Bullant Banter Round 13 2018

Presidents Message

No report this week.

Whitlam Malkoun
Preston Bullants JFC

Under 9's WHITE Match Report
Bullants St Marys

It was an exciting time to be a Tacker last Friday night when the Whites took on St Marys under lights at Banyule. It was an 18-degree day, the game played under a glorious full moon. Everything felt alright on the night. Fair to say that the last time we played St Marys we got a proper touch up - it was early in the year; our structures were messy and a very good St Marys outfit took full advantage. An anxious coach drove to Banyule hoping that a similar fate didn’t await the boys this week. And it didn’t.

Our guys are a different team to the one that ran out on week 2 and tonight they were focussed, tough and disciplined. It’s great as a coach when you look down at the backline and all players are paired up. Tonight, the backline was led by a greatly improved Tomas C. After a couple of weeks in the centre he brought his experience to the backline to be front and centre, gathering up loose balls and tackling hard. He was ably supported by Zac H (midfield this week mate…promise!) and Jett who had a job on their big fella and did it really well. Benny P was excellent with the kick in duties – that part of our game has really come along.

The midfield was humming. Ollie Caruso is a new man and a good, reliable player now. Auden had his best game for the club, getting a free kick after a push in the back and getting the ball forward. Really tough Auden, well done mate.  Jayden and Louis were their typically uncompromising selves, tackling well and delivering the ball beautifully. Young Joe Wood had a run in the middle to and his silky skills and sure hands above his head were a treat for the Friday night fans.  

And guess what? We scored! Andrew McDonald got the ball within range and with the assistance of a slight breeze kicked truly. Great goal Andrew. We had plenty of other chances to. A few went begging thanks to wonky kicking and really, we should have owned 2 or 3 out of the 4 quarters. Another special mention down forward to Caden who attacked the ball fiercely and did really well. Jonah and Mitch rounded out the mosquito fleet who kept the pressure on St Mary’s all night.

The excitement of the Friday night atmosphere and the fantastic performance drew out a song sung with gusto – crikey – I thought Mitch was going to blow a fuse as his vocal range discovered new highs!

Two more games guys and more improvement to come.

Go Bullants!

Under 9's RED Match Report
Bullants Banyule


Lights camera action, Friday night footy, under lights what a spectacle. As the sun set, and the lights took hold of the ground, the setting looked a treat and it was a perfect night for footy. We were even graced with a full moon.

After a big school week, the team rocked up to Banyule Oval on Friday night.

A few pre game drills to get a feel of the ground and the footy’s under lights got everyone pumped and ready to go, it felt like everyone was walking a foot taller for Friday night footy.

We had a great chat in the rooms, we wanted to build on our excellent game the week prior against Banyule and we knew this Banyule team would be red hot as well. We were at home, but playing on their turf.

Again we reinforced the message - pressure footy and second efforts, enjoy your footy, loud voices, be in front, stick on your player, don’t be behind the play and importantly have fun. The plan this week was to rotate each player to different positions after each quarter.

Mr reliable William was given the captaincy. Will never gives up and has had a real crack this year – and the captaincy was real reward for effort. Well done Will; and he led the team out.

What a cracker of a game. The boundary lines were filled with spectators and they saw a real ring -a-ding-ding game. It had everything – high marks, sharp kicking, kicking with the opposite foot, quick handball, tight tackling and heaps of Friday night Razz-a-mat-azz.

Again like last week it was neck and neck from the opening bounce until the final siren, and you really couldn’t split the teams in terms of effort and intensity. Again a fantastic team effort.

Adam relished Friday night, clearly the stage was set for him. Mr Showman demonstrating all his tricks. Alberto again taking some sensational grabs and kicked the yellow footy a mile to provide great opportunities. Eduardo in the play, making great space along the flanks always with a smile on his face.   

