with the Bullants out hard. Sam continued his great game by bringing his attack to the midfield and soon hit Ned “lace out” who read the ball well and marked strongly, despite instructions to move the ball on quickly Ned held for a moment before Venuto presented a strong lead. The resulting pass and mark left coaches swallowing their words. Venuto then delivered another sweet pass to Jake, 20m out and on the 45…...celebrations only marginally better than the kick for goal! Fitzroy would not lay down and presented their best quarter for the game. Strong marking and long, accurate kicks saw the Bullants defence again under fire. Hamish showed his usual poise and class at the last line while Steven showed no signs of being rusty from his couple of weeks off. Both players read the ball well and made smart decisions with their disposals. Issy, Joe and Harry made Fitzroy work for every possession but to their credit Fitzroy fought back hard. 4 scoring shots to our 1 saw the margin narrow to 4 points at the final break. Bullants 5:1:31 to Fitzroy 3:9:27.
¾ time message was simple. Keep at it. Stick to the plan and give it everything. Fitzroy would keep coming, there was no doubt about that and we had to respond. Let’s reset and replay that first quarter. Run, run, run and work hard to position. “Would this be our day? Who wants to sing the song? It’s all up to you!”
Dash returned to the Ruck and teamed up beautifully with Dom (who had his “angry on”), and the tireless Marcus & Ned. Clean breaks out of the middle found Azza on the run again kicking a behind under pressure before Hamish put a ball out in front of “power forward” Tamer. In the slow ballet that only a few can do, Tamer wove through heavy traffic to slot the goal! Fitzroy struck back with a goal of their own and it was still anyone’s game. Eden copped a nasty hit to the leg and came off in the hands of the trainer, turning to the bench I looked for a suitable replacement….and there was Tom (with his “angry on” following the recent “discussion’ with Dad/Coach about a positioning indiscretion). Normally I would choose another player just to ensure no doubts about favouritism…. but “Angry Tom” was just too good to pass up! Out to Simon shuffling players in the middle, “Angry Tom” was dispatched to the wing with immediate effect. Mark, play on and run there was nothing going to stop him as he streaked into goal and nailed the sealer. Little celebration as he jogged back to the middle, just a sneaky “happy now?” glance at the coach. As the siren sounded to mark our second win for the season it was great to see our boys get around each other and their opponents. It was a cracking game played in good spirit and as the two teams gathered in the middle this fact was celebrated by both coaches. We love playing Fitzroy, always tough but fair and never any doubt that the game is about the kids. Always.
Bullants 7:2:44 Fitzroy 4:9:33
Upon returning to the rooms we made sure that everyone was there. We gave 3 cheers to the parents and helpers for the day and for our team mate Andre that came to cheer us on despite his sprained ankle. With Andre in the middle a final word to the team. “If its going to be this long between songs…make it loud ok?” A belting rendition of our great song could be heard throughout Fitzroy and surrounding suburbs!
Well done and well deserved boys. Reward for effort and reward for sticking to the plan.

Under 12's Match Report
Hawthorn Citizens
5.5.35 6.4.40

The Under 12 Bullants travelled to Hawthorn Citizens N home ground at Rathmines Road Reserve for Round 10.  The ground was in good condition except for a centre square that resembled Merri Creek mud.

During the week leading up to the game, Pat was contacted by Hawthorn Citizens advising that they only had 14 players for the game.  After several conversations amongst the coaching team and communications to the parent group, it was decided to even up the numbers to 18 per side with the Bullants loaning 2 of our players to the opposition.  This decision was based on club policy to play in the true spirit of our game, ensure that both teams had the opportunity to play on Sunday and give all our players the opportunity to play without anybody missing out.  If we had decided to even up the numbers to 14 and not loan our players to the opposition, this would have resulted in 2 of our players missing out on a game on the weekend as you can only have a maximum of 6 on the bench.  The Under 12 coaching team were thrilled with the support received by the parent group and humbled by the players who played for the opposition and those who offered to play for the opposition.  A special mention of thank you goes to David, Jude, Robbie and Nathan for playing for the opposition and to Asher and Caspian for advising the coaching team that they would play for the opposition if required.  We are very proud to have these mature young men as part of our Bullants family.

