Bullant Banter Round 1 2018

Under 9's RED Match Report

After a big Friday night of footy, the team hit the training track for what would be the second last session of the year. Everyone trained well as we focused on our kicking and running the lines.

We were up against Fitzroy at W J Cox Oval along the Yarra for a 10am start. We were missing a few of the team through injuries, vacations both recreational and enforced.

Again we emphasised the team rules, enjoy your footy, loud voices, be in front, stick on your player, don’t be behind the play and importantly have fun.

Captain Ellery back from injury, won the toss and he kicked toward the Fairfield end. It was a very blustery morning and the goal umpires were busy keeping the goal and point posts up.

It was a tight first quarter, but once we hit our stride we could not be stopped. Again a fantastic team effort. Most pleasing was our:

•    discipline in picking up our players
•    attack on the football
•    pressure around the contest
•    backing each other up
•    second and third efforts
•    disposal of the football, including improved kicking and quick hand balls
•    being in front
•    hands out for the mark

Most pleasing though was our ball movement. We have been practicing the movement out of the backline out to the wings and through to our forwards all year. Coupled with playing in front we executed this perfectly on Sunday on a number of occasions. After the game I had a couple of parents from Fitzroy come to me and comment on how clean we were and how were able to link up and move the ball well around the ground which was pleasing – so well done to everyone.  

The song was sung loudly and proudly at the end of the game with the team setting up a circle and our captain Ellery and medal winner Lachlan in the middle of the circle.

Thanks to everyone who assisted on the day its much appreciated by all.

Last game of the year next week – where has the season gone?

Go Bullants!!!!

Coach Dave

Under 10's RED Match Report
Bulleen Templstowe

With every one of our magnificent team available to play Sunday, we went to play against the other Bullants – Bulleen Templestowe. With windy weather conditions and a couple of kids on the Bulleen team that looked old and big enough to have driven themselves to the match whilst shaving we knew we were in for a challenging morning.

It was a tough first quarter and each team battled hard to win the ball and clear it from congestion. We showed beautiful attacking pressure – Leon with an injured arm was keen to show Grandpa what he was capable of and made a lovely run down the wing. Tom had clean hands that were marking strongly. Archie, Jack and Noah R were constantly in and trying to get the ball clear and proved menacing. The end of the quarter saw Bulleen with 1 goal 2 points and our boys hadn’t quite got onto the score board.

In reviewing the rest of the match, it was safe to say that the scorecard did not reflect the excellent defensive pressure our boys applied and equally the bad luck we had with several shots going ever so close to the goals. The wind was definitely a contributing factor but Bulleen also were able to slot the goal through the big sticks on more occasions.

It is hard to comment on specific efforts in some ways as every player contributed and played their role with determination.

The scoreboard certainly never reflects the level of care and sportsmanship our boys display and as Paul pointed out – it is always important to check your teammates are ok and look out for them.

Leon was magnificent in scoring a goal, Tom kept marking and playing strongly, Jack was tackling and determined, Arch had great hands and went in hard, Noah R was fast and applied great defensive and attacking pressure and had time to find a $1 coin on the pitch! Finders keepers… Josh Stoj looked dangerous and like he was about to seriously break through and Zac rucked and tapped and handballed and tackled and tried his heart out. To Jakob, Ethan , Noah S-B, Edwin, Sonny, Kade, Brock, Roman, Josh Sergi and Shep - you all did the job asked of you and I really did feel like it was one of the best games we played all year! I hope that you have all got a lot out of Under 10 Reds – it hasn’t been easy and there have been some days where decisions and conditions and the size of the other teams made us a bit fearful or annoyed or frustrated – but there were also plenty of times of pure joy watching you play well together after listening to Paul – looking after each other and executing your skills. On to next week and the lightning premiership – see you all then.


Under 11's Match Report
Heidelberg Bullants
2.6.18 2.5.17

With a close loss to Ashburton the previous week, the boys were keen to get back into training and see if they could build towards getting that elusive win. We welcomed Pablo back into the team (after a nice overseas holiday) and it was great to see the boys get around him when he showed up in the rooms.