What a game by Daniel, clearly a big game Friday night player, some great grabs and chasing all night. The Rolls Royce - Dylan class personified, was at every contest again front and centre roving like a star. Eddy Spark again showing true attack on the footy – smashing packs backing his team mates.

Ella our secret weapon – well she isn’t a secret anymore as everyone knows who she is given how far her footy has come. Again sensational her tackling and marking along the grandstand side of the ground had the crowd cheering. Ned rocked up, had a look around and I said “My night, I’ll own this” and again got on with the job – hard at it tackling and finding space.

Jack Thomas put in a Friday night super Tiger performance, darting around Dustin Martin like, taking the hard ball and not wasting it. Kirk a star, picked up players, put himself in front – inspirational, keep going Kirk you are a champ.  

Lachlan, dreaming of Friday night footy, full of confidence after a stint in the Under 10’s the previous week kicking a goal on the siren, put in hard, crashing packings and getting out in space. Mr Inspirational Leon, a superb game -  chasing, making space, tackling pressure awesome. Liam again adapted to every position, he controlled the backline, dominated the centre and provided a real target up forward. In one play I saw him break from his opponent and was forced to his left side of the body and used his left foot under pressure which is excellent.

Lucas again took the game on, relished the lights and was in front and supported his team mates in true Lucas style. Lucas should be really proud of his season as his football has really taken off. Lucas is a true team player.    

The only thing missing from Oscar’s game was a post-match interview with the channel 7 commentary team.  Again, tackling intensity, pressure footy, unselfish footy – I was really impressed with his pass to Matilda to help set her up in the forward line and the use of his left foot.

Well done to Matilda another solid effort. She battled hard and never gave up. She is learning all the skills and puts the team first. Michael did an amazing job for 4 quarters. His quarter in the centre was the best of his quarters of the year as he put it all together, especially some great marks and was awarded a medal for his efforts.

What a game by Patrick. Luke Beveridge needs to get out to see this kid play. A fine season by Patrick and he has taken his game from strength to strength. He is going to thrive in Under 10’s.   The captain William, a fantastic effort, had the coaches beaming with his last quarter effort – he put himself in front of the play twice and that stopped Banyule’s momentum, and was also awarded a medal.

The song was sung loudly and proudly at the end of the game with the team setting up a circle and our captain and medal winner William and medal winner Michael in the middle of the circle.

We then headed to Zwar for a post-match pizza night which was great fun.

Thanks to everyone who assisted on the night its much appreciated by all.

Special thanks to Carlo (Dylan’s dad) for the photos.

Go Bullants!!!!
Coach Dave

Under 10's WHITE Match Report
Templestowe Bullants

No report this week

Under 10's RED Match Report
Bullants Richmond

No report this week

Under 11's Match Report
Bullants Ashburton
2.2.14 3.8.26

The Bullants finally had a home game (it seemed a long time between drinks) and were looking forward to playing on the vast expanses of Zwar where we could use our advantage of run and carry.

The day marked a special occasion for four of the Bullants, with Callum, Tamer, Ziggy and Jake all notching up their 50th match as Bullants. Considering this, they were all made captains for the day and would lead by example throughout the game.

As is the usual prior to a game, the coaches had a chat to all the kids about what they needed to concentrate on in their positions.

We were facing a top of the table Ashburton G, who by all accounts were easily beating most of the teams they were coming up against. The Bullants were told that this would be their biggest challenge yet, however, it could also be our greatest achievement. With that ringing in their ears the boys set about playing what would be one of their best games of footy for the year.

The game started out with bang with hard contests and crunching tackles from both teams. It was pleasing to see that the Bullants had come out switched on and ready to take the challenge up to the top of the table Ashburton.

Hamish and Woody were magnificent down back and were displaying great skill by repelling numerous attacks. Ashburton were kicking with what was an ever-changing breeze but couldn’t get past the Bullants back six. Joe was his usual self at CHB pushing up the ground turning defence into attack. Halfway through the quarter the Bullants really hit their straps and started to lock the ball in their forward line. With repeat entries the Ashburton defence eventually wilted with Andre marking strongly and converting. This was setup through some great lead up play by Azza who used his pace and evasive skill to get clear and kick to the top of the square.