The Under 12 Bullants were the favoured to take the 4 points, however, the Under 12 Bullants Coaching team knew that this game was a dicey one.  Whilst Hawthorn Citizens N hadn’t won a game for the season, we knew that they were playing undermanned however they continued to remain competitive and they had come down from Gold division from the 2017 season.  We were confident that their 14 players were of a high calibre, and they did not disappoint.  The first half was an uncharacteristic display by the Bullants who appeared not to be competing with their usual attack on the ball and the opposition.  The performance set off alarm bells for the coaching group and the half time scoreboard surprised the players, however, thankfully to our hard working defence the Bullants managed to stay in touch trailing by 12 points at half time.

The half time break allowed the Bullants Under 12 Coaching Team to work some magic and the Bullants lifted their effort and focus to draw level at the three-quarter time break.  The game was poised to be a tight affair in the final quarter.  Both teams worked hard with good defensive structure from the forward line to the back line and relentless pressure which stifled goal scoring.  The Bullants runner, Dean, was given a solid workout and obviously was communicating with precision.  When the siren sounded, the coaching team were relieved by the 5 point win and the players stood in disbelief.  The final score was Bullants 6.4.40 to Hawthorn 5.5.35.  It was a good lesson for the team and the player reaction showed how much their team and their team mates mean to them.

A special mention goes to the following players who performed well on the day:

  • Will continued to dominate the midfield, defending strongly and attacking across the ground, as he does every week.  Will’s approach to the game doesn’t change regardless of whether we are winning the contest or not.

  • Grady played well throughout the game with his continual attack on the ball and player.  Grady was instrumental in the first half to keep the Bullants in the game and was rewarded with a goal.

  • TJ started in the midfield and was moved to a run with role on the Wing on Hawthorn’s best player at quarter time. TJ is earning a reputation in this role of shutting down players and winning the ball.  Tom added handball to his game rounding off a team orientated performance.

  • Caspian played a rotating mid-field to forward role on Sunday, providing a solid attack on the player and the ball; keeping the opposition honest at every turn.

  • Samuel held the Bullants forward line together from centre half forward.  His superior decision making set the team up well throughout the game, his instinctive ability to know when to push forward to the ball, read the play and carry the ball forward is a level beyond his years.  The Under 12 Coaching team seem to have found the right position to suit Samuel’s style of play and to suit the team construct.

The Under 12’s will benefit from a few days of rest before we resume some solid training over the holidays to prepare for the final 5 games in our home and away fixture.  An interesting and deciding final 5 games with Warrandyte at Zwar Park (thank goodness for a home game!), Balwyn away, Bulleen at Zwar Park, Canterbury away and Brunswick at Preston City Oval.  Every game a deciding game to our finals fate.

The YJFL Under 12 Green Ladder after Round 10 stands as follows:


Bulleen Templestowe


32 points




28 points


Preston Bullants


24 points


Hawthorn Citizens R


24 points


Brunswick P


20 points




18 points




8 points


Hawthorn Citizens N


2 points

Under 13's GIRLS Match Report
Bullants Parkside
1.5.11 2.5.17

Today was always going to be an emotional day with the passing of Michael Quattrone a week ago. Michael was the fifteen-year-old brother of Sienna and Daniel, who are both current players for our club. The funeral was on the previous Friday and the service was truly beautiful. I found it both sad and inspiring. With the entire family in attendance to support Sienna, we dedicated the game versus Parkside in Michael’s honour and all wore black arm bands to show our solidarity. I have been involved with football clubs for more than half my lifetime and at these moments they are the backbone for families and individuals going through a difficult time. The girls definitely felt the enormity of the situation and went out to battle as one. The motto for the day was Friendship, Family and Courage. Every girl on the ground supported one another and they played as a complete team. If it weren’t for our wayward kicking the game could have been iced at quarter time. The fairytale nearly took a turn in the right direction with Sienna gathering a ball from Lucy and narrowly missing the shot at goal. Freya and Erin were standouts in the first term with great efforts from Caitlin and Ayva B. Scores at quarter time were Preston 0.3.3 to Parkside 0.0.0.