We were treated to a fine but windy morning at Heidelberg’s home ground which was huge compared to some of the grounds we played on previously. After the usual warm up drills the boys were given a rousing pep talk which focussed on the usual things (run and making a contest). There was a quiet confidence in the group, with everyone switched on and ready.

Dash and Andre were nominated captains for the day and duly one the toss and kicked to the end against the wind to ensure we would finish with it.



The Bullants came out fired up and dominated from the first bounce, with everyone switched on and playing as we had asked them. After what was a bit of a grind for the first part of the quarter the Bullants started to dominate. Azza was all over the ground using his pace and skill to get to the ball and setting play up with his good disposal, his 2nd and 3rd efforts were fantastic to watch. Hamish, Woody and Joe were settling into their usual roles in the backline repelling everything coming their way whilst up forward Callum was playing a great game providing the link between our midfield and forwards. The effort was finally rewarded with a goal to Tommy G who was setup by great work by Callum. Kes was involved in a brilliant bit of play where he took the ball at half forward and burnt off 3 opponents, but unfortunately as he was about to have a shot at goal was tackled, his run however provided the inspiration for the remainder of the team to take the game on. Marcus continued his fine form from recent games by patrolling the midfield and using his game sense to get to the right spots and impact the contest. With Jake playing his usual role across half back reading the play beautifully and coming off his man to impact the contest at the right time the Bullants were doing well to hold Heidelberg out.

Heidelberg 1.1.7 Bullants 1.0.6



With the advantage of the wind the Bullants started to dominate the game, Marcus once again was getting to the ball and providing great delivery to the boys further up the ground. This eventually ended up with a great bit of play where Browny snagged a great goal (well done Browny). Tommy G was playing a roaming role in the middle and through some brilliance set Venuto up, who in turn got the ball into the forward line which resulted in a minor score. Eden was playing a great game up forward and had a number of opportunities close to goal, his great effusive skills were on full display as he ducked and weaved his way out of trouble. With Willow providing great forward pressure with his tackle and harassing were able to hold the ball in our forward 50. Ned and Venuto started to roam the wings and were providing great service to the forwards as well as setting up a defensive structure to not let the ball out. It was fantastic to see these boys, along with Wato and the other midfielders talking and taking ownership of how to setup.

After dominating for most of the quarter Andre took a brilliant mark in the forward pocket after some great work further up the ground by Marcus, however, his shot from a tight angle hit the post. When the ball did get into the forward line for Heidelberg it was Xavier, Woody and Issy who were providing great defensive pressure and rebounding the ball out. There were several contests where these boys beat their opponents one on one.

Heidelberg 1.2.8 Bullants 2.3.15



Heidelberg came out after ½ time and started piling the pressure on. Tom stopped several certain goals with his enormous run back into the defensive 50 to intercept and then run the ball out. Sam was his usual self, putting his head over the ball and somehow managing to get it out to our runners even when surrounded by numerous opposition.

Joe was once again a brick wall who helped repel several attacks, and with Venuto also playing a defensive midfield role were able to stop several Heidelberg attacks with some of his passing great to watch. Wato (after dominating in the ruck in the first half) was an immovable object down back and was key to stopping their forwards from getting clean shots at goal. Dash was using his run whilst in the ruck to get back into the D50 to provide extra help, and then running forward to provide an option. In the end the weight of ball eventually ended up with Heidelberg getting a goal. We would however take this as a win given they were kicking with the wind, and we would have this in the last quarter.

Heidelberg 2.6.18 Bullants 2.4.16



The last quarter was a dour struggle with Heidelberg putting numbers around the ball and clogging the play up, not allowing the Bullants to run and utilise the wind. The Bullants had some opportunities but couldn’t capitalise with Heidelberg putting up a strong defensive structure. Most of the play was on the wing with the wind keeping the ball locked in the far side of the ground. Harry was mopping up and using his skill to try and get the ball to space, but each time this happened the ball seemed to gravitate back to the far side of the ground.