As the quarter continued Callum started to really get into the game, taking a great mark and playing on and having a shot which just fell short. Callum would end up playing one of his best games for the Bullants in his 50-game career.

As the quarter was wrapping up there were some other bits of great team play with Harry, Watto, Marcus and Dom all getting their hands-on ball in some passages that made you think you were watching AFL players running around.

Ashburton G 1.4.10 Bullants 1.1.7

With the coaches praise fresh in their heads the boys headed out for the 2nd quarter. The Bullants had managed to keep the opposition to a single goal with what was considered a 3-goal breeze and were full of confidence going into the 2nd.

The game quarter once again started at a terrific pace, with Ashburton stepping up their pressure on the Bullants. Dom and Sam were huge in the middle getting their hands and knees dirty taking contest after contest on against bigger opponents. Marcus continued his fine form from the 1st quarter and was at times taking on 2 or more opponents (and winning). The quarter was an arm wrestle with Ashburton getting the upper hand and kicking two goals, whilst keeping the Bullants to none. It wasn’t through lack of effort with the forward line of Tamer, Ziggy and Willow providing great options for the midfield, but with a breeze which seemed to swing around to favour the end Ashburton were kicking to it made getting the ball to them difficult.

Ashburton G 3.6.24 Bullants 1.1.7

The Bullants came out for the 3rd quarter refreshed and ready to take it up to Ashburton and boy did they ever. Ned and Venuto started on the wings and were up to their usual selves by running hard both ways providing the link options between the backline and forward line. With Harry and Sam getting their hands on the ball thanks to Wato playing a great game in the ruck, the Bullants started to dominate. Once again, the Ashburton backline was under pressure and once again the Bullants were able to capitalise. Marcus produced a beautiful bit of skill to setup Tom who marked strongly overhead.  20m out, directly in front Tom went through his set shot routine, (Simon’s voice in his head) and made no mistake.  The remainder of the quarter continued in the same vein with Callum unlucky not to get a goal when his kick (which went through) was a split second after the Siren. The Bullants had held Ashburton to a solitary point thanks to the great efforts of the backline, with Izzy and Xavier and playing a big part in the solid defence, laying some crunching tackles.

Ashburton G 3.8.26 Bullants 2.2.14

Its fair to say the last quarter was another arm wrestle with both teams leaving it all on the field. The Bullants continued to run and carry, none better than Kes with a solo effort that looked like Michael long in the 93 grand final. His cheeky kick to himself during his run left everyone on the sidelines cheering.

Tommy G showed huge commitment by going back with the flight and making a contest, where it looked as though Ashburton were about to get an easy shot at goal. Eden and Browny contributed to entries into the forward line where Ziggy and Tamer were still leading up and contesting up until the final siren.

In the end neither side could score with Ashburton holding onto their 3-quarter time lead to end up finishing the game out 12-point winners. With the game just finished and the coaches heading onto the ground the Ashburton coach could not believe how good a game it was. As we later found out, we gave them their hardest challenge yet, and they were lucky to come out on top.

Their coach was full of praise for the Bullants and said that we had beat them at the hard ball and running game. It was a familiar tale with the opposition coach stating that they couldn’t believe that the Bullants were at the bottom end of the table. (As a point of interest, The Bullants held Ashburton to their lowest score for the season & their second lowest winning margin.)

The boys came off ground tired, but as we said last week should be extremely proud of their efforts. We had almost pulled off a huge upset and showed that we can compete with the best in the competition. With a few games left in the season we are sure that the next win is just around the corner.