The second quarter saw us halt our attack on the football and our momentum stalled. Maybe the emotion of the day was sinking in. Parkside seemed to get a sniff and the ball spent most of the time in their forward line. Like us in the first quarter they were inaccurate and this made for a solid contest. Libby on the last line was responsible for stopping two certain goals and used her speed to get us out of trouble on numerous occasions. Erin, Ella, Zoe and Victoria also had their hands full with their opponents but managed to keep Parkside goalless for the term. Even though the quarter was not played on our terms our ability to weather the storm was sensational. In football, this is as important as kicking goals at the other end. The tackling pressure of this group is as good as I have ever seen in my time as a coach. Scores at half time were Preston 0.3.3 to Parkside 0.4.4. The game was a beauty and we knew we had to dig deep in order to keep our position in the top 4.

At half time I spoke about courage and what it meant. I spoke about the black arm bands we were wearing and if we felt tired or sore to remember how hard things make us stronger. Jamie ran through some tactical changes and I felt a rise in the energy of the group in the rooms. In the good old days of VFL the third quarter was known as the premiership quarter. This meant extra effort, extra running, extra grit and determination. I believe these things are synonymous with Bullant football. Erin was moved to centre half forward, Charlotte moved to centre half back and Olivia Cotsy was asked for some extra grunt in the ruck. All the three talls delivered. Lucy and Gabby were breaking free and finding space and we started attacking the goals. Tyler and Marianne started hunting the football and the game opened up. We kicked 1 goal 2 behinds to 1 behind for the quarter. Amelia kicked a great goal after using her pace to break free of her opponent. Hailey nearly took a great mark in the goal square. She turns 10 on Wednesday so Happy Birthday to you! Scores at the final break were Preston 1.5.11 to Parkside 0.5.5.

The last quarter was an arm wrestle for the first 5 minutes. Parkside were taller and had some awesome runners and they were beginning to break the game open. Our girls never gave up and this was typified by Freya’s tackling and smothering. She really embraced the Bullant spirit and the motto of the day. It was like watching sheep slowly getting out of the pen and the kelpies unable to corral them back. We were spent and they got us in the end. Yet we never gave up and this team will be part of something special one day if we all stick together and do the extra work. I know a few of the Parkside families and they are a great club, which didn’t make the loss any easier. In the end they kicked two goals in the last quarter to run over the top of us by a goal. Final scores were Parkside 2.5.17 to Preston 1.5 11. I addressed the players, supporters and families in the rooms directly after the game and awarded the medal to Sienna for the courage she showed in playing today. Her brother Daniel spoke to me soon after and said she did not want to let her team mates down by not playing. As I said earlier, I have been around football clubs for a long time as a player and now as a coach and I cannot remember a more selfless and courageous act than that.

To Charlie, Maria, Daniel and Sienna, the Bullant family is always here for you. This is a day I will cherish as a coach. Thanks to Jamie (filling in as assistant coach), Lesley (filling in as runner), Bek, and Mish for taking on the match day and training roles. Thanks to Ralph for jumping in the scoreboard even though little Liv was crook. Thank you also to Simon and to Charlie for taking stats for me. Great effort guys and thank you.

George Cotsonis

Under 13's Match Report
Whitehorse Bullants
7.5.47 3.3.21
Goal Kickers  Jack, Coen, Josh

The Preston Bullants travelled to Springfield Park West for an away encounter against Whitehorse Colts, in what was a captivating match up until the final siren. From the outset, the Bullants were going to be up against it, with the opposition side running out with a number of taller boys. Despite this, the Bullants didn’t deter from their own strengths; hard running, supporting each other, and applying pressure on the ball.