As the time ticked down the coaches rolled the dice and pushed our back line right up to try and get the ball going forward, but this only added to the congestion and with the seconds ticking away the ball just wouldn’t budge from the wing.

In the end the Bullants could only add a single point to their score with Heidelberg holding onto their 3-quarter time lead to end up finishing the game out winners by a single point.

In what is becoming a far too familiar story the Heidelberg coach was full of praise for the Bullants and said that we had played a great game and that our position in the ladder didn’t reflect our effort and style of play.

The boys came off ground tired, but like last week should be extremely proud of their efforts. With the season almost over we are confident that the boys will get that elusive win. Once again thanks to all the parents who helped.

Heidelberg 2.6.18 Bullants 2.5.17

Under 12's Match Report
Cantebury Bullants
2.5.17 2.9.21

Round 14 saw the Under 12 Preston Bullants travel to Canterbury Sports Ground Surrey Hills to do battle with Canterbury B.  The ground surface was in good condition.  The wind was a strong northerly blowing across the ground.  We won the toss and kicked to the eastern end goal.  The Bullants sitting third on the ladder with eight wins were favoured to beat Canterbury B, seventh on the ladder with four wins but as this game progressed, it was obvious that we would need to fight all the way to the final siren.
Coach Pat continued the development plan to move players around to experience playing in various positions to create awareness of the requirements playing behind the ball, in the midfield and forward of the ball.
Canterbury B established some early momentum with hard attack on the ball and the body.  TJ was given the ‘run with’ role on Canterbury B’s premier midfielder No. 9 (S. Pitot).  TJ proved his value as a competitor which saw the opposition move their premier midfielder to the forward line at quarter time.  A reward for playing hard inside football and putting his body on the line, TJ received a free kick 30 m. from goal and slotted it through for his 11th goal for the season so far.  TJ remained in the midfield role for the remainder of the game shutting down the opposition player that started to have an impact. The scoreboard read the Bullants 1.1.07 to Canterbury B 2.3.15.
The second quarter we started in the centre bounce with the Aminde brothers, Rylan into the ruck and Jaxsyn into the midfield.  Both these moves were effective as the boys stepped up to the contest with aggression for the ball and the body and had a positive impact.  Samuel displayed all his skill as a running high half forward and read a long kick over the back to mark close to goal for the Bullants’ second of only two goals kicked for the game.  Samuel has also kicked 11 goals for the season so far.  The scoreboard read the Bullants 2.3.15 to Canterbury B 2.3.15 and best summarised the half of football.  It was game on!
The third quarter was significant in terms of the Bullants wrestling away the momentum.  The scoreboard showed the start of the push by the Bullants 2.9.21 to 2.4.16.  We unfortunately could not impact the goal count scoring what was to be an important 6 behinds.  Samuel was moved into the midfield with Jaxsyn and TJ.  Asher and Anthony started to impact on their wings as did Caspian running off half back.  Will moved into the defensive 50m as a plus one intercept player.  Rylan continued the selfless effort he provides his team every game.
The final quarter was another epic performance from the midfield group above that ran through the lines both defensively and offensively up and down the ground whenever required to hold the opposition out and stop them from scoring. The first line of defence was the full forward line.  It is hard for the opposition to kick goals from our forward 50 m.  The discipline of the group to play their role for the team was outstanding even though we were not at our best in terms of the finer points of the game. To play with spirit and fight has become our trademark in recent weeks, a good sign for the coming weeks.  This half of football should instil confidence into the group in respect to the game plan and effort to execute.  The final score showed the Bullants 2.9.21 to Canterbury B 2.5.17.
The style and shape of the Bullants’ performance was not lost on the opposition Coach who after the game commended the Bullants on their method and effort but he was most impressed by the Bullants’ discipline to play their role and support for each other.  The comments are a credit to Coaches Pat, Jodi and Dean.  It is important that the players continue to embrace the ‘in game positional changes’ which gives us flexibility and makes us hard to play against.
The relevant games in the final round 15 to make up the equation for the finishing places of the final four are as follows:
· Preston Bullants vs Brunswick P – the Preston Bullants need to win to keep their chance to make top two and the double chance alive, and, Brunswick P need to win to have a chance to make the final four.
· Balwyn vs Bulleen Templestowe - Balwyn need to win to hold second place and the double chance.
· Hawthorn Citizens R vs Hawthorn Citizens N -  Hawthorn Citizens R need to win to hold fourth place in case Brunswick P wins.
Good Luck Preston Bullants!