Ashburton G 3.8.26 Bullants 2.2.14

Under 12's Match Report
Bullants Bulleen Templestowe
4.1.25 5.4.34
Goal Kickers  TJ, Nathan, Ayden, Jaxsyn

Round 13 saw the Under 12 Preston Bullants play host to Bulleen Templestowe at Zwar Park.  The ground surface was in good condition.  The wind was a strong south westerly changing to a northerly favouring the Bell Street end in the final quarter.  We won the toss and kicked to the Bell Street end.  The Bullants faced the same challenge in respect to the wind for the third week in a row.  Bulleen Templestowe, on the top of the ladder with 11 wins and Preston, third on the ladder with 7 wins.
The Bullants continued where they left off the last two weeks working hard at the stoppages inside and outside with hard running.  The scoreboard read the Bullants 0.0.0 to Bulleen Templestowe 1.2.8, a good result kicking against a strong wind.
In the second quarter the scoreboard showed the start of the push by Bulleen Templestowe 2.2.14 to Bullants 1.1.7.   The Bullants looked to be struggling with the opposition’s clean possession and quick running underpinning the quick ball movement that has been their trademark this season.  Thomas Heffernan, playing as a deep defender, was reading the incoming ball with precision and played a strong defensive role on his opponent for all four quarters under pressure.  Coach Pat structured up at the start of the game with TJ running with key opposition playmaker number 38 (M. Richings) on the wing.  TJ did a superb job restricting him for four quarters. TJ appears to be the ‘go to man’ in these situations.  TJ demonstrated his skill level with a text book kick for goal from a set shot.
The third quarter the scoreboard belonged to Bulleen Templestowe 4.4.28 to Bullants 1.1.7.  The signs were looking ominous for the Bullants.  The Bulleen Templestowe midfield went into overdrive, winning the contested ball and their half back line were damaging with their run and carry game on show led by number 32 (M. Donovan) at centre half back.  Bulleen Templestowe midfielder number 2 (L. Sticca) dominated the game winning many possessions with his hard running and in and under style.
The final quarter was a good fightback by the Bullants as the wind direction changed to favour the opposition.  The scoreboard showed the Bullants outscored the opposition by 2 goals. The Bullants finished on 4.1.25 to Bulleen Templestowe 5.4.34.  Another quarter and the result may have been different.  Caspian and Anthony in the midfield worked hard all day to give the Bullants a chance.  The three goals in this quarter were shared with some excellent play from Nathan, Ayden and Jaxsyn.  Rylan won his share of the ruck duals and gave his heart and soul all game, as he does every week, to provide support for his team mates in terms of the one percenters.
The reality is we were beaten by Bulleen Templestowe, the top of the ladder team.
We learnt a lot about ourselves and our team and it’s not too late to practice good habits and play our role for our team.
If our players play their role we can beat this team and any other of the 3 teams standing between us and the ultimate goal.
Let’s not waste the opportunity!
Congratulations to the players, coaches, support team and parents as with two home and away rounds to go for the season we are assured a place in the finals.  A fantastic achievement coming from Blue Division and into Green Division and be final contenders.  
Scores:   Bullants    Balwyn
Q1:       0.0.00      1.2.08      Preston kicked against the wind, wind favouring the Cramer Street end          
Q2:       1.1.07      2.2.14      Preston kicked with the wind, wind favouring the Cramer Street end                
Q3:       1.1.07      4.4.28      Preston kicked against the wind, wind favouring the Cramer Street end                
Q4:       4.1.25      5.4.34      Preston kicked against the wind, wind changed favouring the Bell Street end     

The YJFL Under 12 Green Division Ladder after Round 13:
    TEAM                 P     W    L    D   %         POINTS   % WON
1   Bulleen Templestowe  13   11    2    0   181.52%       44   84.62%
2   Balwyn               12    9    3    0   143.81%       36   75.00%
3   Preston Bullants     13    8    5    0   152.43%       32   61.54%
4   Hawthorn Citizens R  13    7    6    0    96.94%       28   53.85%
5   Brunswick P          13    5    7    1   101.03%       22   42.31%
6   Warrandyte           13    4    8    1    73.76%       18   34.62%
7   Canterbury B         13    4    9    0    57.21%       16   30.77%
8   Hawthorn Citizens N  13    1   10    2    57.83%        8   15.38%

