New Player Registrations

New Player Registrations/Transfers

***NEW player registration enquiries season 2020: please contact Nic Rush:***

1. New players must register their interest before 10 February 2020 by email

Children seeking to join the Preston Bullants Junior Football Club in Season 2020 either as a player new to junior footy, or a player transferring from another Junior Football Club, are invited to submit player details to our Club by email ( Player details will be added to a new player waitlist.

Preston Bullants JFC maintains a waitlist register for prospective new players.

The waitlist register helps the Club offer positions to new players as a result of positions being made vacant due to children not returning to our Club for Season 2020. The waitlist will also help the Club assess the need to create a second team within any age group for Season 2020.

The Club will offer position(s) to prospective new players only once the registration window for existing players has closed (after 10 February 2020).  Prospective new players will be invited to join after this date.

The new player waitlist will be kept in order of enquiry by date received. Should a place become available in a team, the Club will be in contact with the first person registered for that age group, then subsequent enquiries in order of date received.

Where inquiry interest is very strong for a particular age group, the Committee may consider fielding a second team. In the instance where a second team is entered, the first team of returning players will not change. The second team will be made up of players new to the Club.The only exception to this rule is of course the Colts-aged team(s), where players do play for their position.

New player waitlist enquiries must be sent to the Club in the form of an email to Nic Rush, Player Registrations: Your email will need to include: Player Name, Family Name, Player Date of Birth, whether the Player is new to Junior Football or whether the Player is transferring from another Junior Football Club.

If a player is transferring from another Club, we will need to know which Club they are transferring from.

At no stage will any new player enquiry be guaranteed a position in any age group until it is confirmed in writing by the Player Registrations co-ordinator. Until that point, the child is very welcome to train with existing teams during pre-season until the list of returning players is finalised (usually by mid February).

New Players - Tackers (Under 8 & 9)

Children who were registered with Preston Bullants Auskick clinic in 2018 are given first priority to join Preston Bullants Tackers in 2019. Children from other Auskick clinics and/or children who have never participated in Auskick are also invited to register to play with Preston Bullants - these children will be offered a position as a second priority enrolment.

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