Goal kickers:
·        TJ – (1)
·        Samuel  – (1)
Scores:  Bullants    Canterbury B
Q1:        1.1.07          2.3.15
Q2:        2.3.15          2.3.15
Q3:        2.9.21          2.4.16
Q4:        2.9.21          2.5.17
The YJFL Under 12 Green Division Ladder after Round 14:
     TEAM                    P     W     L    D    %          POINTS    % WON
1    Bulleen Templestowe    14    12     2    0    176.25%    48       85.71%
2    Balwyn                 13     9     4    0    123.64%    36       69.23%
3    Preston Bullants       14     9     5    0    150.92%    36       64.29%
4    Hawthorn Citizens R    14     7     7    0     92.38%    28       50.00%
5    Brunswick P            14     6     7    1    106.41%    26       46.43%
6    Warrandyte             14     4     9    1     74.48%    18       32.14%
7    Canterbury B           14     4    10    0     58.28%    16       28.57%
8    Hawthorn Citizens N    14     2    10    2     67.52%    12       21.43%

Under 13's GIRLS Match Report

The U13G had a bye

Under 13's Match Report
Bullants Richmond
4.6.30 3.5.23
Goal Kickers  Phoenix 2, Mahmoud, Nathan

With only two rounds left for the season, the Preston Bullants hosted Richmond at Zwar Reserve in a crunch match. A win for the Bullants meant keeping in touch with the top four, and for Richmond, strengthening their claim on top spot.

With a blustery wind to contend with, possession was difficult as both teams were hard at it early. An afternoon of tough, contested footy was on the cards, and neither team would disappoint. Liam set the tone with his searching runs, and while Richmond was able to command much of the play within their forward line, the Bullants defended really well. Daniel made a goal saving mark on the line, and Phoenix showed little difficulty in reading the challenging flight of the ball, mopping up incoming entries across half back. Declan worked tirelessly in the ruck, following up with some of his own roving efforts on loose balls. At the end of the quarter, the boys did very well to restrict Richmond to a solitary behind.  

Due to the ball having been locked in Richmond’s attacking half for the first quarter, when the teams switched sides, Mahmoud relished the opportunity to make an impact. There was great communication from the boys around the ground, as Seb R demanded the ball and spotted Mahmoud who, whilst renowned for his strength and attack on the ball, scored the Bullants first with some evasive composure through heavy traffic. Despite some strong defensive efforts from Callum, and great attacking pressure from Seb F who’d put his body on the line and won a free kick having been collected high, Richmond would end up getting one back with their first goal. Liam continued to run, and run at pace, initiating one along the boundary line and receiving a couple of handballs in a chain of possession that gained almost the length of the ground. When Richmond kicked out-on-the-full, skipper Phoenix intelligently shaped his kick with the wind for a goal that provided a slim seven-point lead heading into half-time.

Richmond would take back the lead in the third quarter, registering two goals to the Bullants’ one behind, in a commanding display, and were unlucky not to extend their lead further with one shot hitting the post. Brody and Ben worked hard in defence to stem the flow, but the boys would head into three-quarter time trailing by seven points.

With the season on the line, and staring down what had proven to be the biggest lead of the game, the boys dug deep. Not satisfied with his second quarter highlights, Mahmoud took a huge contested grab, and unselfishly set up Phoenix who got us back within a point, and in another bit of play, laid a crunching tackle to affect a kick out that presented Coen with an opportunity to set up Phoenix who kicked a behind to level the scores. The Bullants took the lead with another behind, leaving the result on tenterhooks. Both teams were hard at it, and victory was up for grabs, before Nathan kicked a goal from long range to extend the Bullants’ lead. The crowd was left anxiously wondering how much time was left; not enough in the end, as the siren sounded to rapturous cheers, a gutsy effort from the Preston Bullants.