Under 13's GIRLS Match Report
Kew Rovers
0.2.2 0.2.2

It does not get any more black and white than today. A win sees us secure a finals spot while a loss has us relying on other results to fall our way. We had played Kew Rovers twice already this year and had beaten them convincingly both times. We were without our two main onballers and leaders in Freya, the vice-captain and Marianne the deputy. We had trained well during the week and we seemed switched on in the rooms before the match. Conditions were not ideal with a howling southerly ripping across the ground and intermittent hail forecast for later on in the afternoon. Erin, our running half back, was needed in the centre square alongside Lucy. Olivia Cotsy and Ayva B rounded out our engine room for the first quarter. Our starts had been a worry for us all year and today was no exception. Kew was switched on today and started like a supercharged V8. Our back line was under siege in the opening minutes with Ella and Libby again saving certain goals. Zara was also working hard in her new role on the last line of defence. Our short and speedy forward line did not get much of a chance to shine in the opening term. Hailey, little Liv and Amelia were all far too cold for their liking. Scores at the first break were Kew 0.1.1 to Preston 0.0.0.

We needed to lift in the second quarter and that is exactly what we did. Caitlin started winning the contested ball in Freya’s absence and this allowed Erin and Charlotte to link up with their running power. Lucy and Gabby came alive up forward with Hailey laying a bone crunching tackle to keep the pressure on the Kew defence. Lily was also lively pushing up the ground and combined with Victoria on more than one occasion to move the ball deep into our forward fifty. We knew the enormity a win would have on our season and we had worked too hard to let this one slip. Our only negative for the quarter is we could not find a major even though we had the ball in our forward half for 90 percent of the term. We ended up keeping Kew scoreless but could only manage two behinds ourselves. We were not safely in the finals just yet and the weather was about to take a turn for the worse. Scores at the main break were Kew 0.1.1 to Preston 0.2.2.

At half time we spoke about our structures and how we could improve our forward set up. We moved Sienna and Zoe into the forward mix to try and give us a spark. Kew was not backing down and their pressure across the ground resembled the type of stuff we had built our season on. Our structures were falling down and our girls looked emotionally and physically spent. To make things even more unpleasant it started to rain. Ava M was used at both ends of the ground today and tried hard at every contest. Kew was locking up the ball at every opportunity and playing a stoppage game reminiscent of the Sydney Swans in the 2005/2006 era under Paul Roos. Kew was teaching us a lesson in application and determination. They knew that in our two previous meetings we had kicked 6 and 7 goals respectively and that they had to keep it tight if they were any chance. The longer it went on the more determined they remained. Scores at the final break were Kew 0.2.2 to Preston 0.2.2.

The weather went from bad to worse with hail now pelting Gordon Barnard Reserve. We needed to fight for 15 minutes and regain the Bullant spirit which has been our strength all year. Victoria took it upon herself as captain to control the back half of the ground. Her long kicking saving many Kew forward entries and making the girls around her stand taller. Erin also rose to the occasion with Caitlin battling away in the midfield. The game was not one of our finest and the highlights were few and far between but we did manage to hold out Kew for a well-earned draw, our second of the season. The entire backline was sensational in the dying minutes and Libby took her game to another level. She absorbs pressure and breaks the lines with her pace. For this reason she was awarded the opposition medal by Kew. Well done Libby! Luck was on our side and with other results going our way we are finals bound in 2018. Not bad for a team in its second year and the only team which hasn’t played in Gold division to be in the top four. Final scores were Kew 0.2.2 to Preston 0.2.2.