The opening minutes saw the home team score a quick goal, only for the Bullants to respond quickly and decisively through great forward defensive efforts, in particular from Coen winning a free kick for a great tackle which ultimately resulted in a goal to Jack. The intent to win the ball was huge, and Brody was especially tenacious in the first quarter, laying a huge tackle on the wing, summing up the hard contest the game had been so far. Any thoughts of a high-scoring game were dashed as the first half progressed, both teams struggling to break though the contested footy around the ground.

A goal from Coen put the Bullants in the lead momentarily at the start of the second quarter. Seb R’s work rate up forward also presented an opportunity, and the Bullants controlled large parts of the game, Rufus with an excellent smother up forward, and Daniel and Ben determined in their defensive attack on the ball.

The Bullants did very well to remain competitive, the Declan/Makaio ruck combination toiled away all game, but the boys were under siege after the main break as the Whitehorse Colts broke the deadlock in a resounding manner, scoring four unanswered goals to give them a 27-point lead heading into the last quarter.

The Bullants gave themselves every chance to come back in the last quarter, and their work effort around the ground was immense. When Josh intercepted one of Whitehorse Colts kicks out from defence and scored the first goal of the last quarter, there was hope that we could come back and take the win. The boys never gave up, with Mahmoud presenting an option again and again, and Jacob saving what was an almost certain goal. To their credit, Whitehorse Colts held strong, and were able to withstand the pressure to claim a victory that was set up emphatically in that third quarter.


Under 14's Match Report
Team Team
0.0.0 0.0.0
Goal Kickers  
Best Players  


Under 15's Match Report
Bullants Boroondara
64 27

For the third time this season we played Boroondara, a familiar foe it now seems. It was also Pantelis’ 100th game and it was a brilliant result to win on his special day.

Celebrations aside, a milestone was not the only positive today as the boys played exceptionally well together. From the first quarter, the hunger in the forward line was there and enabled us to keep the ball close to goal which created plenty of opportunities to score. The movement by hands was fluid through traffic and as a result, we won a lot of the contests around the ground. Perhaps what was the only lowlight of the first quarter was the number of turnovers we created inside our forward 50. Whilst the opportunities were plentiful, we did not score enough goals to do them justice.

I was proud to see that the effort around the ball did not waver in the second quarter. Pantelis, Billy M and Ben were working very hard around the contest; all three gave repeat efforts to eventually win the 50/50 ball. Alex and Charlie were stand outs in the forward line, contributing to multiple goals through scoring and selfless acts respectively. The second term was much of the same as the first, but we did get exposed in defence when Boroondara pressed forward. The main message at half time was to not become carried away with the offensive side of football and recognise that although we were on top by five goals we still needed to be focused in defence.

In the second half, I was looking for how well we would follow up our first half efforts and we did. Ethan gave us a lot of grunt in the midfield and burst around the contest. Charlie continues to be the perfect teammate, whilst Jordan has become Mr. Reliable in defence. It was also pleasing to see Allister run well both ways off half-back and Rory’s vision when going forward was amazing – he constantly looked inside and helped us switch the ball on multiple occasions. Jack continued to work hard in the forward line with some strong marking and brilliant leading. We could have moved a bit better in the forward line to create more space for ourselves, but other than that it was all positive at the last change.

The positivity continued all the way through to the final siren. We established an eight goal lead a bit way through the quarter which gave me a great opportunity to experiment with positions and learn a little bit more about the playing ground. I appreciate each player’s willingness to listen to instructions and be open to new roles even if for half a quarter. The highlight was seeing Pantelis kick a goal on his special day which brought a smile to everyone’s face.

There was a sense of enjoyment brought back into the side this week and I believe this comes straight from the players. They played for each other and with each other. The team showed that they have it within them to do great things, but the effort and the will needs to be there first.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Bullants Templestowe Dockers
5.14.44 4.3.27

Sunday’s game was a top of the table clash at the prime time of three o’clock at Cramer st Oval. The first time this year we had a bench and girls couldn’t have been happier!