Under 14's Match Report
Parkside Bullants
6.6.42 1.1.7

No match report.

Under 15's Match Report
Bullants Beverley Hills
4.7.31 9.12.66

No match report.

Youth GIRLS Match Report
Parkside Bullants
1.3.9 9.12.66

A clear and sunny day had us facing Parkside at Sullivan Memorial Park wearing our clash jumpers but the girls still wanting to play the Bullant way. It was an exciting day as we had three new girls debut, Zara, Deanna and Taylor. Their current team mates couldn’t wait to play with them and made sure they felt welcomed! Skipper Mia B won the toss and we were kicking to the creek end.

Esther started in the ruck and did a tremendous job all day, winning numerous ruck contests and always trying to help her midfield teammates get first use. Darci played like a cement head, going in hard at every contest and driving the ball out of the pack with her opposition having no chance of tackling her. Despite the ball being in our forward line predominantly, we weren’t getting the reward as we kicked a few behinds. Mia B provided run and carry all day and got us going with a goal first up. Deanna played a terrific game up forward, being involved in a number of goals and always tried at every contest she got to. Meanwhile, the dynamic duo down back Sabrije and Oceane were awesome as they did their job and even kept Parkside scoreless in the first half. Thirteen points up at the first change and it was a good start.

The second quarter got under way and Ruby was like a yo-yo, running up and down the wing all day and kicking a couple goals in the process. The highlight of the quarter was seeing Helena kick her first goal and was made even better with her Dad as goal umpire and sister witnessing it! Zara was busy in the forward line all game, kicking a couple of goals herself and always playing self-less role. With the girls being able to kick away, they put themselves 36 points up at the main break.

In third quarter, the girls were desperate to increase the margin and this was helped by Georgia playing on the wing providing run and setting us up in the forward line. Taylor was involved in plenty of contests, always hungry to get the ball and even had a go in the midfield and thrived at the opportunity!

The girls couldn’t wait for the last quarter to begin and Izzy was terrific again off half back, even managing to find herself to have a dashing run in the forward line. The girls continued to kick away and ran out 57 point winners.

The most pleasing part of the win was that the side didn’t stop running all game, always backed yourself to take the game on and always made sure our team mates were involved.

Thanks to Sofie for her help as Team Manager and Ange as assistant. Also big thanks to Mia, Jahn, Anna, Monique, David, Louise and Brendan for their help too!

Make sure you can keep coming to training to get the best out of yourself and improve!

Simon O’Connell

Colts 1 Match Report
Bullants Park Orchards
18.14.122 5.7.37

The Bullants were taking a shot on goal inside the first 20 seconds. This came from a great ruck tap and a decisive kick forward by Jack N. While we didn’t score, but it set the scene and for the next 80 minutes the Bullants scored every 2 mins and 30 seconds!

Playing at Zwar for the first time in ages, the Bullants played like champions. Not is an arrogant way but with a style that they have been honing over the last 10 weeks. That was the last time they lost a game. Ten weeks ago. In the meanwhile they have built up a game that is fast paced, tough, relentless, and skilful, exciting, daring, and above all else, based on team work. They’ve come a long, long way.

They were up against Park Orchards, a team that won’t make the finals. After three weeks playing finals contenders it would be understandable if the Ants slowed down a beat. They didn’t. They let rip! And this was without three key players. It was good to welcome back a core midfielder/forward in Jackson Tierney. And he played as if he hasn’t missed a game. Straight back into it!

Congratulations also to Zac Ray playing his 100th game. What an effort. His game was a beauty, memorable for the moment, the big win and also his not too shabby contribution.

The wind was huge. Howling down the hill from Walker Reserve, looking to lay tall trees down in its wake. The Ants kicked with the wind (first time in 4 weeks) to the Bell St end and made the most of it. When the siren sounded to end the First we were 6.4. Park Orchards weren’t on the board. The ball hadn’t passed the centre line. Chambo continued where he left off last week. Jack N likewise. Two goals in the blink of an eye. Leo read the ball beautifully, staying back behind a pack at the top of the square. He marked and goaled. Savvidis and Jimmy were on fire. Josh was reading the ball well. At one point all 36 players were inside the Ants 50m line.