Thanks to Emma back from her overseas holiday (assistant coach), Jamie (runner), Bek (trainer), and Mish for taking on the match day and training roles. Thanks to Marc and Pauline also who ran boundary and water and to the girls who ran water for their teammates. Thanks to Jim for umpire escort duties. Thanks to Pauline who often does boundary week in week out. The serious stuff is not far away now so let’s get around the girls and give them some extra encouragement.

George Cotsonis

Under 13's Match Report
St Marys
9.2.56 3.5.23

No report this week.

Under 14's Match Report
Bullants Fitzroy
5.4.34 9.7.61

No report this week.

Under 15's Match Report
Ivanhoe Bullants
12.9.81 2.3.15

No report this week.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Templestowe Bullants

No game this week.

Colts 1 Match Report
Bundoora Bullants
3.7.25 7.5.47

This was a game when just enough was more than enough. The Bullants first half set up a 5 goal buffer that the hard headed Bulls could not counter. The game was played at the unusual time of 12.30 at good old Telfer Reserve. A ground that once you play on it you don’t forget it. Or as Marty put it, this is a unique ground, it’s down-hill and down wind. You’ll get two quarters to score and the other two quarters you’ll be defending your proverbials.

After the success of the last two weeks this game found the Bullants the “hunted”. Bundoora, clinging precariously to a place in the Top 4 and a Finals shot, would come at us hard. We are a win they must have. On the other hand, after the last couple of great wins the Ants ran the risk of coming into this game a bit too complacent. We must stick to our game, damn the static.

This was EJ’s 100th game; an important symbolic milestone in a teenager’s life. His team-mates cheered him on as he ran through the banner and onto the ground that, for two hours, would tell the Bullants one more thing about their character. (Psst, spoiler alert: they passed with flying colours).

For the third week in a row the Bullants kicked into the wind in the First. But this wind was something else. An unrelenting malevolent spirit, bellowing down the field. If you are kicking against such a hobgoblin of a tempest best you steel yourself and know to run and keep running. Which is exactly what the Bullants did. They scored the first goal of the game inside the first minute. Sammy was inspired in the ruck and his work gave us an edge that kept catching our opponents by surprise. His clean tap saw Chico move the ball quickly to Sbrissa and then Rhett sent it into the wind to Jack N and bang!

Riding the wind advantage for all they could the Bulls won the next centre clearance and with one kick had the ball deep in their forward pocket. But the Ants backline, led brilliantly by Matty M, denied them their chance. The game became an arm wrestle, with Chico clearing it but a Bundoora run and a terrific pack mark put them in with a chance for their first. A lapse in discipline saw a 15 m awarded and the Bulls first goal beyond doubt.

This was the moment of reckoning for the Ants. They could lose their swag, provoked as they were by some pretty hostile Bulls players or they could take their frustration out on the pigskin. They went the ball and took the game on. Sammy was great. The Ants were really terrific in close where the ball kept being contested. An Antho smother had us cheering. Withstanding the Bulls tactics was one thing but playing so tightly against this wind was exemplary. Restricting the Bulls to one goal was brilliant and set the Ants up for their chance with this blasted squall. In all of this attack/defend footy Jackson K got a wobbler of a punt to Jack N. He was awarded a 15m penalty when a Bulls player spat it and we had a second on the scoreboard. We went into the break in front!

Marty reminded the players to focus on the Sherrin. The ball’s the thing wherein we’ll catch the short comings of the Bulls (to mangle a fine bit of Shakespeare). A Stefan tackle set the scene for the Second. The Ants were taking over. Jimmy to Sammy and deep into the forward. Antho was everywhere. EJ was making his presence felt. Bundoora had three or four players that were keeping them in this game. In one play they took three strong marks to keep the ball out of our hands. But trusty Matty M saw the ball out of defence. Then we had one of the highlights of a game crowded with ‘em. Antho, all courage, guts and skill took a contested ball and got it to Stefan. He found Jack N who passed it to Rhett who got it to Johnny out on the wing and then down to, you guessed it, Antho! From half forward he kicked true.