We won the toss and for the first quarter we were kicking to the City end. Helena was dangerous in the forward line early in the game and continually worked hard all day. Mia H was another threat in the forward line having a number of shots on goal as well as working back to help her team mates in defence. Sabrije played really well in the midfield and it was clear to see she enjoyed going through packs and clearing the ball into the forward line. Templestowe were able to kick the first goal of the match but were only up by two points at the first change.

The girls lifted their intensity and work rate in the second quarter and Angelique was one of the key players who was vital getting the ball out of the backline as well as laying some big tackles. Mia B provided the side with her run and carry and was potent up forward. We were able to kick our first goal of the day through Ruby, who also finished with three for the game in an outstanding performance. Esther provided forward fifty pressure all game and was always involved in setting up a goal. At the main break we were up by seven points with Templestowe still in the game.

In the third quarter, the side was desperate to seal the game with a few early goals and did so. Zoe continues to improve each week playing on the wing and always getting to numerous contests to help her team mates out. Isabella was terrific in the backline, hardly losing a contest and backing herself to run the ball off half back. Oceane played another awesome game, doing a self-less job in the backline and being a pain for Templestowe’s forwards. A great team effort managed to keep Templestowe to just one behind in the third quarter.

The last quarter was tough as Templestowe weren’t going away easily and Darci got us driving. She provided the side with plenty of contested possessions and as always impossible to catch. Georgia rucked the whole game without a rest and yet was still able to dominate the hit outs all day. A self-less and team performance helped the girls to a seventeen-point win getting them their sixth win of the season and going into the school holidays with plenty of positivity.

Thanks again to Sofie’s help as Team Manager and as always we appreciate Ange’s help as runner/assistant coach for the day. Big thanks Susan, Marina, Louise, Brendan, Jodie, David and Anna for volunteering their time to ensure the girls go well!

To my girls, make sure we maintain our focus after the school holidays and come to training with a purpose!

Simon O’Connell

Colts 1 Match Report
Brunswick Bullants
3.5.23 11.9.75

Starting up hill, the boys continued their good starts they have had all year.  Dusty was dominating clearances, with also good support work by Chicco. This meant Preston held the ball in their 50 for much of the quarter.  Goals to Rhett, Dusty and Rory meant Preston held sway. The back 6 continued to act as a rebound wall. Henry taking some strong marks and feeding the ball off to the runners: EJ, Mailo and JD.  A quarter time, the boys led  4.3 to Brunswick 1.1.

Marty and Nick structured the team to keep the space in the forward 50 with half forwards moved up to have double wings.  Savvidis took a couple of good marks, held and waited for Rory to run to space to get within goal kicking distance. Even though the team had the advantage of the natural decline of the land, Brunswick seem to be getting on their feet and were able to start to play possession football, slowing the game onto their terms.  Rhett kicked a goal on the run from about centre half forward, AJ was active. Half time, the team lead was 8.4 to Brunswick 1.4.

The message at half time was to set a goal of matching the first half in the second half, not to go through the motions.  Marty and Nick decided to move Dusty to full forward to set the game plan around giving him a 1 on 1 contest believing this would result in either a mark/goal or a contest and hand off to the small fowards Sonza, Chicco and AJ.  Brunswick were on to it and matched up Dusty with their best player so that he didn’t have it his way. In addition, they picked up where they left off in the second with possession football. This slowed and congested the game and resulted in the game being played between each team’s half forward lines.  Zac was able to intercept regularly off half back. Chambo and Stefan were the link men. The third quarter ended with the score Preston 9.6 to Brunswick 2.5.

Marty and Nick stuck with the Dusty sole out deep at full forward. Chicco hit Dusty on a lead who duly provided Sbriss with a goal. Sonza managed to chip in and Rhett was again bobbing up and ended the day with a 5 goal haul.  To Brunswick’s credit they didn’t surrender and kept up their possession ‘keeping off’ football. Chilly got dirty in the centre, willingly contesting and putting his body on the line.

Whilst the game lacked a lot of zip, it was a strong win with an even contribution across the team.  Preston 11.9 to Brunswick 3.5

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