The best Park Orchards could throw at the Ants was in the Second when they had the wind. But the Bullants won this quarter. As Marty said at half time, the goal today was a four quarter effort. So far, two out of two. Just quietly, they achieved their goal, with flying colours.

One play this quarter stood out. Henry, kicking out after a Park Orchard’s point kicked to Chilly then ran through, received the ball and kicked long out of our back half. This set up a run that took the ball all the way to the bank! Rory and Tierney had the ball on a string in the midfield. Savvidis continued to shine. EJ terrific, and great mark. Rory’s took off on a super run, with a couple of bounces and kicked a running goal … into the wind. Sonza laid a great tackle, Henry hardly let the wind past his watch and Chambo kept herding the ball like a lost lamb out of danger and into attack.

The second half was more of the same. In fact our first half score was 9.6 and our second half score was 9.8. Across the field our players were standing up. Zac Ray took a good mark from a kick out, then neatly slotted it through the big sticks. Sammy went in hard. Rory did that Rory thing he has going on – lead, solid mark, clean straight kick through the ball for anotheree. Green (man he’s tall) marking true down back. Chicco cuts through a rugby style maul that dragged on and goaled.

The game was well and truly over on the scoreboard but credit to Park Orchards they kept coming. That’s the mark of a good side. A little out of their depth against the Ants but a good side. Johnny and Josh held hard deep in defence. Jimmy, like a battery, just doesn’t quit. Jack N out to Jackson who sent it to the ball magnet Rory. He takes another great mark and goals. Jack N had his fingerprints all over a dozen great plays including setting up for Tierney who did not let the good work down. Chilly took a great mark. Tierney took a great mark. Remember, this is 70 plus minutes into a hard fought game playing in a torrid wind tunnel. Park Orchards kept coming for sure but the Ants were relentless. Five goals in the last against a wind that (and I kid you not) blew the goal cushions down the field when they were taken down after the game!

This was in real terms a dead rubber. But the Ants were right not to treat it as such. They have one more game before finals and the only way they will be match ready for that part of the season is if they treat next week with the same rigorous mindset as this game. They certainly have the ability, they now have to maintain the focus.

Colts 2 Match Report
Boroondara Hawks Bullants
10.13.73 2.5.17

The Colts 2 team hit the ground at Balwyn Park in near perfect conditions other than a breeze favouring the southern end of the ground.  The side was fortunate to be bolstered by player inclusions from the Colts 1 team, including Stevie and Jackson.   In the first quarter, it showed the benefit of playing with confidence and commitment as Stevie was highly dominant and clearly the best player on the ground.  Ethan was back in the goal square as Full Forward and had many opportunities to kick majors.  Whilst we were playing the second top team in our Division, the Bullants appeared more coordinated in their general play and free flowing in ball movement.  At the first quarter break the team were down by 2 goals.  Alas, in the second quarter the opposition kicked away as our boys failed to score.  Our defence were under siege however the return of Tony helped enormously and was well supported by Max and Jakeb.

In the second half, the team lifted and were highly competitive, continually testing the opposition.  Dylan played another terrific game and was helped in the middle by Henry, Jackson and Jack King.  Stevie won every contest and was unlucky not to kick more than the one great goal he managed at the grandstand end.  At three quarter time, Dave asked the team to try and match it with Boroondara for the final 20 minutes of the game.  The boys responded and played out a gutsy performance.  Great to see Jack Baddock be rewarded for near his best game of the year with a goal.  Unfortunately, one of Boroondara Hawks players went down with a nasty and clearly painful knee injury which put the game result in perspective - we wish him all the best in his recovery.  At the end of day our team held the highly talented opposition to the same score as ours for the last half - an outstanding effort.   Thanks must go the Colts 1 boys that came down and showed what can be achieved.  Our last game this week is against Bulleen / Templestowe who we almost knocked over last time.   We are in a great position to finish the season off on a high at PCO!

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