Sammy was terrific, as was Jack N. Rhett goaled from 50! Down in defence Henry forced the ball out. Antho, Chico and Chambo’s game was sparkling. Johnny was good up forward and defending. Then Stevie takes a mark at half forward and moves it quickly to Jack N who runs in for another. He really was having a day out. His fourth was from a kick over his head. And down back Matty took a great defender’s mark. In fact the backline was all thumps, bumps and spoils.

Late in the quarter Rhett was knocked down. He left the field with concussion. As I understand things it was an unnecessary and dangerous act from a Bulls player and Rhett may well miss a week or more This is a part of the game that we have to pay more attention to and adjudicate with more understanding of risks associated.

The game was pretty much over at the long break. The Bulls might push hard in the third, the Ants were down one player (well two if you acknowledge that Rory was only playing on one cylinder) and the wind was the wild card. All that considered the Bulls did not match the Ants when it came to ball skills, team-work and footy hunger. In fact the Bulls seemed to become more despondent as the minutes ticked by without a goal, knowing the Ants would have it one more time. Their ennui was best summed up when an air soccer kick sent a probable goal out on the full.

Sasso was firing, as was Henry, Sammy, Chambo and Jimmy across half-back. A great mark by Bulls Wheatley would surely ignite them but nah. Late in the quarter we almost had something when a combined play from Josh, Rory and Leo took the ball deep into our forward pocket.

The Last was a training run. Three goals to the good meant we could push without having to work overtime. Everyone stood up. Henry and Chambo combined to take the ball out of defence. Chico took a great mark. Another highlight was Jimmy’s first, second and third efforts from a centre clearance. Sonza was good. Savvidis was too. Chilly smothered and reminded us that he has a Phar Lap heart. Johnny was terrific (what a mark!) and Savvidis held the line down back.

You feel really proud of this team led as it is by Matty M, Marty and Nick Z. They aren’t getting ahead of themselves, they are testing their mettle and their footy smarts every game. This has been a season to learn valuable things about what a good honest footy team looks like. And it looks like the Bullants to a T.

Colts 2 Match Report
Bullants Banyule / Doncaster
4.5.29 16.10.106

Conditions once again at Zwar Reserve made the contest against Banyule – Doncaster a tough affair with strong winds blowing across the ground.   We had close matches in our previous two games against the Bears so it was a good opportunity to try and get another win.   The team started with additional numbers, however quickly this was reduced to only one on the bench.   Our defence was stretched from the start with continual attacks on goal by the opposition to the Cramer Street end.  At quarter time the team went in three goals down however did have a few opportunities to score.    Zac was dominant in the middle and was well serviced by Jack in the ruck who had the measure of his opponent for the entirety of the match.   Banyule – Doncaster kicked away with their full forward in form kicking multiple goals.  At half time the Bullants went in to the change room down by seven goals, without us able to score a major for the half.
In the second half, the boys improved and had far more possession of the ball.   Jakeb played a great quarter and was supported by Max as full back.  Brodie ran all day as did Jordan.   Zac opened our goal scoring through a terrific solo effort which lifted the entire spirits of the group.  At three quarter time Dave asked the team to stick to their structure and really apply themselves for the final twenty minutes.  The message was well received as the boys played the game out with great energy.  Matty was awesome kicking three fantastic goals to the non-scoring end, Ted had a go in the ruck and Brandon couldn’t have worked any harder.   In the end the team went down by 70 points but walked off the ground knowing that they had competed hard and held their opponents for the final quarter just as Dave had asked.  Our hard working Assistant Coach, Miles, celebrated his 18th Birthday on Sunday so the boys sang Happy Birthday with great gusto.   Happy Birthday Miles and thanks for all your support – you’re a great role model for the team.  Despite it being a tough year on the scoreboard, the friendship and commitment of the team could never be questioned.  Good work Bullants!

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